November 29, 2021

HOT DEAL FULL OF SECRETS episode 27 – 28




Chapter 27

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“We are all eager to know Emily, tell us what happened during your wedding “she said again when it was taking long for me to answer,

“Our wedding day has nothing to do with you mom, so stop bothering my wife with your questions” Cade said

“It’s not a bad thing to want to know about the wedding day of my only son, you don’t think it’s wrong right?” She asked starring at me

“But it’s like you are trying to cover some thing up Cade, you not wanting to tell your mom about your wedding certainly means you are hiding some thing “Isabel added

If I don’t say some thing they will guess the truth, I thought, as I quickly thought of some thing

“We have nothing to hide, our wedding had a normal wedding, it was love at first sight for us , Cade and I knew that we were the one for each other and so we got married, it was a court wedding and we had done every thing legally, you have no reason to doubt our marriage because we both love each other, I love my husband a lot” I added that last part meaning every word and I didn’t see the questioning look Cade had briefly sent my way.

“But …………”

“Denise I think your question is enough, Remember that we are at the dinner table and we have a guest and Emily have answered your question, so it’s enough” Cade father said to his wife and she focused on her meal.


every one retired to the lounge to have coffee and desert, I had excused myself and went up to our room.

Why did I say that? I thought as I walked into the room.

If Cade is smart he will guess that what I had said a while ago is true

What am I going to do now? I thought as I paced the room.

It had been a mistake to fall for him, should I call what I did a while ago a mistake too.

Just then I heard foot steps and I knew that it had to be Cade.

What am I going to say? What should I do?

The door opened to reveal Stephanie, she gave a smile as she walked into the room

“What are you doing here?” I asked

“To know if what you said down there a while ago is the truth?”She replied cooly


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none of your business, so get out ” I yelled at her

“It’s true, you do love him” She said as when I didn’t reply she began laughing

“You are such a fool, all he made with you was a deal, how could you have fallen for him?” She asked

“What! You know about the deal?” I asked

“I know every thing Emily, Cade and I aren’t just lovers, we share things with each other”

“I can’t believe he told you about the deal we made “I said still shocked by what Stephanie just revealed to me

“Well he told me and I think you just made a very terrible mistake”She said

“What mistake?”

“You revealed to Cade that you are In love with him, Cade doesn’t want love in a relationship, he always make it clear to every woman he beds, am sure that he did the same with you but you being gullible you had to fall for him”

“Yes I did fall for him, so what? am not asking him to love me in return”

“Stop kidding your self Emily, Some one In love always wishes to be loved back and you also feel the same, why else would you be bothered about my presence, you were jealous when you saw Cade and I a while ago, admit it “She said

“Yes I was jealous, It hurt to see the man I love parading with his mistress” I said

“Am glad you said that because Cade will believe me now,I was right after all” She said starring at the door way


turned to see Cade standing by the door starring at me,

“I told you right? Emily loves you and she has forgotten the deal you made with her” Stephanie said as she went to him,

“Stephanie please leave us alone” he said and she gave me an evil glare before walking off.

As soon as the door was shut I began to talk only to be silenced by the angry look on his face

“I had told you not to fall in love with me” He began slowly

“When you said you hated me , I was fine with it but now that you say you love me, I don’t think that I can be fine with it” he added

“It’s not some thing I planned Cade”I said softly

“And why would you tell Stephanie about the deal we made”I added

“The deal and Stephanie doesn’t matter right now, what matters is that you have feelings for me”he yelled at her

“They are my feelings,I will know what to do with it, I won’t burden you with it, so you don’t have to worry”I replied

“Let’s call this off!”he said suddenly.

“Call what off?”

“The deal,I will send you back to the states and we will go back to our normal lives”He said.

“What about your parent? What are you going to tell every one “I asked

“Leave that to me Emily, just pack your stuff and get ready to Leave tomorrow” he said as he turned to leave and quickly I blocked his path.

