House 419

House 419 episode 9 – 10


House 419(18+)~ 🔞🔞🔞
Episode 9
Eniola came down from her husband car shouting and retying her scarve (am back oooooooo) she stood at the middle of the compound shouting”

hey .Abeg carry your noise go that side ” ngozi pointed to her door looking upset “eniola hiss and raise her voice more “bad belle, crazy people ”

na una mama go die for jail “she clapped her two hand pointing at their door one after the other “will you shut up there “ayo pick a little stone and stone at her direction “she bent down looking upset “ngozi kept laughing “Tom and Jerry ”

is like you are mad abi”eniola decend on her while the rest of the tenant came out separating fight “sweet lord who brought this mad dog out of jail “rose spoke softly hidding at her husband back “he dragged her to the car and lock the door on her ”

baby, what wrong now”I want to watch their fight ” don’t worry you meet them on it when you come back ”

he drove her out while she kept peeping from the window ”

ayo dragg eniola up in anger ” the worst mistake of my life is getting married to you ” I would return you to ghetto where i found you crazy woman “he dragged her to the door In anger

leave me alone oo, leave Miii” help me neighbor his going to kill me ” ngozi stood up laughing ”

eniloa threw her bucket in anger “her husband push her inside closing the door ”

wonder shall never end “mama chukudi came down from where she was standing clapping her hands ” this house has finally turn to civilian barrack ”

good morning mama chukudi “Beatrice came out of the room lighting cigarettes “morning “she replied covering her noise ” see Beatrice abi w€tin dey call you ”

yes Beatrice “she replied letting smoke out of her mouth “you sure say you be human being ”

Beatrice gave her bad glance and excuse to her room “you for leave am mama chukudi ” dat one no be human at all ” ngozi replied demonstrating ”

they cut a glance at the landlord and excuse to their room ” buffalo, gossipers” you all are leaving soon ” rubbish “he opened the gate and excuse outside……….


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came out his room singing and spreading clothes ” he dried the last cloth in his bucket and return inside ”

Alex came out of the room yawning “he cut a glance at the cloth he spread on the rope and whistles ” he rushed inside to call sugar boy


was more shocked than him ” they Empty the rope in a minutes and pretend nothing is going on ”

they watch ebuka came out of this room in some minutes with bucket of water “he excuse to the bathroom and came out cleaning his body “he dropped the bucket in his hand and was surprised seeing the rope empty ”

am I dreaming “he opened his eyes widely ” Yeeeeeeeh ” una done start ooo “oga landlord you no witnesses this one o”t

hief no dey Robb thief oo ” sugar boy and Alex concentrated on their phones ” excuse me ” he came closer to them”

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do you saw the clothes I hang their “he pointed at the rope looking upset ” is like you are blind “Alex fired in anger ”

hey. Easy ” sugar boy calm him down ” when did I took security as a job, because I don’t understand why your mentality no tell you say you dey stupid ”

me…. “Yeeeeeeeh ” ebuka carry two bottles and break it at once ” if you one die ” pass this place ” sugar boy sat down crossing his leg”

diana rush out of her room covering her ear “who got you out thief”she ask looking serious

who be that “ebuka turn to face Diana and chase her to her room with bottles “before he returned sugar boy and Alex lock the door shivering ”

he stood outside yelling “no one dare come outside ” I will kill all you “cloth I bought 50 thousand ” una go die one after the other (he yelled to his satisfaction before leaving inside


~House 419(18+)~ 🔞🍇🍓🍓🍆🤏👈
Episode 10
Diana rush out from her apartment making call (of course am coming) she rush to the gate and noticed it was lock ” she look around and noticed sugar boy dusting his shoe and singing ”

hey open this ” she pointed to his direction “he ignore her and continue with what he was doing ” hey are you deaf “open this ” Diana hung up the call looking serious ”


” sugar stood up loosing his belt ” do you just said am deaf”

yes you are. I was talking to you, you acting like you on top of the world”sugar boy shut her mouth with slap ” she fainted removing her wig ”

she woke up to discover all eyes on her “darling, darling “that all she could hear ” where Am i” she stood up dusting her gown ”

haven’t I told you several times to mind the way you speak to people “now see your self ”

baby, can you tell me what happened ” Diana look embrass ”

forget about it ” her husband dragg her inside ” she kept crying and yelling at sugar boy ” I would sue you for this, you going to regret your action for laying your fitty hand on me ”

her husband dragg her in and lock the door “he returned to face sugar boy and return three good time ”

Yeeeeeeeh. You won die ” sugar boy run to carry pestel ”

I thought you prefer I should discipline you myself ,but right now am going to do it with my colleague “( he makes a phone call mentioning barrack)

oga Abeg, I use everything you like and love beg you .it devil work ”

ha! Ha” why are you begging me now ” pick the pestle and hit me ”

no oga. I don’t know you are a soldier ” sugar boy postrated crying ” ngozi kept laughing and pointing to him ”

mama chukudi sat down to watch perfectly “now get up ” frog jump, frog jump ” he got up and and did as he was told ” the whole neighbors pleaded before he was release including landlord ” he ran to his room looking helpless……….

babe which kind whala be this “why oga landlord go dey do like this” Beatrice held the gate smoking ”

no yawa now , seems his serving as blockage to us we have to treat his fvck up “flora sat down looking upset ”

how “Benita sat closer to him looking more serious ” fine, we no fit go out huzzle “huzzle go dey here ”

so you mean we going to work home ” yes now, when oga landlord got tired he would let the door opened ” she excuse inside and change to something attractive ”

Benita and Florence done the same smoking and playing music” they kept dancing and bringing people attention ” bro John close his window and ear making a sign of the Cross”

flora notice rose and her husband Coming out of their apartment “she cat walk to meet him and dragg her husband from him” Benita does the same to eniola husband ”

in no time the whole house turn to wrestling ring ” you be ashawo, stay away from my man. Am warning you ” rose spoke in anger ”

you dey craze. No hold am well ” flora kept dancing ” eniola removed her wig and decend on Benita ” ashawo pass ashawo ” if you dey craze, go out ” Benita position herself on her and beat her up with her heels ”

ayo left her for a while before separating them

“enough ” oga landlord rush down screaming he fell from the stick lay on the floor ” they all stop fighting and rush oga landlord to hospital *****************,


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