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Hot Neighbors Episode 18 – 19

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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

? Episode Eighteen ?

“What have you done with my Carly!!” I yelled madly at h¡m, giv!ng h¡m m©r£ punch£s.

” I….I…. don’t know!!” h£ said tiredly with blood all over h¡s face.

Angrily I punch£d h¡m [email protected] aga!n.

“Stop! Please!!” Ria s¢r**med but it was too late.

[email protected] and pa$$ed ©vt.

“Bastard!” I yelled !nto h¡s blood sta!ned face and got up, diall!ng th£ police.

**** Two Days Later****

{Mr Drake’s house}
? Simon ?

I sat !n th£ liv!ng room wait!ng for dad’s arrival.

After th£ clash b£tweeΠ Leo and I, I got h¡m arrested wh£n h£ rega!ned consciousness from th£ hitt!ng h£ got.

I had to…. h£ has to tell me wh£re Carly is.

Dad came d©wΠ stairs and sat opposite me. “We had an agreement. Why did you tell h¡m?” Dad asked and I looked at h¡m.

” Dad… I h£ard everyth!ng! That guy is evil!

h£’s try!ng to get rid of me over th£ company and now h£ has my wife!

h£ should tell me wh£re Carly is if not…. I’m not lett!ng h¡m ©vt of th£ police custody.

h£’s got to tell me wh£re h£ went Carly to.” I said, try!ng to keep th£ tears off my voice.

Dad breath£d !n. “h£ already said $h£ escaped from th£ guy h£ hired to kidnap h£r and now, no one knows wh£re $h£ is.” Dad said and I scoffed.

” And you believed that trash? ” I asked.

“Calm d©wΠ, Simon. Carly is gonna be found. I can a$$ure you.

I’ve already dispatch£d a search team and th£y are all over th£ place.

$h£’s gonna be found.” Dad said and I shook my h£ad, feel!ng so sad.

“I’m not lett!ng that crim!nal ©vt of that place. h£ belongs th£re. ” I replied and looked away.

Carly.. please come [email protected]¢k to me. I love you so much and I’m dy!ng with©vt you.


[email protected]¢k at home, memories of Carly filled me. I couldn’t th!nk straight and I couldn’t even go to work.

My emails were fvll of messages from various places but I ignored th£m all.

I j√$t wanted to be left alone, hop!ng Carly would be found.

It was almost seven !n even!ng wh£n someone knocked at th£ hallway door.

I walked over to th£ door and opened it and th£re was Tiara, Carly’s friend.

“Tiara?” I asked. I was surprised $h£ could come visit me.

$h£ smiled. “May I come !n?”,$h£ asked and I nodded.

I closed th£ door and followed h£r !nto th£ liv!ng room. “please sit.”

Tiara sat, smil!ng. “I’m sorry for your plight.” $h£ said and I nodded.

“It’s strange. If Carly left on h£r own…. $h£ would have come to you. Anyway…. Th£ crim!nal has been found and I know very soon… h£’s gonna confess. ” I said look!ng away.

Tiara suddenly stood up and walked over to me. $h£ sat d©wΠ beside me and placed h£r [email protected] on my knee.

I turned to look at h£r and frowned at th£ look !n h£r eyes. $h£ was star!ng d©wΠ at my l¡ps. What th£ h£ll is $h£ do!ng?

“Are you okay?” I asked but $h£ kept smil!ng.

“Carly is j√$t your fake wife, isn’t $h£? You guys are j√$t neighbors. ” $h£ said and I [email protected]

How th£ h£ll did $h£ know ab©vt th£ contract?

“Oh you don’t have to be surprised. $h£ told my h£rself. $h£ told me everyth!ng. What if Carly really went away on h£r own and h£re you are th!nk!ng ab©vt someone who doesn’t love you.” Tiara said and I looked at h£r.

” Why are you say!ng all th£se? ” I asked.

Tiara smiled and touch£d my ch£st. ” h£re is a woman who loves you.

I really do admire you but you wouldn’t look my way. Carly doesn’t love you…. I do. “Tiara spoke softly to me.

I stood up and breath£d !n. “©vt of my house Tiara. I thought you were h£re to h£lp me f!nd your friend.”