“Why Cade? What happened that turned you to a man whose heart is as hard as a stone?, why do you shy away from love? Does it have to do with what happened in the past?”I asked and angrily he pulled me by the arm and pushed me to the wall

“You really want to know! You really want to know why? Well I will tell you, Am a monster, a monster who doesn’t deserve to be loved or to be happy”

“I did some thing bad to someone, I ruined her life, am not the man you think I am, am not a saint, am evil itself ,would you still love me knowing all this”He said with so much pain in his voice.

I knew that what happened in the past certainly ruined him as much as it ruined the person he was talking about.

Gently I touched his face and he moved away from me,

“You don’t just get it right! am not some one you or any body can love, I had choosen you to do this because I thought that you were more practical, Since you didn’t fall for my money, you certainly wouldn’t fall me but I judged wrongly this time”

“As I have said earlier, you should pack your stuff and be ready to leave “He said and then left the room.

I sat on the bed feeling hurt, For the second time I have fallen in love just to be hurt again,life is just so unfair…………..



I stood on the field,taking in the air to help calm me a bit.

Falling in love is not meant for me, it’s not something I can ever have because of what happened in the past.

Ever since that thing happened ten years ago I have never been the same, have always been haunted by what I did.

I Have never been happy and each time I try to bring the thought of what I did to that poor girl comes back to haunt me and ever since then have made it a rule to myself and also to all my mistress that love is not for me.


one of the reason why I keep rejecting Isabel and I had chosen Emily because she seemed to be some one practical but she had to fall for me too.

She had to let her heart go weak with loving a guy like me, I didn’t tell her the whole truth back there because some how I was scared by what her reaction would be , am sure that if I had told her the truth she would have hated me on sight but I didnt and what’s worst I feel bad sending her away.

I feel hurt knowing that I had forced her here and also hurt for having to send her away.

If any of my mistress were to fall for me, I always send them away with out feeling any thing but with Emily, I feel different, like a part of me will be leaving with her and am sure that it will hurt a lot and I don’t even know why? I don’t know why the thought of Emily leaving hurts me a lot.

Chapter 28

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“I see you are out here alone” Stephanie said as she came to stand beside me

“I thought she would be here with you grovelling at your feet, wanting you to love her back”she added when I didn’t reply

“I made it clear to her and Emily is some one who has pride, she won’t beg me” I answered cooly

“So are you trying to say that I don’t have pride, that my begging you to love me back a year ago is some thing that is degrading”She asked

“I didn’t mean it that way Stephanie”

“Well am glad you didnt and am more glad that I got over you, just like Emily,i had fallen for you a year ago but you never returned my love”

“I made it clear to you Stephanie that I………”

“That you don’t want me falling in love with you, I know and I agreed to do it back then, I thought that having s£x and getting your money will be all I need from you but I found myself wanting more, I found myself longing to have more of you but you being you shove my feelings away”She said

“What happened with Emily a while ago is sort of a pay back for you breaking my heart”

“How will that be a pay back when I can’t be hurt by it, remember I don’t love Emily”I said

“That is what you try to tell yourself but I know that it’s a lie”She said and I looked at her

“Have seen the way you look at Emily, It’s with the eyes of a man In love, when she had been in David arms, you got all furious though you tried to hide it, I could sense it in you, when you hugged me at the garden,I knew that it was because you knew that Emily was watching us”

“You wanted to get her jealous and you succeeded, you not only got her jealous but you got her to know her true feelings for you”She added

“I don’t feel a thing for Emily”I said quickly

“You do feel some thing, you might not have felt it for me and the other mistresses you’ve had but to Emily, you do,Stop trying to hide it “she said

I thought about what she said and I knew that she was right.

I feel the same way for Emily, that is why I was feeling hurt about having to send her away.

I can’t believe that am in love with Emily, I have always thought that with what happened years ago I will be immune to love but it turns out that am not as immune as i thought.

