House 419

House 419 episode 7 – 8


~House 419(18+)
Episode 7
Goodness. why is this woman nothing picking her call (ayo kept calling at the same time horning)

is this where am going to spend the night “chai! I get married to mistake ,no need to be told “big time mistake ”

he came down from the car knocking at the door in anger “no reply from anyone ” he tried her number and noticed her hiss ( if you don’t want arm robber to kill your father, come and opened the gate right now)

oh! You still shouting on me ” she hung up

“Yeeeeeeeh “someone would die between me and you eniola ” he kept knocking.” he called her back yelling(enny if I count one to three and you didn’t come out .that is the last time you would see Me in this house )

OK bye. ” eniola hung up first ”

Yeeeeeeeh ” I said it, this woman is after my life ” chai! Who do I call ooo” he call again ”

am sorry now. Do you want your husband to sleep outside ” he noticed the door open and watch her ran inside ”

keep running oo ” he opened the car and noticed gun on his head ” hey. Cooperate ” now move ”

alright sir. ” Yeeeeeeeh “eniola has implicate me oo” he started the car and drove inside as he was instructed ” he came down shivering

“Wey your room ” he pointed shivering ” he lead the way inside ”

ha! Ha” ayo .you should have said you came with your friend “eniola open the door smiling

stupid woman kneel down before you die ” ayo walk In shivering

eniola notice the gun on her husband head and kept pleading” we don’t have money here, it all in the bank”

so as the room fine , no money ” sir. No money

“food nko ” he ask sitting. Food dey ” my husband night food ”

hmm.go bring am “come back what did you cook self “hope is not ginger ”

no jollof rice” eniola serve him and watch him ate holding gun “he opened the fridge for water and drank to his satisfaction before leaving ” if not because I never marry “I for kill you ”


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,I would just leave una “good night ” he walk out closing the door “eniola got up shouting thief ” ayo transferred his whole anger on ” my own night food abi “you know it all your fault crazy woman ” he beat her with pillow ” and watch her ran to the room ………


a thief came to Robb innocent couples last night ” oga landlord stood in front of all the tenant looking upset ”

assume it me “I would have shot him to dead “hmmm” they kept murmuring among themselves”

keep shut everyone” now this is my judgement” once it is 6pm that gate you seeing over there would be locked “anyone caught trying to go out would pay a big fine ”


Ha” oga landlord. You done forget say na 6 our market just start “Beatrice blew chew gum

” who is that buffalo that just talk “everyone was speechless ”

I already said my own ”

you can go ” oga landlord dismissed them and excuse to his room ” Beatrice and her friends kept yelling ” sugar boy WAs not left aside ”

chai! Why landlords go dey cage us” me one in town “sugar boy “yeeeh

in no go better for anyone wey dey steal in this house “eniola shouted loudly ” hey please. “Diana keep her shout ” I hate curse ”

she left first, opening gate for her husband to drive out ” she returned to her room making call ” eniola watch her enterted the room without closing her mouth ”

w€tin dey do this pakeree “if not because I respect my husband standing here “Yeeeeeeeh. I for show you I was born and brought up in “orile agege” everyone kept halling her ”

her husband felt embarrassed and excuse inside locking the door “he ignored her pleading and refused to open ***************

~House 419(18+)~
Episode 8
Benita , flora (come outside and see ooo) Beatrice kept shouting and hissing “rubbish ” she clap her hands looking upset ”

ogini ( Benita came out looking surprise “chai! This is poor nosence o”

oga landlord no fit use in own spoil our market now ,abi which one be this ”

w€tin happen, why the noise ” Alex came out of the room using spray “your papa done lock gate “Beatrice spoke pointing to the gate

lock w€tin ” sugar boy rush out buttoning his shirt ”

which kind Kasala be this “flora sat down placing her hand on her forehead “she noticed the ring on her phone and pick “honourable ”
Honourable : flora what going on now ” am in front of the hotel waiting for you ”
Flora : honourable something came up oo” it best you arrange another girls
Honourable :what! After 500 hundred thousand ”
Flora :ehn! Ehn “Abeg commot for here “flora hung up lighting cigarettes ”


this man do no make sense rara” Beatrice sat beside flora staring at the gate

“they noticed brother John voice and hiss ” Jesus is the Lord of lord” babalawo bound down before him “he dance out of his room to the gate ” non of them answered his greetes ”

council come house ” he ask looking surprise “no, na counselor ” Beatrice replied him looking upset ”

madam Beatrice .it best you respect yourself

“if I don’t .what would you do ” Beatrice stood up and use her chest to hit him “I wouldn’t do anything ”

brother John excuse from her returning to his room and making a sign of the cross on his head ”

mama chukudi off to choir practice ” ngozi came out of her room singing “she ignored everyone she met sitting and walk to the gate ”

who close this gate “ngozi dropped her bag looking upset ” jamb question ” Alex replied dusting his shoe ” ngozi laugh clapping her hands ”

your case no fit pain me ” no one except someone with big head to have brain ” na nail, nylon “go full your brain ”

me ngozi ” Alex stood up in anger “what would you do ” ngozi held his clothes looking upset ”

una no get brain for this house rara ” eniola came out holding her gown up ” and you “she pointed to Alex “you just get d!ck you be woman “Abeg commot for road make I passed

” she noticed the door lock and kept raining curse “Diana rush out covering her ear “hey woman. Can’t you do without curse ”

una na see oo”na pakeree come out con cry ”

do you just call me that , stupid name ” ehn! What are you going to do ”

watch me ” Diana gave her slap “that is to correct you am” Diana ”

Yeeeeeeeh “shift make blood no stain you ” eniola push Alex and ngozi to the gate “she removed her wig and decend on Diana ” she kept screaming “darling, darling ” help ”

Alex and ngozi continue with their fight at the other side ” rose rush out capturing “sugar boy was the referee……….

please stop begging me “I only let you in because I respect you ” Felix message Diana eyes with warm water ”

baby easy ” sorry my dear “see what you wife did to mine darling.ever since I got married to her I never raised my hand on her ”

your wife con thought her lesson abi, no worry

” it you am begging since now “please don’t let her sleep at the cell, she allergic to mosquito ”

oh! You concerned about mosquito “see the way she deal with my wife ”

please leave am getting angry ” Felix push ayo out closing the door ”

Yeeeeeeeh ” Diana you fvck up. Na only me you dey get mouth for “see what a woman like you “done to you ”

hey are you making jest of me “Diana look sobber “no baby. why would I ”

chai! that woman na beast “she is not human being at all ”

ouch! Add balm “Diana lay down flat holding her forehead (who is faulty landlord or tenant)


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