$h£ stood up and came up beh!nd me. $h£ tried hold!ng my [email protected] but I stepped [email protected]¢k. “©vt please.” I warned.

$h£ suddenly laugh£d and clapped. “Wow…. You must be so much !n love with Carly.

Anyway… I wouldn’t betray my friend. Simon…. I’m h£re to h£lp f!nd Carly.” Tiara said with a smile and I nodded.

” So… You were try!ng to test me?” I asked amused.

$h£ laugh£d. “Maybe! So th£re’s gonna be an elaborative welcome party d©wΠtown and your audience has been requested to Grace th£ occasion.”

” Welcome party? Really? Do I look like someone who’s !n mood of party!ng? ” I asked sitt!ng d©wΠ aga!n.

” You don’t wanna disappo!nt, Mr chairman.

Whatever th£ problem is, is gonna get solved. We are gonna f!nd Carly. I promise. “, Tiara said and I shook my h£ad !n pa!n.

“It’s start!ng to look impossible.” I replied.

“You are th£ host of th£ party. By eight pm today, some cars are gonna be h£re to escort you. ” Tiara said.

” Are you related to th£ party? Who’s hold!ng th£ party?” I asked.

“Oh…. One of your staffs. h£ wants you to be th£re.

Th!nk I will be on my way now. See you later !n th£ night. And take ¢ar£. ” $h£ said and left.

Truly, I got a party !nvitation card. It was almost eight wh£n I started dress!ng up for th£ party.

Some cars ₱v||ed !n to th£ compound, wait!ng to pick me up.

I stared at Carly’s picture !n my room as I dressed up. How I so wish $h£ was h£re with me….

? Carly ?

Strange th!ngs had began to happen to me.

Like hav!ng nightmares and see!ng a particular face !n my dreams.

Th£ face belongs to that of a guy…. [email protected] guy but I can’t j√$t seem to remember h¡m at all.

h£ appears always !n my dream leav!ng me with big h£adach£.

Christ!ne came !nto th£ room and I looked up to see h¡m dressed so smartly. h£’s been like an angel to me ever s!nce I was started stay!ng with h¡m.

h£ takes ¢ar£ of me and gives me so much attention but really…I wanted h¡m to h£lp me f!nd my real family.

“What are you th!nk!ng ab©vt?” h£ asked smil!ng at me.

“My real family. Wh£n really are you gonna h£lp me?” I asked h¡m.

” Relax okay? I’m work!ng on it.” h£ replied and I nodded.

” So…wh£re are you h£aded? You are dressed up.” I said look!ng at h¡m.

” Oh… I’ve been !nvited to a party on a very short notice. And I’ve got to be th£re.” h£ replied.

” A party? What party?”

” A welcome party.” Christ!ne replied and I nodded. ” Wanna jo!n?” h£ asked and I looked [email protected]¢k at h¡m.

Should I go with h¡m or j√$t stay at home? No way…it’s gonna be so bor!ng.

“Sure but I really don’t have a party dress.” I said and h£ smiled.

“We are gonna h£ad to th£ b©vtique first and get you what to wear for th£ party. I can’t wait to show you @r0vnd. You are such a beauty.” Christ!ne said and I smiled.

Deep d©wΠ !n me… I knew th£re is someone ©vt th£re .. call!ng ©vt my name.

We got to th£ b©vtique and h£ bought new a beautiful red dress that made me look like a pr!ncess.

I was also amazed with th£ way I look,with my long hair and slightly make up face.

“Wow….I feel like propos!ng to you now. Carly ….I th!nk I’m !n love with you.” Christ!ne said and I [email protected]

” I don’t know you….you don’t Know me. I don’t even Know myself…I might be married!” I [email protected] and I watch£d h¡m smile.

” And who ¢ar£s? I wanna keep you,make you m!ne….make you feel my love.” h£ spoke so tenderly.

I looked away nervously.” Let’s j√$t be on our way ….we are gonna be late.” I replied, try!ng to open th£ car door.

Christ!ne h£ld my [email protected] ” I’m gonna show you off today at th£ party. I can’t wait.” h£ said with a sweet smile.

” Come on…” h£ opened th£ door and I got !n nervously.

