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{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

? Episode Twenty ?

“You bastard!! What did you do to h£r!!” I yelled at th£ guy. h£’s only lucky cos I was still hold!ng Carly !n my arms… Else, I would have punch£d th£ h£ll ©vtta h¡m.

“Sir… Sir!! What’s go!ng on h£re!” Th£ securities were all rush!ng !n now.

” Arrest that bastard! ” I yelled po!nt!ng at h¡m as h£ tried crawl!ng away.

“Carly…. Carly… Can you h£re me?” I wh¡spered at Carly, star!ng d©wΠ at h£r beautiful face.

” Quick… Get an ambulance!” I yelled aga!n.

****Three hours later****

? Carly ?

I woke up with a sneeze and looked @r0vnd me.

Th£ room was beautiful.. very beautiful and strangely familiar.

Have I been h£re before??

I got up and noticed a guy doz!ng off on a [email protected]

I [email protected] and frowned… That guy !n my dreams!

h£ suddenly opened h¡s eyes and ru$h£d towards me. “Thank goodness you are f!nally awake! I was so worried! “h£ rasped and I m©v£d [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d.

” Who are you ? ” I asked and saw th£ horrible look on h¡s face.

Th£n h£ laugh£d. “Come on… Don’t tell me you’re gonna put on anoth£r show after I took you away unconscious !n th£ arms of a guy?” h£ asked and I remembered Christ!ne.

” Christ!ne? Christ!ne!! Wh£re is h£!” I yelled at h¡m and h£ laugh£d shortly, surprised.

What th£ h£ll is h£ surprised ab©vt? I don’t even know h¡m!

? Simon ?

What happened to Carly? Why is $h£ act!ng so strange?

I thought it was a joke but its f*st becom!ng pla!n.

“h£y.. Carly… Look at me… Look at me, th¡s is Simon. SIMON!!” I yelled ©vt $h£ still looked dumbly at me.

I ran my [email protected] over my hair nervously, gradually go!ng crazy.

“Carly.. what happened to you?, Why can’t you remember me!!” I asked look!ng !nto h£r confused eyes.

” I wanna see Christ!ne.”

“I’m gonna kill that idiot. What has h£ done to you? ”

” I… You know me? Are you one of th£ people I’m supposed to remember?” $h£ asked and I got up, pac!ng ab©vt.

” Christ. What happened to you Carly… Please, tell me. ”

” Is that my name? Carly? ” $h£ asked and I nodded.

Someth!ng bad must have happened to h£r. That moment, I noticed h£r bandaged knees. Why didn’t I notice it before?

“What’s th¡s? You… Had an accident?” I exclaimed and $h£ nodded.

On God…. $h£’s lost h£r memory.

“Listen Carly.. it’s me Simon. Your husband.

No….. I guess fake husband to be s!ncere. We got !nto bee contract and we’ve been liv!ng togeth£r for four months now. Remember… You dummy!! ”

$h£ fl!nch£d and I felt bad immediately.

I knelt d©wΠ !n front of h£r and took h£r [email protected] gath£r!ng th£m to be on my ch£st.

“Calm d©wΠ love… are home. Do you want a prove?” I asked with a smile.

” A prove? I….I .. don’t know. I fell strange. I’ve seen you !n my dreams.”

$h£ said and I brightened. ” Really? What were we do!ng !n your dreams?” I asked softly.

” Yell!ng… ₱|@y!ng….um…. lot of stuffs…” $h£ stopped and looked !nto my eyes. ” I know you right?”

” Come on yes…Carly. You’ve got to remember. Please, try.” I begged.

$h£ closed h£r eyes but only w!nced !n pa!n. ” Wh£never I try to recollect someth!ng,I end up hurt!ng my h£ad.” $h£ said and I reach£d ©vt to touch h£r hair.

” That’s enough. We are gonna see th£ doctor tommorow. h£ will h£lp you rega!n your memories.” I said.

” So… what Prove were you talk!ng ab©vt?” $h£ asked and I got up walk!ng to a low $h£lf and ₱v||ed ©vt an album.

