I BETRAYED NANA – Episode 1 (18+)

Episode 1

Life could be entirely re-directed with just a momentarily action, and everything we ever worked for, gone wrong. I was a happy man until a sudden drama star GTted and my three years old marriage hit a rock.

I k-ss her deeply, her hands roaming helplessly on my back. I push her to the bed as she landed, I kicked off my shoes and my belt got loose immediately. Nana is already on her white p-nties that always turn me on, I gro-n as she bite her lower l-ips softly, she knows what drives me crazy.

Only left with just boxer, I wanted to tease her. I remove it slowly from my wa-ist as my long and hærd c*ck sprang to life, my **** cap coated with pre-c*m. Her eyes bulge, it seems my c*ck grow as days gone by. I walk to the bed my c*ck leading the way, I climbed the bed as we k-ss warmly, hungrily.

She turned me over, I unclasped her b-ra hook with a try, she giggled. She wrap her palms around my hærd c*ck and jerk “aaahh!” I gro-ned. She wrapped her l-ips around my c*ck my eyes w¡den as her tongue twirl on my **** c*p.

I flipped her over, removing her p-nt slowly from her wa-ist. Nana is already w-t for wanton of my treatment, I went for a k-ss firstly, rubbing my palm slowly on her cl*t while k-ssing her “oohh–, baby” she mo-ned into my mouth as I increase pressure on her cl*t*

“Let’s make a baby” I mumble while k-ssing her neck, she froze. She direct my face to her face “let’s just have fun and enjoy our marriage, we could have kids later” Nana responded. My **** become flaccid immediately, I couldn’t believe my ears. My mates are celebrating their child dedications, have gone four already, isn’t bad wanting what my mate already have.

“For God sake, s€× is for making of kids no . .t just fun” I fired back, trying not to let the anger boiling in,side of me let loose, Nana wasn’t ready to reason with me. She stepped down from the bed without saying anything headed to the bathroom, she turned “I am not ready to be called mom, you can go and adopt kids if you want to be a daddy. Leave me alone!” she fired back scre-ming at me, she slammed the bathroom door.

Only a little disagreement, it turned into a big fight. That we didn’t talk to each other through the night, unlike before that I and Nana couldn’t be in private without crawling at each others skin, if isn’t quickie. Eventually we will be making love, my anger and pride couldn’t let me reason with Nana. She loves her stupid career over me I breathe out in fury, Nana was on the dinning table with our breakfast. I walked pass her without responding to her greetings, I held the door knob and turned to see my wife in tears, I went to work that day with a heavy heart and vexation that I lash at my employees.

One thing I and Nana have in common is pride with words, we couldn’t bring ourselves to reason with each other or just say sorry and everything will be fine and back to normal. “Don’t tell me you are not gonna eat this night” Nana demanded breathing out fury, she stood right before me shielding the television screen from my view. Her arms akimbo, I gro-ned in frustration “go adopt babies that will eat your food, leave me alone woman!” I shouted at her, ‘Oh my Nana’, my precious Nana. She was hurt and shattered, I picked up my phones from the settee and walk away from Nana who didn’t move from the position she is in the sitting room. Have never shouted at Nana before, my heart was heavy as I slept off that night, Nana was pissed-off.

It was weekend after two days of unhappy marriage life, I stayed on the bed planning the day. When Nana woke up, she roll to me on the bed rubbing her soft palm on my bare chest, it would have feel good if my chest isn’t burning in anger, I removed her hand from my body. Nana couldn’t take my awkward behavior anymore “what’s wrong with you Vic,” she close her eyes trying to exhale her anger in breathe than words “am ho-ny, and am your wife. I need s€×, you can’t deprive me of it” she explained rudely folding her arms, her n-pples er-cted poking at her nightie soft fabric, the sight of her br-ast shape so alluring.

“s€×, s€×, s€×! Nana, That is all you know, I can’t be f****** a barren woman” I fired back with a warning look, my words hurt Nana exceedingly, she remain knelt on the bed tears streaming down her eyes. I ignored all these and left the room slamming the door loudly, I returned home on Monday to find an August visitor in my sitting room. Suzie is the one, “welcome, sir” my wife younger sister saluted wearing just a singlet without b-ra and a bumshort. The sight was so arousing that I swallowed hærd, my c*ck nod in my boxer several times. I burst open my bedroom door to see Nana making herself up “who invited Suzie, Nana” I thundered, Nana didn’t respond instead she continue humming to a song in her head, I breathe in fury charging in frustration “answer me, Nana!” I repeated myself again, almost shouting.

“To talk to you Victor, you are running mad. you need a remedy with immediate alacrity, don’t force me to invite a psychiatrist” Nana warned pointing a finger at me, I almost wanted to hit her. But I have more troubles already which is Suzie, who has been making denotative passes on me to cheat on my wife. How will I tell Nana that she has made a terrible mistake, Nana went to church all-night that day calling several times to check-up on me but I refused picking her calls, she sent a text “am sorry my love, when I get back. We’ll talk, I miss the you, please forgive me”. I was so anxious to hear what Nana will tell me the next day, that I slept late in to the night.

I didn’t eat last night, I was famished and couldn’t control the hunger I am having. I jump down from the bed heading to the kitchen, with my boner leading the way. The kitchen door is right beside the staircase landing, Suzie was climbing the stairs going up, it all happen in a flash. I find myself pressing Suzie to the wall, my right hand going downward her skirt, I deep my hand in her p-nt and thr-st two fingers in her w-t ****. “Aaahh! Finger **** me, baby!” Suzie mo-ned loudly, driving me crazy as I thr-st into her w-t cunt slowly and then faster, she nip on my chest s-cking my little br-ast “oohh–!” I gro-ned in s€×ual ecstasy. I sneak my hand beneath her singlet and felt her b-obs, I squeeze as she gasp, I squeeze it roughly while fingering her “ah, ah, ah, mo-r-e” she mo-ned out.

I turned her to the wall, lower my boxer band from my wa-ist allowing my hærd c*ck to sprang to life. I spit on it and jerk it fast and steady, raise her skirt up and shift her p-nt to her right butt. Rubbing my **** cap on her opening as she release more w-t, with only a powerful thr-st I fed her up “oohh–!” I gro-ned as I felt her tight cunt choking my hærd c*ck. I thr-st in with calculated thr-sts as Suzie scratch the wall with her nails in pleasure.


Clattering pieces of a shattered flower vase, we jerk to reality. Right at the staircase landing is Nana in tears, staring up at us with a mixed look.


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