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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

? Episode Sixteen?

? Carly ?

I was so shocked to see Ria come !nto th£ room.

What a small world!

Neverth£less, I asked for h£r h£lp.

“Please Ria …h£lp me!, I need to get ©vt of h£re!” I wh¡spered to h£r.

“Who did th¡s to you? How did you got h£re? ” Ria asked.

” Harry brought me h£re. What are you do!ng h£re to?” I asked but $h£ kept strangely quiet.

Are th£y dat!ng? But right now, I don’t ¢ar£. Th£ only th!ng on my m!nd was my escape r©vte.

” I’m sorry… I don’t th!nk I can h£lp you..” Ria suddenly said and I looked at h£r, dumbfounded.

” No! You can’t do th¡s to me! ” I yelled.

“You already know my secret. I’m !n a relationship with th£ person that put you h£re. If you eventually go ©vt, you will start mak!ng stories! ” Ria accused.

” Ria…. I can’t believe th¡s. How could you? ” Tears dropped off my eyes as I stared at h£r.

“I’m sorry.” $h£ looked away and turned @r0vnd.

” Ria… Please h£lp me. Don’t do th¡s. It’s me… Carly! ” I cried.
Ria sigh£d and stopped. $h£ ran towards me and h£ld my shoulders.

“Promise me that my secrets are save with you.” $h£ said look!ng !nto my eyes.

I smiled. ” Very save Ria. I won’t tell a soul. You can count on me. j√$t get me ©vt of h£re. ” I said hurriedly.

Ria began loos£n!ng up th£ rope band!ng my [email protected] togeth£r.

Soon it came lose with th£ ropes on my legs.

I hastily stood up and hugged h£r.

“Thank you Ria… Thanks so much!” I wept and hugged h£r aga!n.

” Hurry up… I th!nk h£’s com!ng!!” Ria [email protected] and I ran forward.

I jerked th£ door opened and ran of th£ room.

Luckily I ran past th£ hallway and ran !nto th£ compound, breath!ng h£avily.

©vtside th£ little gate,!n th£ dark…I ran not look!ng [email protected]¢k.

Suddenly th£re was a flash of light beh!nd me and I s¢r**med.

It was too late for me… too late…I didn’t see th£ car com!ng on time so I couldn’t avoid it.

It ran straight !nto me, land!ng me on th£ [email protected] floor….my h£ad hit th£ ground and everyth!ng totally blanked ©vt.

? Harry ?

“Why did you do that! Oh..Ria….!” I roared angrily.

“I’m sorry,Harry! $h£’s someone I know! It was [email protected] for me to leave h£r h£re! ” $h£ cried.

“What? Someone… Someone you know?” I asked and $h£ nodded.

” Why are you do!ng th¡s… Who s£nt you??” Ria asked but I ignored h£r.

“Shit! We are !n trouble Ria! We’ve got to br!ng h£r [email protected]¢k!” I yelled and ran ©vt.

I ran !nto th£ road but already $h£ was gone.

I was go!ng crazy….. I knew that woman is gonna come [email protected]¢k for me. Th!nk I have to escape immediately.

I was ab©vt runn!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ house wh£n I noticed th£ pool of blood on th£ floor.

I [email protected] and m©v£d [email protected]¢k, look!ng [email protected] at it. Beside th£ blood is th£ woman’s scarf.

Blood?? Did $h£ got hit..??

? Writer’s POV ?

Th£ man was bitter… h£ was s¢ar£d.

Is $h£ dead??

h£ asked h¡mself as h£ drove so f*st to th£ nearest hospital.

$h£ was bleed!ng profusely from h£r foreh£ad.

h£ couldn’t j√$t imag!ne what h£ would do if it turns ©vt that $h£’s dead…

“God… Please, let h£r live.” h£ prayed and sped up on th£ road.

Soon, h£ got to a busy hospital and ran !nto th£ hospital, sh©vt!ng at th£ nurses.

Th£y took a stretch£r and ₱v||ed ©vt th£ bleed!ng woman, and wh£eled h£r !nto th£ emergency room.

“Stay h£re sir. $h£’s gonna be f!ne!” Th£ doctor a$$ured as th£y closed th£ elevator.

Th£ driver !nhaled deeply, pray!ng that th£ beautiful woman would not die.

h£ was troubled…. h£ couldn’t stop pray!ng that $h£ will wake up and live aga!n.

?Ria ?

I returned home Immediately Harry ran ©vt.

I was so s¢ar£d. Harry is a killer?

Who s£nt h¡m to get Carly?

What did $h£ do? And wh£re is $h£ now?

As soon as I got home,I went straight towards my b£droom but stopped on h£ar!ng Leo’s angry voice from th£ room.

I stood an listened.

“What!! $h£ did what? Escaped?? You moron!”

I h£ard h¡m yell !nto th£ phone.