“You love Emily but am sure that you will still push her away because of this crazy notion you have about not being worthy of love”she said sacastically

“It’s not a crazy notion, it’s what I feel Stephanie and I mean it”I said again

“Fine then but it’s not fair that you make us pay for what ever happened to you in the past” she added

“You were the one who wanted to pay me back for rejecting you in the past and now you are on Emily side, just what are you scheming?”I asked

“Nothing, I just feel bad having to lie to Emily that am still your lover, if I had known that you inviting me here was to pretend to be your lover then I would never have come”she said

“I had invited you here because you are the best interior designer”

“Yes I know you invited me here to work for you professionally but you also had an ulterior motive, you knew all along that Emily was falling for you and not wanting that you brought me here and used me as your shield,am I right with my theory?”She asked

“Yes you are,I didn’t want her falling for me and I also did not want her to leave so when the interior problem came up, I decided to call you here and also to use you as a shield, I was sure that if Emily sees that am still the playboy she thinks me of being,Whatever thing she is feeling for me would leave”I added

“But it turns out that it didn’t, instead her love for you grew stronger, shouldn’t you reconsider, you love her too”She said

“No I don’t love her! I can’t ever love some one, I don’t deserve to love and be love by some one, so the best thing for her is to leave”I said and the next thing she did was to hit my head

“What was that for?”

“If you had known that you would be like this towards her, you should have never made that deal with her!”She said

“I know that and I regret it, I also regret telling you about the deal ” I said

“Well you knew you had to tell me or I wouldn’t have agreed to pretend to be your mistress”She said

“So what are you going to do now? If you send Emily away your parents will know that every thing is a lie and the pressure of Isabel will start again”She added

“I haven’t thought of that yet”I said

“Then start thinking, if Emily leaves then you will have no option than to marry Isabel and I really prefer Emily for you than Isabel, think about that when you go to sleep, good night Cade”She said as she left the field.



I woke up the next day, still feeling sad about what happened last night.

Will he really send me away? I thought as I got out of the bed to stand by the balcony.

Would this be the last time I see all of this? Would it be the last time I wake up in this room.

Yes I won’t deny that when I had first arrived, I hated the room and the man that sleeps in it but now have come to think of it as my own and knowing that I will be leaving it hurts a lot.

The resort too, I will have to leave with out finishing it, with out getting to see the people working in it, with out getting to help the poor people in need of work.

The door opened and Cade walked in, still dressed in what he was wearing last night.

“Good morning”I greeted

“Start packing, I already booked a flight for you”He said as he went to his ward robe to get his clothe

“Do you really want me to leave that bad”I asked

“The more you stay,the more it will be painful for you?”He said

“Why would it be painful for me?”I asked

“Because Stephanie is here and as you know, she is my mistress and i intend to stay with her as long as I like, will your heart be able to take that?”he asked

“Yes, it will! I know for a fact that you don’t Stephanie, you only see her as a s£x tool and I know that if I stay I can convince you to love me or if you don’t want that, I can keep up with the deal as long as it takes the resort to get back on its feet”I said

“I don’t want you here Emily, you have done the one thing I asked you not to do and it will be hard and uncomfortable to keep up with the deal so start packing”he said and turned to leave and quickly I hugged him from behind

“Don’t send me away Cade, I will control my feeling and i won’t get in your way with any of your mistresses, all I ask of is that you let me stay by your side”I begged

He stood still for a while and I knew that he was thinking about my proposal but then he pulled my hand away

“I don’t want you near me, neither do I want or need your love, I don’t deserve it Emily, so now for the last time, pack your things and get ready to leave”He said and went into the bath room.

Not wanting to cry again, I left the room and went straight to the kitchen.

The maids were all there and they were looking at some album.

On seeing me they closed the book but I told them to continue what they were doing.

I drank the water I needed and I went to them asking about Tracy

“She has been sent into town and won’t be back until next week”One of them answered.

I was about to leave when some thing in the album caught my eye.

I took the album from them and stared at it properly. I can’t believe that am seeing them here?.

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