Hotel Palava

Hotel Palava – Episode 41


Hotel Palava – Episode 41

Adesuwa’s POV

Here I was staring at Aunt Maggie and Mrs. Babalola, wondering how in the world they knew each other.

“How you take know her, and Aunty please no lie for me again”

I added.

“No tell me say you being sleep with her husband?”

“I don sleep with many men, but her husband no join. Calm down Adesuwa”

she didn’t take her eyes off Mrs

. Babalola.

“Shebi she dey ask where she know me from”

she paused,

“Well madam, my name is Magarette, Maggie, sister to Cecelia, Cece. I hope say e ring bell to you”

she asked and Mrs. Babalola sat down pointing at her then she pointed at me.

“Cecilia’s daughter?”

She asked and Aunty Maggie nodded.

“I thought they …”


Aunty Maggie scoffed.

“What’s going on”

“Adesuwa I can explain”

i noticed Mrs Babalola panic.

“Cecilia was a prostitute a friend’s husband was sleeping with”

“My mom is not a prostitute don’t insult her!”

“She was, I’m not lying, you can ask your aunt. She was sleeping with my friend’s husband despite the fact she knew she he was married”

“That’s a lie

. Cecelia never knew Micheal was married. I think I’m in the better position to explain things to my niece”

Aunty Maggie pointed out then sat on the arm of the chair.

“Permit me to explain in pidgin, it’s not as if I cannot speak this English but I am more comfortable with pidgin”

she pointed out and I nodded. “Adesuwa, your mama and I as orphans, we come Lagos the land of hustle to con hustle but things con hard. House maid work con tough, food no con dey to chop, them come pursue us commot for the house wey we dey squat. As things con take hard na, naim your mama and I join the hustle life”

she explained and tears built up in my eyes. Of course I understood what she meant by the ” hustle life”.

I just couldn’t believe it that mom was a prostitute.

I never pictured her as the promiscuous type.


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for the hustle life your mama con jam Michael, your Papa. I fit swear to anything, Micheal never said anything about having a wife. He even tell your mumcy make she move enter him Mansion that time. Na for there she stop the hustle life, your father promised her heaven on Earth. He promised to marry her, I con dey even jealous my sister like how man go take carry ashewo for road con still like am. Micheal loved your mother but you see them this witch”


pointed at Mrs Babalola.

“Them spoil everything”

“w€tin them do?”

I asked,

“I didn’t do anything”

Mrs Babalola.

“All of una na the same thing. When Micheal madam come, this people them no allow us rest for Lagos. These women them make sure say we no rest. By then your mama don chop cockroach go far. Beatings wey I collect for people wives ehn, beating wey your Mama collect nko?”


can explain that part. We formed a club, to remedy the hurt of cheating husbands. We dealt with husband snatchers that was the objective. We were doing it for good.”

“Is murder apart of the objective?”

Aunty Maggie snapped and Mrs. Babalola cried. “Please let me explain this part” she begged.

“Explain what? How you almost killed Cecilia?”


I asked in shock.

“Mom died from being sick, what are you all talking about?”

“Adesuwa I wasn’t the one who ..”

“Adesuwa, your Papa move your Mama and I go one estate, him rent one fine house like that for us. I was just on my own when my boyfriend that year, na cult guy him be, him con give me gist say Madam Adebimpe get plans to burn house we we dey live. As I take reach house tell Cecilia, naim this woman here and that witch Adebimpe reach house. We run, we no carry anything commot for that house. That’s how they join with agberos them burn that house. For their mind, them think say Cecee die them no know say God we dey heaven pass their own. That’s why we move go ghetto where Adebimpe no go fit reach us.” I turned towards Mrs. Babalola in tears.

“I swear I didn’t know Bimpe was going there to kill your mother. I followed her because she told me she wanted to give you a little warning. It was supposed to be a harmless warning. The next thing I knew when we got there, there were touts everywhere hailing her holding kerosene. I begged her not to do it but she did it anyway. Adesuwa the only thing I’m guilty for is not reporting the incidence when I should have and there’s no day I don’t regret it.”

“I need to be alone”


muttered and I walked into the room.


I felt disappointed, waking up one day to find out your mother was a prostitute.

It finally made sense why some ladiet in the street called Ivie and I prostitutes. We were daughters if prostitutes. My aunt came knocking after a while and I cleaned my tears.

“Not now!”

I yelled.

“Abeg open door now!”

She begged,

“No carry thinking kill yourself, w€tin happen done happen”

she added.

“I know say you being dey think say your Mama being be saint. Na condition make us do that kain hustle. We didn’t wish to do it, but your Mama change.”

She said but I still laid in bed. I didn’t want to see anyone that moment. I wondered why series of events had to happen to cause me pains.

“Abi na your Papa matter they make you cry?”

