I Am A Virgin

I am a virgin episode 10 – 11



Episode 10

Right from that day, our relationship skyrocket and it was a very wonderful experience. Caleb who was thirty two years at the inception of our relationship didn’t want a delay as he wants marriage as soon as possible.

He took me to his parent and they accepted me with open arms. I initially thought they would give me a cold treatment but reverse was the case.

On getting to his parent’s residence, my heart was beating. We met with his mom who took me into her room for one-on-one discussion, I told her everything about me including my past relationship, how it ended and why it ended. At the end of the discussion, she approved me for her son

It was a moment of joy as Caleb’s parent and his two younger sisters told us to hasten our wedding preparation. With the help of God, Caleb and I were able to locate my aunt’s residence. The moment I told her about my intention to settle down, she was enraged and refused to give us her blessings. She told me to go back to the pastor I took as a family to get the needed permission.

Being sad that day was an understatement as i was drained because I felt God decided to settle me after all the suffering I had gone through but someone decided to be an hindrance to that settlement. I didn’t know when I started crying on our way back. Caleb really stood by me and encouraged me that all will be well.

After much prayer and fasting, my aunt and her husband gave us their blessing. Caleb came with his family to get the dowry list and have a date fixed for both our traditional and church wedding. I decided to get wedded in my aunt’s church something that was surprising to her but I refuse to relate the issue to her.

Finally, Caleb and I tied the knot in holy matrimony. I had this unexplainable joy bubbling in me. Moses was Caleb’s best man while my aunt’s eldest daughter was my best lady. Surprisingly, some members of Grace Tabernacle graced the occasion especially people from the ushering department.

After all the

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merriment and joyous celebration, My husband and I were driven to our new house to begin life after wedding. Getting to the doorstep of new home, I suddenly became sacred but I tried to put on a bold face.

Caleb carried me into the bedroom in a bridal style then went

back to get my luggage. The first thing we did after he brought my luggage into our room was serious thanksgiving and positive declarations. Ohh, I didn’t tell you that Caleb was a combination of a romantic and spiritual man.

Done with the prayers, we ate like hungry lions as we were previously on fasting. After eating, I took a change of cloth and went into the bathroom to take my bath and change into something else.

I came out of the bathroom and met Caleb putting on only boxers. Seeing him like that made my heart skip a beat, I ignored

his penetrating stares and went to lie down on the king size bed.

I was already closing my eyes in preparation to go to the dream world when I felt Caleb’s hand on my waist. I shivered as I felt his hand on my body as I experienced a kind of feeling I never experienced before. In a twinkle of an eye, the piece of cloth on our body was lying on the floor with me responding to every of his touches.

I was in a world of ecstasy when I suddenly felt a pain in between my legs. As the pain became intense, it dawn on me that my hyymen was being broken. I tried to endure the pain but I could and that made me scream loudly.

Caleb stopped what he was doing and started apologizing for hurting me. It was when used his palm to wipe away my tears that I realized that I had been crying. I would never forget the look of respect and admiration in his eyes.


Episode 11

Caleb helped me into the bathroom to freshen up. Getting back to the room, I noticed the bed sheet was already changed. Caleb handed me a new nightgown which I wore before lying on the bed.

Caleb: do you know I never believed you were a virgin until now? I mean the news was all over the church that a test was conducted on you and the result showed that your hymen had been broken

I smiled faintly and slept

off due to tiredness hence I couldn’t give an answer to his question.


Caleb’s point of view

I just couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful face as in, being the one to break her hyymen made me happy. Before now, I never expected to meet her a virgin because I believe more in s£xual purity plus I wasn’t a Saint too. God’s mercy was what found me.

After helping her into the bathroom, I took my cell phone and took a photo of the bloood stain on the bed sheet as it would serve as a proof that she was a virgin.

First, I sent the picture to my mom and two sisters then send it to Matthew. Matthew sent me a WhatsApp message immediately.

Matthew: how far guy? How come??

Caleb: I am still shocked o

Matthew: but it was announced in the Church that she was not a virgin and that was why Moses broke up with her as in, the disgrace was too much then

Caleb: dude, I don’t even know what to say. While we were dating, she kept on telling me she is a virgin but I never believed

Matthew: wow! Lucky you bro but don’t you think there is someone behind all this?

Caleb: I have been thinking of so too. You know, I was surprised to see Rosaline get married to Moses few months after he broke up with Funbi

Matthew: Guy, you need to clear this girl’s name. She suffered for nothing

Caleb: sure bro, I am going to get to the root of this matter. That wicked fellow must be exposed

Matthew: that’s a good one

Caleb: later na, need to attend to me queen

Matthew: I go love o

I logged out and brought out one of the night gown I bought and planned giving to her. She smiled, collected it from me and wore it before lying on the bed. I told her I didn’t believe she was a virgin till now but instead of replying me, she just smiled and slept off.

I still can’t believe that she suffered for nothing, so she had been innocent all along. While looking at her beautiful face, I vowed to proved her innocence. I went into the bathroom to freshen up than lie beside her.

I woke up the following morning and noticed that my pretty wife wasn’t on the bed. Alarmed, I went in search of her only to see her preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen. I greeted her with a kiss and assisted her with the dishes.

Done with cooking, we went into the room to have our devotion then I went to prepare for Church. I had wanted to go to Church with my newly wedded wife but she refused to go to Grace Tabernacle as I still worship there.


Funbi’s point of view

After devotion that morning, my husband pleaded with me to go to church with him but I refused as I couldn’t go to a place where my reputation has been dented. After taking his breakfast, he dressed up and went for church service.

My husband returned back from church at half past twelve with a sad face. I was surprised to see him that way because he was cheerful before he left the house in the morning. I welcomed him with an embrace and asked him what the matter was but he said nothing.

I served him lunch but he was just picking at the meal. When I couldn’t take his moodiness again, I took the food away from him and told him I wont let him be till he tell me what went wrong.

Me: Sweetheart, what is wrong now?? Mind you, I won’t take no for an answer. Haba! We just got married na and we should be happy we just got married

Caleb: I will be fine Queenie

Me: I said I won’t take no for an answer so start talking please

Caleb: As your lordship pleases. I didn’t want you to feel bad that’s why I didn’t want to tell you.

Me: I promise not to feel bad

Caleb: I have been placed on discipline because I got married to you. The panel of judges in church claimed that I defiled myself with sin the moment I decided to get married to a back slider so, I am not worthy to be a worker

Me: (surprised) Jesus!!! Why are they like this?? Who did I even offend?? Baby, please I am very sorry for this

To be continued

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