His Favourite Addiction

His favorite addiction episode 4 – 5


( Melting His Heart….)

Episode 4


By: Summer Gold

” Your hair is so long,,and pretty ” Kristen commented as she helped her in brushing her hair

” Thanks ” Jenna replied with a short smile

” And I love your eyeballs,, they are so beautiful ” Kristen added and touched her cheeks

” I know that ” Jenna rolled her eyes, Kristen chuckled inwardly, she’s not surprised anymore.

” Okay,,we are done. Check it out ” Kristen got up and Jenna walked to the mirror,,a gasp escape her lips

” Wow,,this is so amazing. Now I know why Aly always look more beautiful,, I guess am more pretty anyway ” Jenna smiled

” Who is Aly? ” Kristen asked

” She’s my classmate and she always brag about her mother being a fashionista,,she always look more good. Not like she’s richer,,but those maids knows nothing about fashion ” Jenna groaned and shook her head

” Wow,,so is Aly your friend?? ”

” We are not,she always say harsh words to me. I guess she’s only jealous of me,,am more brilliant ” Jenna smiled

Kristen chuckled and pat her hair but immediately stopped,,

” Am sorry about that ” She apologized

” It’s okay,,since you make me look amazing. Let’s go,I don’t want to be late ” Jenna said going out of the room while Kristen followed with her backpack

As they walked ,,Kristen checked Nicholas door,he left already. He must be a very busy man,,what does she expect?

They settled at the dinning table,, The maid dropped bread and Jam on the table with a mug tea.

” Must I eat bread every morning?? Can’t you just make something different?? ” Jenna asked

” Am,,sorry. You always request for ,,,,,”

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare something new,,what do you know? Gosh I lost my appetite ” Jenna snapped and got down from the chair

” Am sorry Jenna,,,”

” Am reporting you to dad when he comes back,,,” Jenna replied

” Miss Kristen,,please help me talk to her. ” The maid pleaded

Jenna,,you can’t go to school without eating anything. Do you want me to prepare something for you?? ” Kristen asked

Jenna kept quiet and drank the tea,she wiped her mouth with the table handkerchief.

” Am leaving,,, let’s go ” She said walking out

Kristen sighed and followed her almost immediately,,, Jenna’s driver opened up for her as she approached.

” Morning Jenna ” He greeted

” Morning Richard ” Jenna replied with a straight face and entered.

” How was your night?? ” Richard asked

” Better than never ” She replied and Richard smiled

Kristen got to them,,,

Oh,,you’re coming with us??” Richard asked

” Yeah,,” Kristen replied

” It’s nice meeting you,, Miss Kristen right??”

” Just Kristen please ” Kristen said and joined Jenna

” Am Richard, Miss Jenna’s only sweet driver ” Richard teased

” You’re sweet,,really ” Jenna rolled her eyes and Kristen laughed

” Okay,,,let’s go ” Richard said started the car

” Baby,,,,,,I mean, Jenna,,are you okay?? ” Kristen asked and took her hand

” Am fine nanny” She replied

” Good,,, ” Kristen smiled

Few minutes later they arrived at the school

It look so large and beautiful,, at the top of the large gate was written BABY STARS.

” We are here,, ” Richard announced

” You will walk me to my class right? ” Jenna asked Kristen who nodded and held her hand as they walked

” Hey Jenna!!’ A voice shouted from the back and they both stopped

A kid ran toward them,, he’s surely around Jenna’s age.

” Hey Alex ” Jenna called with a wide smile which made her blue eyes more sparkly.

” Is he your friend?? ” Kristen asked

” Yeah,,he’s my friend. You can go back now,,thanks ” Jenna said waving at her

” Hi mam ” Alex greeted

” Wow,,you’re so cute. Are you five too??” Kristen asked gently

” No am six,,older than Jenna ” Alex grinned

” Stop telling everyone you’re older than me,,it’s annoying ” Jenna rolled her eyes

” You wish you’re older ” Alex said

” Out of my way” A kid snapped passing through Alex and Jenna’s middle almost making them fall

” What’s that?? ” Kristen was annoyed a little

” That’s Aly,,always with the attitude. Now you know am a good kid ” Jenna grinned before walking away with Alex

” Rich kids and their problem” Kristen sighed out and then find her way out of the school

” Finally you’re here,,,” Richard said out

Yeah I guess ” Kristen smiled

” How are you coping with the kid??” He asked

” We are good,,,I think she’s a wonderful baby,,just need more attention ” Kristen said and Richard nodded

” You’re right Miss Kristen,,,she need more attention. Am one of those who want the Boss to get married as soon as possible,, Jenna need a mom,I’ve seen her countless times tearing up whenever she see kids with their mom ” Richard said

” That’s emotional,, but where is her mom? Divorced or what?”

” She’s late,,,Lady Sarah was a very wonderful woman when she was alive. Now I believe that good people always die so young,, I don’t know why ” Richard sighed

” Dead?? What the f**k,,”

” She died five years ago while giving birth to Jenna,,,I think that’s why The boss never jokes with that kid. He can do anything for her,,,but I want him to move on. It’s five years already ” Richard said.