I smiled d©wΠ at it. It’s a good th!ng I was able to secretly take th¡s pictures.

? Carly ?

h£ placed an album !n front of me and I opened th£ first ph°to.

I [email protected] shocked. !n th£ first ph°to,was me p©vt!ng and sitt!ng on a [email protected]

I opened th£ second ph°to and was m©r£ shocker cos th£ second ph°to was part of my dreams.

“I’ve seen th¡s !n my dream. I’m really home.” I said and tears welled up !n my eyes.

h£ reach£d ©vt and bru$h£d th£ tears away before th£y could tickle d©wΠ my jaw.

h£ sat beside me and embraced me warmly. “You are gonna be f!ne. I promise.” h£ consoled.

? Carly ?

At th£ doc’s office, some tests were ran on me and it was confirmed I’ve been affected !n th£ h£ad which caused th£ memory loss.

Well,th£ doctor gave me !nstructions and medications.

And I went [email protected]¢k home with Simon.

Three weeks later,th!ngs started to get [email protected]¢k to me.

!ncidents started repeat!ng itself and I was able to recollect so many th!ngs.

I was able to recognize Simon aga!n but not really everyone.

“Would you be able to identify th£ person who got you kidnapped?” Simon asked and I shook my h£ad.

“I can’t even remember that at all but…oh no!!” I [email protected] suddenly remember!ng Ria.

” Ria…” I mumbled try!ng so [email protected] to remember th£ encounter we had. I had a vague memory of h£r but I couldn’t quite place my f!ng£r on it.

“Ria? What happened to h£r?”

“I….I don’t know. I th!nk $h£ knows someth!ng too.” I said quietly.

” That bastard,Leo was responsible for everyth!ng but h£’s beh!nd bars now and I’m gonna make sure h£ rema!ns th£re for th£ rest of h¡s miserable life!’ Simon sounded so angry.

“Who’s Leo?” I asked.

“Don’t th!nk too much dear….lie on me.” Simon said, ₱v||!ng my h£ad d©wΠ !n h¡s strong ch£st.

Never knew what came over me but u suddenly began to fell funny.

I raised my h£ad up to meet h¡s,and klzzed h¡m softly.

I klzzed h¡m aga!n and soon I was sitt!ng !n h¡s laps,my arms @r0vnd h¡m, klzz!ng h¡m with all excitement.

“Carly….you are..”

“Shh” I placed my !ndex f!ng£r on h¡s l¡ps smil!ng seductively at h¡m. “, Touch me please.”

“You are ready for th¡s?”

” Of course yes!” I exclaimed softly and ₱v||ed off my pyjamas top.

My br£@sts came [email protected]£d immediately and I smiled at th£ excit!ng look !n h¡s eyes.

“Wow are really ready.” Simon said but h£ was still feel!ng reluctant.

” Come on…I want th¡s.”, I sigh£d.

“Who am I?” h£ asked, look!ng !nto my eyes.

” Simon Edgar…my arrogant boss who signed a contract with me.”, I said and h£ smiled.

” How many months contract?” h£ asked aga!n.

” Uhh….I don’t remember that but is it necessary?”

“I have to be sure you want th¡s. I have to be sure you are !n your right state of m!nd.” h£ spoke softly to me and for an answer,I reach£d forward and took h¡s l¡ps aga!n.

[email protected] and t!ghtened h¡s arms @r0vnd me, ₱v||!ng me close.

h¡s soft and w€t l¡ps circled @r0vnd my n!₱₱!e and I shuddered.

Th£ feel!ng was excit!ng and I so much wanted m©r£.

“I want to feel you…. |ns!de of me.” I wh¡spered !nto h¡s ear and h£ ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k to look at me.

Th£ burn!ng pa$$ion !n h¡s eyes drove m©r£ desires !nto me and I couldn’t wait any longer.

As if h£ understood my urgency,h£ stood up pick!ng me up with h¡m.

I smiled !nto h¡s face as h£ carried me up th£ stairs.

? Simon ?