She asked.

“Abeg open door na. At least open door make we talk about the money weh you promise to give landlord na”

she added and I laughed.

That had me going. I stood up and I opened the door, Aunty Maggie opened her arms wide. “You want hug?” She asked and I hugged her then I blew my nose behind her.

“Abeg no blow catarrh for my body”

she quickly wiggled herself out of my hug.

“You no fit wait make I hug you finish before you blow catarrh?”

She asked entering my room and I shook my head laughing.

“Until everything touch my body before you go know say, I care. Oya make we talk money matter for here. Even if I sleep with ten men as I dey, e no fetch that rent.”

She added sitting on the bed and I joined her and then i busted into tears for no reason in particular.

“No use your tears change topic na”

she complained and nodded bringing out my phone.

“I’m sorry about your mumcy. No allow am change w€tin you feel for that woman. Your mom was a good woman till she took her last breath. I just wish say that sickness no take her life make she dey alive to see say her God no dey sleep”

“Why didn’t my father do anything? Why does mom speak badly about him?”

“Your Papa hurt her feelings now, your mama just be like you. Small thing, her feelings don crash”

“Why didn’t he claim me or show some concern”

“Cause he was scared of what the wife would do.”

She answered and Mrs. Babalola walked in.

“Your Aunt is right. Adebimpe was heartless, she has always been heartless. She gave me the poison to kill you”


Aunty Maggie asked,

“Why are you still friends with such person till now?”

I asked and she shrugged.

“Cause I don’t want to feel alone, I’ve known them for years and they make me feel loved.”

Mrs Babalola answered.

“Life is a small world we have to be careful of what we do, the steps we make cause they make come back to bite us on our ass. I’m sorry in anyway I may have hurt you. You’ve been a good friend, these past few days with you have been enlightening and eye-opening.”

“That sounds like a suicide speech”

I interrupted and she chuckled.

“No. It’s not. I want to see someone ”

she answered then she walked out of the house. I waited till evening but she didn’t come back to the house. I called her and she told me she was in a hotel.

“Why would you go to an hotel” I rushed into her room.

“I needed to clear my head”

she answered and I opened the wardrobe, her bags were missing. “You packed out”

“Soon I will be out of your hair”

“Mrs. Babalola”

I called out,

“I’ve made my decision Adesuwa even if I have to deal with the shame, I deserve it. I’ve hurt my family, I’ve hurt more people than I can apologized to. I’ve come to realize that I’m a horrible person”


“I’ll be out of your hair in no long time”

“Where are you? I hope you’re not attempting any more sucide, let’s sit and talk this out”

“Have a nice life Adesuwa, make Henry happy”

she hung up and I quickly picked my phone up calling Henry.

“Your mom just left the house, she took all of her properties, she just called me and please just look for her, she might be on to another suicide attempt”

“What happened?”

“What happened doesn’t matter now, just find her. She said she’s in a hotel, I don’t know which”

“I’ll check the hotel first. This has got to be a horrible week”

i heard him he groan.

Mrs Babalola’s POV

I watched Adesuwa’s aunt knock on Henry’s room.

“Abeg open door na. At least open door make we talk about the money we you promise to give landlord na”

she added and Adesuwa opened up.

I eavesdropped on their conversation before I walk in just in time to let her know Adebimpe was an heartless bitch and Micheal Falana was left with no choice but to meet them be.

I told her I was going out to meet someone but rather, I packed my luggages and I quiet left the house.

I lounged in a hotel room and I reflected on all the wrongs I could remember.

All the people I’ve hurt including my children and husband. I brought out the divorce papers and I read through it all.

Maybe I would be doing Theo a favor I thought to myself before inscribing my signature on it. In the evening about past five, after Adesuwa called, I drove over to Theo’s office.

Calls were trooping in from my children and husband. I knew they had probably heard the whole story from Adesuwa. I didn’t pick up their calls. I met Theo in front of the company.

“I was about looking for you”

he began and I wondered what for.


I asked,

“Adesuwa called, she said she was worried about you that you sounded off on phone. I was worried”

“Im sorry. Good evening”

I greeted and he sighed.

Thank God you’re here. Let’s go to the office”

he suggested and we went there.

“What happened?”

He asked,

“I just met Adesuwa’s aunt and I realized I know her, she’s Cecelia’s daughter, remember Cecelia? I thought she was dead.”

“Please don’t let Bimpe know”

he answered and I rolled my eyes. He knew!

“Micheal kept it away so bimpe would not find out, I didn’t tell you cause I knew you were tight friends with Bimpe, after the fire you guys put up”

“I didn’t do it, I just followed her. I’m just an accomplice for not reporting. After the failed attempt to take Cecelia’s life, they both relocated to a local street. Micheal stopped interfering in their lives so Bimpe doesn’t find out they’re alive. Who would have thought the daughter would turn out to be Adesuwa?”