” Maybe he haven’t met the right woman ” Kristen said

” He doesn’t even look at women,how will he know the right one? I’ve been working for him for years,,I know him too well. He’s too busy to love,, ” Richard explained

” Wow,,that’s quite hard. He’s still young anyway,,” Kristen said

” Do you think that’s the main problem?? I could remember when Lady Sarah left,,,he wasn’t himself for the whole year. Even his workers felt it ,,,,it was his mother who succeeded in bringing him back to himself. After that, he became the grumpy billionaire,,, wasn’t surprised how Jenna took over ” Richard smiled

” Maybe he’s yet to get over her,, I feel so bad for him ” Kristen sighed

” I pray he gets a good woman,, as good as Lady Sarah,she was an angel ” Richard concluded as they arrived at the mansion

” It was nice talking with you Richard,,,” Kristen said

” Me too Miss Kristen ”

” Call me Kristen, come on ”

” Okay,, Kristen ” Richard smiled


” Mr Nichols !!! ” Megan ran into the 0ffice excitedly

” What is it Miss Megan??” Nicholas asked not looking up from the tablet on the table

” Remember the contract with the AMAZON COMPANY?? ” She asked

” Yeah,,so?”

” We won!!! We won,,,” She said

” That’s great news ” Nicholas raised his head up with his cute unusual smile which made him more handsome, if only he smiles more often

” I still can’t believe we won against the BROOKS,,that company spent a lot on this contract. But we got it so easily Mr Nichols,,am so happy ” Megan said

” We need to celebrate this Mr Nichols, ” She added

” You think so??” Nicholas asked

” I know so,,the staffs are going to be happy to hear this great news ” She replied

” You’re right,,,but how do we celebrate this??” He asked

” Let’s go out to have a little fun after work,,just few hours ” She suggested

” Yeah,,,You can tell Shane about it,,,you all should have fun after work,,it’s on me ” He smirked

” You will be there right??” She asked

” I’ve got things to do,,you should enjoy yourselves together ” He replied

” Oh,,,,,”

” Can you get me that coffee of yours? Thanks ” He said not looking up again

” Okay Sir ”

Megan rolled rolled her eyes before walking out of the office

Bonus Episode😘
( Melting His Heart….)

Episode 5

” Hey Jenna,,what are you writing? It’s free time” Alex said sitting down beside her

” I know it’s free time,,” Jenna replied

” The lady in the morning,,, who is she? Is she your mother??” Alex asked and Jenna stopped what she was writing, she squeezed the pen trying to calm down

” You’ve never come with your mom,,, but she’s pretty ” Alex smiled

Jenna didn’t reply,,

” Hey Alex,, let’s play together ” Aly said with a grin

” Am not playing,, ” Alex replied honestly

” Go ahead,am fine ” Jenna whispered

” I am so tired right now ” Alex said and Aly rolled her eyes,,she crossed her arms

” You always stay with her and always ignore me,,we should be friends because our parents are close ” Aly said angrily

” Jenna is also my friend ” Alex snapped

” Why are you making friends with her?? She doesn’t even know who her mother is ” Aly said

” But my father is better than your parents,,, don’t you think?? I know you’re only jealous because my father is richer than yours,,and who said I don’t have a mother?? I have a mother ” Jenna said

” How does she look like?? What’s her name?? You don’t know, so stop lying ” Aly said and walked away

” That kid is something else ” Alex said

” You’re also a kid ” Jenna said

” Don’t feel bad about what she said,, ”

” I told you I have a mother,, and she’s very pretty. ” Jenna cut him off

” Am sorry,,,”

” Just leave,,I want to be alone. Go play with her, I hate her presence here ” Jenna said and laid her head on the desk


” Are you even sure we are not late already??” Kristen asked worriedly as they approached the school

” Of course not,we are just right in time. Trust me ” Richard replied and Kristen breathe out

” Okay,am just worried that’s all ” Kristen smiled

” I understand,,,, ” Richard said

They finally got to the school,Kristen got down from the car and walked in,,she was already out before she remembered that she doesn’t even know Jenna’s class.

She almost turned back when a kid touched her,,,

” Are you looking for Jenna??” The little boy asked

” Yeah,,do you know her??” Kristen asked

” She’s in my class,,I can take you to her ” He smiled his cute dimples out

” That’s so cute of you ” Kristen said and touched his cheek

He nodded and lead the way,,after walking for few seconds they arrived in the class.

Jenna was staring out of the window and her expression was unexplainable.