I placed h£r gently on th£ b£d, look!ng at h£r with so much love, attention and respect.

It would be my first time mak!ng love to a v!rg!n.

How does it feel like?

I was suddenly nervous but I tried ¢©Πtr0|l!ng it.

Carly ₱v||ed my [email protected] mak!ng me snap ©vt of my thoughts.

I breath£d !n and say beside h£r. “I don’t wanna rush th¡s. I want th¡s to be a special night….I want your first time to be a memorable day for you.” I spoke tenderly !nto h£r face and $h£ smiled.

I ₱v||ed d©wΠ h£r [email protected] and I sunk !n my breath….$h£ was gorgeous m©r£ than any oth£r women I’ve taken to b£d.

$h£ [email protected] [email protected]£d beneath me as I covered h£r b©dy with m!ne, enjoy!ng h£r soft br£@st aga!nst my ch£st.

$h£ closed h£r eyes as I parted h£r legs. “No sweetie…I want you to open your eyes. I want you to look !nto my eyes… so th¡s memory will never leave you.”I wh¡spered.

$h£ nodded and t!ghtened h£r l¡ps as I fitted !nto h£r t!ght p***y.

s1©wly I penetrated, ¢ar£ful not to hurt h£r too much.

$h£ shook beneath me and h£ld me t!ghtly. $h£ couldn’t h£lp it and cried ©vt.

“Is it too pa!nful?” I asked and $h£ nodded with a smile.

“It’s great!” $h£ [email protected] and h£ld me t!ghtly.

I raised myself slightly off h£r and looked d©wΠ.

Th£re…h£r blood flowed !nto th£ b£d$pr£@d. I looked !nto h£r face with a smile fvll of pride.

“I will forever ch£rish you. I will forever love you. I will forever be your baby.

With th¡s blood I saw….I’m gonna respect you like my own moth£r and treat you like a queen cos yes,you are my queen. I’m never gonna joke with you not trade you for anyth!ng !n th¡s world.

And if any man come near you…or touch you….I’m gonna break every muscle !n h¡s b©dy.

No one is allowed to mess with you cos you are Simon Edgar’s queen. Marry me Carly. I can’t wait to be your husband.”

Episode Twenty one ?

? Carly ?

I couldn’t conta!n my joy cos I was gonna be gett!ng married to th£ man I’ve always loved and wanted.

I was j√$t too excit!ng!! Coupled with th£ fact that h£’s my first….

You know how that feels, right?

Th£ next morn!ng, I woke up before h¡m and made breakf*st.

French toast and eggs with milk and coffee to go.

I was sett!ng th£ saucers wh£n h£ came d©wΠ stairs, still !n h¡s pyjamas.

“Wow…. That looks delicious.” h£ said hugg!ng me from beh!nd.

I turned to look at Simon. “How was your night?”

“Great…. Cos you were right beside me.” h£ said with a smile, touch!ng my hair.

I closed my eyes and opened th£m aga!n. “, Yesterday was fantastic…. I would never forget it !n a hurry. ” I said too and h£ laugh£d softly.

” Same as me. S!nce today is Sunday, why don’t we go ©vt? ” Simon asked and I nodded immediately.

” Yes of course.. please. ” I replied.
h¡s phone began to r!ng and h£ picked it up with a slight frown. Who’s on th£ l!ne?
I wondered.

? Simon ?

“It’s Sunday morn!ng Dad…. I can’t come over to th£ house today. I’ve got a date…oh, h£ll. Okay…. !n an hour. ” I said !nto th£ phone and cut th£ l!ne before look at Carly.

“You and I are gonna drop over at my place first. I’ve got some th!ngs to sort ©vt.” I said look!ng at h£r face.

” Hmm. Okay. I th!nk we should be on our way already. We don’t wanna be late. ” $h£ said and I sat d©wΠ to eat.

* Thirty m!nutes later ??

Carly came ©vt fvlly dressed and I couldn’t h£lp but smile at h£r as $h£ approach£d.

“Men…I th!nk I’ve gotten an angel for myself! ” I exclaimed and $h£ laugh£d.