What’s wrong with h¡m??

Episode N!neteen ?

? Simon ?

“h£re sir!” A waiter said to me as I stepped !nto th£ party venue.

I looked @r0vnd th£ fvlly lit up room and took seat.

People with different expensive dresses kept com!ng !n.

Men came !n with th£ir lovers and I began to miss h£r aga!n.

If only $h£ was h£re with me.

“You are alone? Oh my gosh… It’s Simon Drake!” A pretty blonde hair girl came over and I spared h£r a smile.

Th£ party host came over and say h£llo thank!ng me grac!ng th£ occasion.

“I’ve seen you so many times on TV… It’s so good to f!nally see you live and direct! I’m Qu!ncy. ” $h£ said and I nodded casually, look!ng @r0vnd.

” I will like to dance with you wh£n th£ music comes on… Please.” $h£ begged and I shrugged.

Some ladies stared at me mak!ng th£ wow sounds and I was gett!ng tired of it already.

I ordered for a bottle of w!ne and sipped away th£ time.

One of my close staff Freddie jo!ned me on th£ table and togeth£r we talked and dr!nk.

? Carly ?

Christ!ne ₱v||ed th£ car !nto a corner before look!ng at me with a smile. “We are h£re.” h£ said.

I looked ©vt of th£ w!ndow and saw people walk!ng @r0vnd. It was a big lavish welcome party.

I looked [email protected]¢k at h¡m. “Do you th!nk I should go !n with you?” I asked.


“I don’t know…I feel awkward.”

” Don’t be love….I’m with you.” Christ!ne replied mak!ng me look at h¡m aga!n.

h£ came d©wΠ from th£ car,went round and opened th£ door for me.

h£ took my [email protected] and gently I stepped ©vt of th£ car.

I looked @r0vnd and my h£artb**t suddenly became f*ster. I felt so strange.

“Come on !n.” Christ!ne wh¡spered !nto my ear with a smile and we both h£aded to th£ wide open entrance.

Immediately we stepped !n,th£ music started.

“Sit h£re Carly….I wanna say h£llo to some people.” Christ!ne said and I sat on an empty chair fac!ng a table.

I breath£d !n and looked @r0vnd.

“Wait…. isn’t th¡s Mrs Drake?” I h£ard someone say that as th£y made to pa$$ me by.

I looked at th£m. Who are th£y call!ng Mrs Drake?

“I wonder why th£y didn’t sit togeth£r. Maybe…th£y had a fight.” One of th£m said before th£y f!nally walked away.

I frowned and looked @r0vnd.

Th£n at th£ far end corner…I saw a familiar face.

Th£ face !n my dream….

I [email protected] and stood up. It was h¡m. Th£ face I always saw h¡m.

I was ab©vt work!ng up to h¡m wh£n h£ stood up with an excited girl.

I sat [email protected]¢k d©wΠ aga!n… what a bad tim!ng.

That must be h¡s girlfriend.

I thought and breath£d !n aga!n as I watch£d h¡m lead th£ girl to th£ dance floor.

M!nutes later, Christ!ne arrived and offered me a gla$$ of juice.

As I drank,my eyes were on th¡s guy. We must have a connection…if not,why do I keep see!ng h¡m !n my sleep?

“Wanna dance? I noticed you’ve been look!ng at th£m.” Christ!ne said with a smile.

I smiled [email protected]¢k. “No! No way…! I’m a bad dancer.” I replied nervously.

I suddenly want th£ guy to see me. I felt so strange.

But Christ!ne w!nked and grabb£d my arm. “Come on…you might not know until you try.” h£ said.

? Simon ?

I h£ld Qu!ncy’s [email protected]¡$t and twirled h£r @r0vnd, br!ng!ng h£r close to me as we danced.

$h£ was smil!ng and blush!ng stupidly and almost klzzed me but I was f*st to dodge it.

Danc!ng with a woman would never have been one of my imag!nation but Carly made th¡s possible.

$h£ gave me a different mentality ab©vt women… giv!ng th£m a chance to be different !n my sight.

“Why don’t you j√$t take me to b£d?I’m h°t!” Qu!ncy suddenly said !nto my ear and it seriously had effect on me.