” Jenna,,,” The boy called and Jenna turned,,,

” Jenna,,it’s time to leave come on ” Kristen smiled widely but she only replied with a nod and carried her bag

” Let me help you with that ” Kristen offered

” I can hold this myself ” Jenna replied walking out of the class

‘ what’s wrong with this kid?’ Kristen wondered

” What’s your name boy??” Kristen asked

” It’s Joel ” He replied

” Thank you so much Joel,,,you’re cute ” she said

” Thanks,,,, ”

” Joel,,thought you were going to wait at the Reception,, why are you still in class??” A woman’s voice could be heard

” Oh,,am sorry but Joel had to show me the way to this class. Please don’t scold him ” Kristen pleaded

” He showed you to the class?? Wow that’s cute of him. Who are you by the way?? It’s the first time seeing you.,,oh baby Jenna you look so pretty ” She said and touched Jenna’s cheek who smiled softly

” She’s Jenna’s mom ” Joel said with a smile

” Oh,,really?? You’re Jenna’s mom??”

” Oh,,actually,,,,,, ”

” Miss Kristen?? We need to leave now,,” Richard voice interrupted

” Am sorry,,next time. It’s nice talking to you,,Jenna let’s go ” Kristen said and held Jenna’s hand leaving Joel’s mom in confusion

‘ Did Nicholas got married already??’ She wondered
” Jenna are you okay?? You’ve been quiet,, are you hungry? Do you need anything?? ” Kristen asked as she helped her out of her clothes

Jenna didn’t speak out,,Kristen sighed and took her into the bathroom. She took her bath and then walked back into the dressing room,,,she help her into a comfortable outfit. Still Jenna didn’t say anything

” Jenna talk to me please,, ” Kristen said

Jenna burst into tears and Kristen was shocked

” Jenna?? Are you okay?? Did anyone scold you?? Did anyone touch you??” Kristen asked worriedly but she couldn’t talk

” Oh goodness what do I do??” Kristen sighed and sat her down.
Almost immediately a knock came on,,

” Who is it??” Kristen asked walking out of the dressing room toward the bedroom

” It’s a maid Miss Kristen ” She replied

Kristen opened the door,,

” Mr Nicholas just arrived,,and he will like to see Jenna,,is she done ??” The maid asked

” It’s fine,,I will take care of it ” Kristen said

” Thank you ” The maid said and immediately walked away

Kristen breathe in and out nervously as she walked toward Nicholas’s room,,,praying he doesn’t shun her. Okay he won’t since it’s about Jenna.

She finally got to the door,,she didn’t knock before the door opened revealing him in his hot look. He’s no longer putting on his suit,now just a normal outfit which made him look more hotter,,,

” Good evening Mr Bill” Kristen greeted

” Where is Jenna?? ” he asked ignoring her greetings

” She’s in her room sir,,but I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s in tears,,I’ve tried asking her what’s wrong but she wouldn’t open up ”

” Jenna?? In tears??” He asked almost immediately and Kristen nodded

He walked out on her going to Jenna’s room,Kristen also followed. They both entered and Jenna was on the bed already still tearing up.

” Baby,,,, ” Nicholas joined her while Kristen watched from the entrance

” What’s wrong?? ” he asked and pulled her into a hug,,she didn’t stop crying

” You’re going to get sick if you keep on crying this way,,tell me what’s wrong,,do you want some apple juice??” He asked and almost immediately Kristen rushed out going downstairs to get the apple juice.

” What’s wrong with Jenna?? She’s crying?? ” A maid asked and the other maids faced Kristen

” I don’t know,, ” Kristen replied

” Oh she’s going to run some temperature badly ” A maid said handing over the juice to Kristen,,,

Two other maids followed her upstairs,, Jenna was calming down already but still hugging her father tightly

” The apple juice ” Kristen said and dropped it on the table

” Angel,, do you want some??” Nicholas asked

” You two can leave,, thanks ” Nicholas said,the two maids bowed and walked out.

Jenna pulled out from the hug ,her eyes were red.

” Tell me who made you cry,,,” Nicholas said wiping her tears..

” Where is mommy??” Jenna asked and burst into another round of tears

Nicholas couldn’t talk for some minutes,,,

” You have me right?? Why are you asking for your mom?? Am I not enough?? Huh??” Nicholas asked gently

” You are enough,, but why does my classmates all have moms while I only have a dad?? Making me feel bad that I don’t know what my mom looks like ” Jenna said in tears

A tear dropped from Kristen’s eyes and she immediately wiped it off.

” You will meet her soon,,,”

” That’s what you always tell me,,just tell me where she is. Please,, ”

Nicholas sighed and stood up,,, he walked out of the room. Kristen immediately moved closer to Jenna

” Jenna,,,that’s okay ” She said rubbing her hand

” I understand you,, but you’re making daddy feel bad too. Do you know you’re the luckiest kid ever? You have the best dad who is more better than a mother,, so don’t feel so bad,,I wish I have a father like him” Kristen said

” You don’t have a father?? ” Jenna asked

” I do have a father,,, but it’s all history. Am going to tell you about it later okay? So please stop crying,do you want daddy to feel bad?? ”

” No I love him,,I want him to be happy ” Jenna replied

” Good,,then you should appreciate him,,,,,,,” She was interrupted by the hard knock on the door

” Drink up your juice,, I will check the door ” She said and walk out

She opened the door,,

” What’s wrong??” She asked

” It’s Mr Bill,,he’s going to hurt himself. Please can you come talk to him?? I don’t know what to do right now ” Shane said

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