” Now listen to me. You must f!nd that girl and make sure to elim!nate h£r once you do! $h£ must be elim!nated so $h£ won’t be a stumbl!ng block to my plan! Carly has to be elim!nated…get that !nto your h£ad!” h£ wh¡spered !nto th£ phone.

I covered my m©vth and [email protected]

I m©v£d [email protected]¢k from th£ door and shook my h£ad.! Leo…? What??

**A week later….**

? Simon ?

It’s been a week now. A week of torture, torment, sadness, frustration.

And lonel!ness.

I couldn’t believe Carly left because of my proposal.

Someth!ng was def!nitely wrong somewh£re. I could feel it.

I could feel it deep d©wΠ !n my h£art.

Carly is miss!ng….$h£ didn’t j√$t left.

That morn!ng a week later, I picked up my phone and called th£ police.

“Yeah….I have a miss!ng case to report.” I said !nto th£ phone.

M!nutes later I got off th£ phone and walked over to bar and took a bottle of w!ne.

I refilled my gla$$ and ₱0ured it d©wΠ my throat.

I was try!ng [email protected] not to go crazy th!nk!ng ab©vt Carly.

Th£ bottles of w!ne had been of great h£lp s!nce th£ day $h£ left.

I would surely have lost my m!nd if not for dr!nk!ng.

Someth!ng is wrong somewh£re… Carly… please come [email protected]¢k. Wh£re are you?

Th£ knock on th£ door jolted me [email protected]¢k !nto reality.

I looked lazily toward th£ hallway. “Whoever it is should get lost!!” I roared and sma$h£d th£ gla$$ cup !n my [email protected] on th£ floor.

I sma$h£d it !nto pieces as I breath£d [email protected] !n anger.

Th£ door opened and someone stepped |ns!de.

I looked up and bl!nked.

“Ria? What…. are you do!ng h£re?” I asked, surprised to see Leo’s wife !n my house, look!ng so sober.

“Simon…. th£re is someth!ng you should know.” $h£ said almost !n a wh¡sper.

That got me to my feet as I hurried towards h£r. “What’s it? What is it,Ria? Please tell me!!” I yelled.

“I have someth!ng to say to you.”

Episode Seventeen ?

? Simon ?

“I’m listen!ng. Ria… What do you wanna tell me!” I asked aga!n hold!ng h£r. I had th¡s feel!ng it has to do with Carly.

” Simon…. What I’m ab©vt to tell you right now… I don’t want anyone know!ng I actually told you. “$h£ said quickly.

I nodded. ” It’s save with me. j√$t tell me.” I said impatiently.

” Th£ th!ng is… I know… ”

” Wow! Wow! Wow! Never knew my kid bro and my wife are so close hun! ”

I looked up to see Leo com!ng !n.

Ria [email protected] and m©v£d [email protected]¢k. $h£ was greatly startled and I wondered why.

Leo stood !n front of me and grasped Ria’s arm, yank!ng h£r to h¡s side.

I furrowed my brows at h¡m wonder!ng why h£ was touch!ng h£r so harshly.

“How come you are h£re, Ria? Are you guys do!ng someth!ng I don’t know of? ” Leo asked look!ng at me.

Ria had started to weep. ” You followed me!” $h£ yelled at h¡m.

“Of course I did! Needed to know wh£re my wife was h£aded so early !n th£ morn!ng. “Leo replied with a smile look!ng at Ria.

” $h£ was gonna tell me someth!ng important, Leo. Let h£r be. ” I said angrily.

” What? You’ve got some nerves, don’t you? $h£’s my wife and I don’t want h£r to say anyth!ng to you. ” h£ replied and I smiled.

” Why? Are you hid!ng anyth!ng? ” I asked.

” Maybe but that’s not your bus!ness. You come on!” h£ snapped at Ria and dragged h£r ©vtside.

Ria kept look!ng [email protected]¢k at me with tears !n h£r eyes.

I stared at h£r until th£y disappeared ©vtside th£ door.

“Ahh!” I sigh£d and sat d©wΠ. What’s go!ng on?

I took my bath m!nutes later, dressed casually and went ©vt to cont!nue search!ng for Carly.

Wh£rever $h£ is… I hope $h£ comes [email protected]¢k soon.

? Carly ?

What I noticed first wh£n I woke up was th£ hammer!ng h£adach£ !n my h£ad.

It was unbearable and I [email protected] !n pa!n. I h£ld my h£ad with both [email protected] as I sat up !n b£d look!ng @r0vnd th£ beautiful room I was !n.

I was greatly confused cos I couldn’t remember a th!ng.

Not even my name. Not even how I got h£re.

I looked @r0vnd aga!n and j√$t th£n I noticed my bandaged knees and h£ad.

What happened to me?

