I Fell In Love

I FELL IN LOVE episode 36 – finale


Episode 36


Feranmi called Thessy, she was so glad to hear the news.

“Please give her the phone, I want to hear her voice”

“Congratulations my friendship”

“Thank you girlfriend” she replied weakly

“Now that you have twins are they both my God Children?

“Hmm! Oliver twist, the boy is your God son”

“I like that, thanks and congrats on your hubby’s contract. God has finally answered our prayers”

“Thanks to God and that wonderful, selfless man of yours. God bless the day I met you Thessy”

“You know we are not in each other’s lives by accident, God himself orchestrated everything”

“You are right my dear”

“Let me allow you rest, we’ll talk when you are much stronger”

“OK, bye”

Feranmi also called Emmanuel and his wife and he said they are coming right away.

Some minutes later, Emmanuel and his wife came in. They all hugged each other in turn. Nurse Angel was so happy. Feranmi also shared with them the contract news.

“You are the girl’s God mother” Wemmy informed Nurse Angel.

“Godmother! Really! I’m honored, thanks. Now I have a girl child too”

Feranmi sprayed the ward with a nice fragnant air freshener. And immediately Nurse Angel perceived the scent, she rushed into the toilet to throw up.

Wow! Is it what I’m thinking” Wemmy said

“I think another baby is coming” Feranmi added.

“She’s 4weeks pregnant” Emmanuel spilled it

Congratulations! Wemmy and Feranmi chorused.

Thanks, Feranmi walked up to him and hugged me.

Nurse Angel came out of the bathroom to join them.

“Baby number two! Congrats sis” Wemmy spread are arms and she hugged her.

An hour later the ward was filled with there families and friends.
The next day, Emmanuel, his wife and son went to the hospital to check on the Adesanyas(Wemmy & hubby) after Sunday service.

Good afternoon…. They all exchanged greetings.
Happy Sunday….same here.

Feranmi carried Emmanuel’s Son, Samuel.

“Hi handsome”

“Hi Uncle”

“Samuel he’s Daddy not Uncle” Praise corrected
her son”

“Good afternoon Daddy”

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’m fineee

He put the boy down. Nurse Angel is already holding one of the babies.

“Since you guys are just coming from church, let me get us lunch, there is a eatery nearby”
He left and came back some minutes later with take away.

“Here you go” he served everyone.

“Praise I got you a lemon drink”

“Wow! How do you know I’ll need it”

“I know lemon controls vomiting, I can’t have you throw up again.

“Really, how do you know all this your wife did not throw up when she was pregnant?”

“You don’t know my husband, he knows the physiology of women than a woman herself” Wemmy replied her.

“I like that o, keep it up”

They continued chatting while eating

“Alex told us about Sophia, she said he’d like to friends with her” Praise informed.

“Sophia told us too, its like they met on our wedding anniversary party, but we all here knows what it means when a guy says he wants to be a friend” Wemmy replied

“And what does it means” Feranmi countered

‘Women! They read meaning to everything” Emmanuel added

“Oh, we read meaning abi? We shall see, trust me I’ll remind you later” said Wemmy.

“Relax Sister in-law, Alex is a good guy, you have nothing to worry about just in case” Praise said smiling.

“Hes a graduate, currently serving here in Lagos” Emmanuel added.

“You two should stop patronizing him” Wemmy grinned.

They all laughed.
“Any way Sophia is a good girl. Let’s just watch and see how things out, Alex may not even be interested in her” Feranmi said

“So let’s stop taking Phensic for another person’s headache” Praise added

“Yea, but I think Alex wants more than friendship” said Emmanuel

“Is there something you know and not telling us” his wife asked him

“I know nothing, but I saw them together at the party that day and I think he likes her”

“Like I said earlier let’s fold our hands and watch” Feranmi concluded.

Almost everyone is through with the food. Praise cleared the packs and disposed them.

Minutes later, other visitors came. Wemmy’s siblings, Feranmi’s siblings, their parent, church members. It got to a stage the Nurses had to stop the visitors, they ordered Wemmy to rest.

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Wemmy was discharged, the twins christening was the talk of the town. Emmanuel gave them one big cow, Segun supplied all the drinks, there parent took care of the food, KB sent some cash and so many other gift coming from members of the families and friends. They did not spend a dime.
All their friends were all present including Thessy whose wedding is in a week time.

One week later, Feranmi and Emmanuel took a flight to Port Harcourt for Thessy and Honorable’s wedding. They left their wives behind. The couples were do pleased to see them.


A year later,Wemmy and her husband relocated to their own house on the Island.

Feranmi was doing great in his construction company.

Wemmy now have her own fashion house. She resigned when she had the twins.

The twins are doing fine, enjoying their parent’s love and wealth.

Thessy had a bouncing baby girl, she also runs an event planning company.

Sophia and Alex are now dating, they loved each other and their hoping to end up in front of the altar.

Nurse Angel had another baby boy. She now runs her own maternity hospital where she employed competent doctors who work for her.

The friendship between the two families waxed stronger. They often fixed dates where they all hang out with their kids.

All is well that ends well.

_The End_

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