He asked and I shrugged in tears.

“You’ve cried too much, you might get sick”

he said in a concerned tone and I sighed.

“That’s why I’ve made a choice, I’m leaving”

“To where?”

“A holiday to any country I guess, I have hurt everyone. I have hurt you, I’ve hurt my children, I’ve hurt Adesuwa. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, I don’t deserve anyone’s forgiveness.”

I sniffled bringing out the divorce papers from my bag then I gave it to him.

“There you have it, I’ve signed on every requires spot. Are you happy? I hope you can find happiness more than you found with me. I hope another woman would be able to show you love than I’ve ever shown. I didn’t deserve you, you were too good for me”

i added.

“You’re wrong Babe, we were so compatible, we’ve always been. We deserve each other, and all the happy times I’ve had, I had them with you. Not with anyone else”

he confessed tearing up the paper except the binded part.

“What are you doing? Wasn’t that what you wanted?”

I asked and he shook his head.

“They are meaningless, this was all planned by Tosin in order to get to see this soft part of you. I haven’t seen it in a long while. Remember the first day we met?”

He asked and I nodded. My mind was divided though, so all these were planned? To what extent?

“You were so young and shy. You were nice and down to earth. I fell in love with you instantly,”

he continued.

“Then I changed”

“I still loved you still, even when I cheated. I shouldn’t have, I’ll never get tired of apologizing. I’m sorry”

he moved close to me placing his hand on my cheek.

“I’m sorry for pushing you away”

I apologized.

“I don’t see myself living with any other woman if it isn’t with you Baby”

he said and I laughed. I initiated a kiss and we lingered in for minutes until we got interrupted by an incoming call on Theo’s phone.

“It’s Henry”

he picked it up putting on loud speaker.

“Hey dad, have you seen Mom?”

He asked,

“Yes she…”

Theo cleared his throat.

“She stopped by at the office”

“Thank God, please keep close watch on her and don’t take your eyes off her”

“Yes Sir”

he answered and I chuckled covering my mouth.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I tie her to a pole”

he answered then hung up.

“He’s really worried”

“I was worried too. Baby your children loves you more you can think. All you just have to do is make sure you don’t piss them off anymore”

he moved close to me,

“I’ll try” I answered and we rubbed nose together. “It’s nice to have you back dear” “How did you guys know I’ll end up in Henry’s house?”

“We didn’t see that coming, that just happened out of coincidence and I’m glad it happened. I guess it helped you discovered yourself” “Yes it did.” I replied then I thought of Adesuwa.

“I think Adesuwa hates me”

“Give her time”

he answered.

“I have something I have to do”

“What?” Theo asked, he was in suspense.


I drove into Rashidi Bello street and I pulled over at Adesuwa’s house.

“Is Adesuwa aunt’s at home?”

I asked and the boy shook his head.

“Aunty Ade no dey house, she don travel since!”

Then I realized he didn’t understand what I meant.

“I dey ask if Ade big Aunty dey house”

“E never tay wey she enter house”

he said then he ran inside. Maggie came out shortly after.

“Abeg I no want any wahala” she began and I shook my head.

“I’m not here to cause trouble Ma, quite the contrary, I came to apologized to you for the house.

. For everything you guys went through because of our movement to deal with you guys and your business” “I being collect beatings that year oh”

“And I’m sorry. I can swear on anything that I didn’t partake in the burning of that house. I only witnessed it”

“w€tin happen na? That time we being dey fear all of una oh. Una dey cause wahala very well. You con look different”

“I’m sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing. You guys were sleeping with married men intentionally.”

“No be our fault say we sleep with them, we being need money”

“I’m not here to judge you either”

I brought out a check and a pen from the car.

“What’s your name?”

I asked and she raised her brow in shock.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing”

“What’s your full name”

“Magarette Ighodaro, the ighodaro is spelt as..”

“I know the spelling”

I answered with a faint smile.

“All my life I’ve been making investments and putting my money on things I shouldn’t. For once in my life I want to something right”

I answered and she looked at me as I wrote on the check.


She yelled as she saw the figure on it.

“Madam I for no fit collect am, e con be like say you dey pay me off”

“Please I don’t want you to see it that way, I’m not paying you off. I want you to have a better life. I overheard you talking to your niece, you can’t keep on living that life, you can start a business or move to another house.”

I stretched the cheque at her.

“I no fit collect oh”

she answered collecting it from me.

“Ma this money too much. If I collect am now, my conscience go dey judge me” she looked at it then sighed.

I chuckled at the display.

“Thank you for accepting it.”

“No. Thank you”

she answered,

“God bless you”


I answered and I felt this relief.

For the first time in a long time, things were falling in place.

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