I stared at th£ door. “h£llo!! Anyone th£re?” I called and [email protected] aga!n, [email protected]!ng at th£ pa!ns I was feel!ng.

Th£ door softly opened up and someone stepped !n.

A guy. h£ was wear!ng a shirt which was left opened, giv!ng me a$$ess to view h¡s hairy ch£st and flat stomach.

h¡s hair was w€t and it plastered all over h¡s [email protected] face.

I sigh£d as h£ walked nearer. Who is h£? Is th¡s h¡s house?

What am I do!ng h£re? How did I got h£re?

“Wow…. F!nally” h£ sigh£d and sat beside me, touch!ng my bandaged knees.

I m©v£d [email protected]¢k a bit and h£ smiled. “Please… Wh£re am I? Who are you?” I asked quietly and h£ smiled.

” Oh… Th£ doctor said it’s possible you might have memory loss wh£n you wake up. You had accident and you’ve been unconscious for a week now. ” Th£ guy said and I looked at h¡m.

” Memory loss? You mean… I won’t be able to remember anyth!ng? “I asked.

” Hum… Yeah, for some time but as time goes on, you are gonna recollect what you’ve forgotten. “Th£ guy spoke so softly.

“How did it happened? Who hit me?” I asked.

“My driver. h£ was com!ng to pick me wh£n it happened and h£ ru$h£d you to th£ hospital. h£’s greatly sorry. ” Th£ guy said and I nodded.

h£ cont!nued look!ng at me with©vt bl!nk!ng and I became uncomfortable.

“Oh sorry if I made you uncomfortable. You are beautiful. Very ” h£ wh¡spered and I blu$h£d.

” I am? ” I asked touch!ng my face..

” Yeah… I’m sorry for your predicament but I will take ¢ar£ of you till you will be f!ne aga!n. ” h£ said and I nodded.

I looked away try!ng [email protected] to recollect how I got hit but j√$t couldn’t remember.

Sigh!ng, I stopped try!ng cos it only added to th£ h£adach£.

Th£ guy came nearer and smiled !nto my face. “It’s okay. It’s only gonna hurt if you force it “, h£ said softly, patt!ng my [email protected]

I looked d©wΠ at h¡s gentle [email protected] before nodd!ng.

“What’s your name?” I asked h¡m s1©wly.

“My name?” h£ asked [email protected]¢k and smiled wh£n I nodded.

“Christ!ne.” h£ replied.

? Leo ?

“You conniv!ng bitch!!” I yelled at Ria and slapped h£r [email protected] on th£ face before fl!ng!ng h£r across th£ room.

$h£ fell on th£ b£d and cried ©vt. “Don’t touch me!!”

“Really? What really do you th!nk you are? Moth£r Mary?

C!nderella? Oh my goodness…I can’t believe I married such a witch! All th£se while,you knew I was responsible for Carly’s disappearance?

I knew it! I knew someth!ng was wrong wh£n you started act!ng so strange!

I knew someth!ng was wrong wh£n you started sneak!ng up @r0vnd th£ house!” I yelled at h£r.

“You are so evil! How could you?” Ria cried.

“You are my wife and you are suppose to keep my secrets!

No matter how bad th£y may be to you!”I yelled [email protected]¢k.

“I’m sorry…I can’t keep it a secret. I can’t!”

“Th£n I will have to lock you up !n h£re for a very long time if I have to.” I said breath!ng h£avily.

” Please Leo… please..stop th¡s. Why are you do!ng all th£se!” $h£ asked.

” Wanna take what’s m!ne from that little brat.

h£ doesn’t deserve to own that company. It’s m!ne.

I will take h¡m ©vt of th£ way and get it [email protected]¢k.”, I said and laugh£d.

” I won’t let you do that Leo…I won’t!” Ria yelled and I looked at h£r.

” I’m lock!ng you up h£re till I’m done.” I said and turned to go.

I opened th£ door and to my shock,I came face to face with Simon.

h¡s face was livid with red anger as h£ stared at me. I was shocked. Did h£ h£ard everyth!ng??

“You bastard!! You son of a nob©dy!!” h£ yelled !nto my face and punch£d me [email protected] !n th£ face.

I fell across th£ room. h£ got on top of me and threw m©r£ h£avy b!0ws !nto my face.

My l¡ps tore up and blood stuttered.

h£ grabb£d my shirt collar and shook me badly.

“You bastard! Do you even know what you’re? You are a bastard! You have not been told?

Well, I’m th£ only true son of dad and it’s my right to take over h¡s company not yours!

You don’t belong to th¡s family! You are j√$t a bastard who got conceived through a brutal rape and you are fight!ng over what’s not yours?”

I stared at h¡m shocked. That isn’t… it??

” What have you done with Carly? Wh£re is my wife!!!”


h£’s f!nally !n trouble!!
Who is th£ Christ!ne guy with Carly??

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