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Clattering pieces of a shattered flower vase, we jerk to reality. Right at the staircase landing is Nana in tears, staring up at us with a mixed look.

It feels like am carrying the weight of the dome on my head, everything spin in the room. My brain nudge on my skull as I have a sud noden headache. I swallowed hærd as the uncomfortable silence envelop the room, chirping birds in the backyard added musical tones to the moment.

Nana’s crackling heels on the staircase, I recollect the past moments. I was just going down the stairs when Suzie grab my hærd c*ck, I exhale uneasily, as Nana close in on me. She had wiped-out the flowing tears, the aerial confidence Nana carried on her shoulder have become common dejection.

“Is not what it seems, my love” I pleaded solemnly trying to hold her, she pushed me off and look at me in disdain. I feel remorseful, Nana landed a re-sounding slap on my face. My right palm glue immediately to my right cheek.

“I hate you, I hate you, Victor” she couldn’t keep her emotions on checks anymore, right there. Nana unleash tantrum, hitting my chest repeating the three words, crying and weeping vigorously. I couldn’t hold back my tears, I was lost in my thought when Nana walk up to Suzie who is frozen right at edge of the staircase, sudden scre-m brought me to my senses.

“Nooooooooo!” Nana exclaimed, I look at her. She was in shock standing at the edge of the staircase, I looked down at the staircase is Suzie rolling and flipping herself on the staircase, bricks. I was confused, not knowing what to do. Right at the staircase landing is sprawled Suzie oozing blood.

I climbed down the staircase hurriedly, and took her in my arms. “Nana, get me the car keys” I shouted at Nana who was in oblivion. She hurried after me, as I dropped Suzie on the car back seat, the gate is open and I wonder what is wrong with my gateman. That is why I never heard Nana’s car horn, I entered the driver’s seat as Nana took the back seat.

“I – I, killed m-my sister” she said slowly showing me her bloody palms, I peep through the mirror. I couldn’t believe my wife is innocent, I don’t know if she is guilty. “I pus-h h-er do-wn the-he stai-r” she sob, I set the car on speed, step on the break as I horn on the private hospital gate. The gateman open the gate, I drove in and rotate the car’s steering wheel the car swerve to the parking lot and I step on the break and halt the car.

I carried Suzie in my arms half-running and half-walking into the hospital entrance, “someone i-s dy-” I got choked by words as I shouted loudly at the entrance hallway. Immediately stretcher is brought, and numb Suzie was stretch away. I took crying Nana into my arms, she couldn’t help but cry for her sister’s safety, “will she be fine?” Nana asked me looking up at my face with her teary eyes. I was silent, I couldn’t comfort Nana, I failed as her husband.

“I killed he-” Nana mumble insanely in my arms, her tears damping my shirt. I would have comforted her and encourage her, tell her she loves her sister way too much to kill her. Nana is the one who has been sponsoring her sister tuition since their parents are deceased. Later on, we were invited to the doctor’s office.

“Mr. And Mrs. Victor, what happened to miss Suzie” the doctor asked.

I wasn’t ready for such question, I was in deep thought. I was awkwardly quiet, I wanted to tell the doctor that Suzie slip on the staircase and fell. “I was shaking her vigorously, she lo- lost ba-lan… And fell” Nana cried out, the doctor was silent. Nana has just declare herself a murderess, when will all these end.
“We lost her!” The doctor announced, Nana stood up gingerly and held the doctor’s lab coat “no, no, doctor!” Nana cried shaking her head.

Nana in my arms weeping, I couldn’t say any soothing words to tell her. I am dying of guilt, we left the doctor office in sorrow and dejection. I pat her back softly as she weep profusely, I feel a loop in my throat whenever I want to speak and I’ll just shut up. We were in the hospital ward hallway, glued to each when two police officers walk up to us presenting their I.D cards.

“I’m sergeant Okoro” the older officer with goatee said, he is an imposing figure. That tower his colleagues, who stood out of place beside him.

“And my comrade, you are under arrest Mrs. Nana for the murder of miss Suzie Nicolas” he said bringing out a handcuff, everything was confusing. Nana gave them their hands and she was handcuffed before me.

“Please, officer can you remove those handcuffs, my wife isn’t a criminal” I barked with anger at them, they acted deaf as they esc-rt Nana out of the hospital. I was going insane, I went after them, OH—Nana, how I betrayed your love and failed you.

Everything dawn on me, I saw after the corpse of Suzie, I did all I could to hasten the hearing of the case. Nana was arraigned in the court, she look fragile and lost notable weight, she still manage to keep a smile when she saw me, I couldn’t help but cry. My Nana, the love of my life going through all these just ’cause of my insensibility.

“Has your wife stop killing?” The prosecutor asked a leading question to me, I breathe uneasily not to allow my anger to get the better of me.

“She is not a killer!” I gro-ned, allowing the prosecutor l-ips to play a smile.

“You took an oath against perjury” he pressed further, I gro-ned in frustration. The hearings were done, and the judge pass his judgement.

“…Mrs. Nana Victor, you are hereby sentence to life imprisonment…” My head banged, I couldn’t bear to see Nana cry. I closed my eyes, remembered the promises I gave to Nana while she was in cell. I promised to take her out of these problems, but I failed. I hit my fist on the bench.

“I betrayed Nana” I blurt out opening my eyes.

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