We got !nto th£ car togeth£r and zoomed off.

After a few m!nutes drive we got Tomy parents house.
We got !nto th£ room and was shocked at whom I was see!ng.

Leo. h£ was sitt!ng on a couch opposite dad. I looked away angrily before glar!ng [email protected]¢k at h¡m.

“Dad… What’s th¡s bastard do!ng h£re?” I asked with my [email protected] voice.

“Simon… Take it easy. Carly, how are you do!ng now? ” Mom asked smil!ng up at Carly.

” I’m f!ne mom. ” Carly replied and went over to sit with h£r.

“Simon… Take a seat.” Dad ordered and I obeyed.

“I told th£m to get Leo ©vt of prison.” Dad said and I looked at h¡m.

” Come on dad…. Those guy tried to kill me. h£ got my wife kidnapped!! What’s th£ probability that h£’s not gonna do that aga!n? ” I asked.

” I’m not. Tommorow I’m leav!ng for !ndia with Ria. You see… I’ve always thought I’m dad’s first son but th£ truth is shock!ng to me.

Tomorrow morn!ng, I’m gonna be on my way to !ndia with Ria… ”

” I’m not go!ng with you!! ”

We all turned @r0vnd to see Ria com!ng !nto th£ liv!ng room.

? Carly ?

Immediately I saw h£r, I felt a sharp !n my h£ad and sigh£d loudly.

Simon ru$h£d over at once. “h£y…. Are you okay?” h£ wh¡spered but I was still look!ng at Ria th£n everyth!ng came rush!ng [email protected]¢k.

What happened that very day and th£ guy who abducted me.

Th£ memory of how Ria had come !nto th£ and loos£n up th£ ropes and how I ran ©vt of th£ room…. Everyth!ng came [email protected]¢k!

“What’s wrong Ria? Why don’t you wanna go [email protected]¢k with Leo? ” Mrs Drake asked.

” I don’t wanna be married to h¡m aga!n. h£ married me because of th£ company h£ thought h£ would have. Our marriage has no value or love !n it… So… I want a divorce! ” Ria blurted ©vt and everyone [email protected]

” What? ”

” Ria….!!” Leo yelled gett!ng up on h¡s feet.

” I’m sorry Leo. I don’t love you. I’m !n love with someone.” Ria said and I remembered th£ guy that abducted me.

I promised I wouldn’t say anyth!ng but am I really mak!ng th£ right decision, keep!ng shut know!ng th£re is a killer ©vt th£re?

“You can’t do th¡s to me? After all I did for you!”Leo yelled aga!n.

“Yes! I know! You gave me all th£ material th!ngs but not love and attention!

Look at Simon and Carly!

Ch£ck ©vt th£ way h£ ran to h£r side over h£ar!ng h£r sigh… Would you even do that for me if I had an accident? “,Ria asked !n tears and Leo sat [email protected]¢k d©wΠ.

” I’m sorry. “h£ mumbled.

“Th£re is no need to be sorry. I don’t want th¡s marriage aga!n. Mr Drake.

Mrs Drake… I’m sorry… So sorry but I’ve made up my m!nd. ” Ria said and went up th£ stairs aga!n.

Mr and Mrs Drake sigh£d while Simon and I shared a smile.

Later at th£ Ch!nese restaurant we went to,I decided I would not keep my promise to Ria.

That guy has got to be arrested.
“Wow…th¡s is delicious. You want someth!ng else darl!ng?” Simon asked and I shook my h£ad.

” Are you okay?” h£ added and I looked at h¡m.

“Simon….I remember everyth!ng now. Everyth!ng got [email protected]¢k to me immediately I saw Ria.

I remember everyth!ng now!” I said !n a wh¡sper.

Simon h£ld my [email protected] from across th£ table and bent a little to h£ar me. “So…who was it that abducted you?”, h£ asked.

“h¡s name is Harry. Th£ guy who Ria is !n love with.”


Do you guys th!nk what Carly did was wrong by fail!ng h£r promise??
Is th¡s gonna br!ng ©vt anoth£r enemy??

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