Ever s!nce Carly and I started hav!ng a different feel!ng towards each oth£r… I stopped chas!ng after woman.

And I’ve been try!ng to live differently.

But now I looked at Qu!ncy and shrugged. A night with h£r wouldn’t hurt….

“Let’s sneak !nto a room.” Qu!ncy wh¡spered and laugh£d.

$h£ wasn’t drunk but $h£ was act!ng like a drunk.

We both left th£ dance floor and h£aded upstairs to th£ rooms.

At th£ hallway,I met Tiara com!ng ©vt with a guy.

I w!nked at h£r. “You are h£re already.” I said.

$h£ looked at Qu!ncy before nodd!ng. ” h£re….we are go!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ party. Good luck with th¡s ” $h£ replied and left with th£ guy.

I smacked my h£ad. Th!nk straight Simon! What th£ h£ll do you th!nk you are do!ng?

Carly is miss!ng and you can th!nk of is fv¢k!ng someone else?

I turned to look at Qu!ncy. “I’m sorry but we have to go [email protected]¢k d©wΠstairs.”

“Why? I’m already h°t!!” $h£ w!nced.

” I’m not your husband nor your boyfriend! You j√$t met me today and you are already th!nk!ng of sleep!ng with me?” I asked.

$h£ rolled h£r eyes. ” You can’t blame me!!

You really swept me off my feet!!” Qu!ncy wailed.

Oh shit. Only if I was able to get Tiara…$h£ would have saved me.

” F!ne…. f!nd someone else. I’ve got someth!ng to take ¢ar£ of.” I said try!ng to walk away but $h£ h£ld my [email protected] squirm!ng.

? Carly ?

“I don’t wanna dance.” I !nsisted and drank up my juice.

” Would you like to relax upstairs?” Christ!ne asked.

“Oh sure..yeah! Th¡s music is j√$t too loud and I’m feel!ng dizzy too.” I said stand!ng up.

I suddenly began to feel so dizzy ad staggered aga!nst Christ!ne who smiled and h£ld me t!ght.

I only drank juice…why do I feel so dizzy?I thought as my eyes began to close d©wΠ.

“What’s wrong with me…” I mumbled as Christ!ne carried me off th£ ground.

h£ took me upstairs towards th£ rooms.

h¡s face had become blur under my dizz!ness but I could see th£ evil smile !n h¡s face because I pa$$ed ©vt.

? Simon ?

I was still try!ng to escape from Qu!ncy wh£n I sighted th£ guy com!ng towards us with a woman asleep !n h¡s arms.

Pervert…did h£ drugged th£ !nnocent woman?

I was ab©vt look!ng away wh£n someth!ng h£avy caught my attention.

Th£ woman… h£ was carry!ng had th£ same hair as Carly.

I h£ld h¡s [email protected] as h£ made to pa$$, star!ng [email protected] at th£ woman unconscious !n h¡s arms.

I couldn’t see h£r face cos h£r face was covered with h¡s cloth£s.

But h£r long dark curly hair j√$t like Carly’s was visible and I felt extremely drawn to h£r.

“And who are you?” Th£ guy threw at me.

“Noth!ng. I wanna see h£r face. Right now!” I said loudly wh£n h£ didn’t reply.

“What th£ h£ll are you? ©vt of my way!” h£ yelled.

My eyes were on th£ woman h£ was carry!ng. I didn’t wanna believe what my h£art was tell!ng me…

“Let me see h£r face. And wh£re th£ h£ll are you talk!ng an unconscious girl to?” I asked h¡m.

h£ tried walk!ng past. I lost my cool and punch£d h¡m [email protected] !n th£ face.

[email protected] and sl¡pped.

I caught th£ unconscious girl before $h£ could touch th£ ground.

While th£ strange guy [email protected] !n pa!n,I was dumbfounded.

Even with©vt see!ng h£r face yet….I already knew it was h£r.

That tender and soft b©dy of h£rs….that silky smooth hair…

s1©wly,I turned h£r face to my fvll view and [email protected]

I was right. !n my arms was Carly Evans.

My very own Carly Evans….


Simon and h¡s powerful punch£s ?

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