November 29, 2021

I fell in love episode 5 – 7


I fell in love

Chapter 5
When he left, Wemmy couldn’t get the flashes of the kiss out of her head, her brain was just running, playing and replaying the scene continuously. It was as if she has never been kissed before all her life. She doesn’t need a sooth sayer to tell her she’s deeply in love with him. She bursted into tears again and this time not for herself but for Emmanuel, this guy love her like heavens. Feranmi is right, they should just leave things d way they are now.
Despite the fact that they didn’t see each other in weeks, Feranmi’s love for Wemmy grows stronger and stronger, truth be told that kiss did not help matter at all, he couldn’t get it off his head. He broke up with his girlfriend last section based on the fact that he caught her cheating on him, I mean he cut her in the act, while will he do such a thing to another guy, he knows how it felt to be betrayed by someone you love.

He did not want Wemmy to turn out to be like his ex. He did not want to be the cause of separation between her and her boyfriend. But he loves her to the bone, He saw her clearly in his future, he saw her as someone who will be in his life for a very long time.
” I’m stuck here. God please help me, your word says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord” he said to himself.
Wemmy is sure a wife material, that he is sure of, He knew it’s not written on the forehead, but if you get to know her, then you will wish to have some one like her in your life.


/> Feranmi was surprised when he saw her in front of his door, he just came back from school and was about to shower when she showed up.

“Wemmy ! What in God’s name are you doing here” Feranmi questioned

“Will you let me in first?”

“Emmanuel is not back from school”

“Of course I know that, just let me in”

He gestured her to come in before closing the door behind her. He offered her a sit but she declined.
“Gosh I missed her, its been weeks we saw each other” he thought within himself.

“I told you we have to maintain our distance for now, till we put this feelings behind us” Feranmi said pacing up and down the room.


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is that helping you? Cos it’s not helping me. Exams is starting in 2weeks and I’m loosing concentration already I’ve never carried any course over and we both know that this is not a good time to experience one, so I need my concentration back and this disappearing act of yours is not helping matters” she stated.

“OK, no more disappearing act,hun!”


“I promise” He covered the space between them with a stride, he hugged her and kiss her on the forehead.

“Feranmi, I’m not saying we should start a relationship but I want our friendship back, imagine we don’t even have each other’s phone number and I know you did that on purpose too”

“Give me your number if that will make you happy” he said and they both exchanged numbers.

“So how was your day? She asked now in a happy mood.

“It was fine, yours?”


“But not too stressful for you to come down here, he said jokingly.

“Wait! What are you feeling like” she said trying to frown

“Easy, where is your sense of humour, I’m just joking, in fact I’m glad you came, you made my day complete”

“ Hmm, men and ego, anyway I’m leaving, enjoy the rest of your evening”

Wemmy got a call from Feranmi later in the evening, he promise to check on her before the week runs out. They do chat on WhatsApp as well, She now sleeps well this days and she concentrated better on her exams and project.

He came during the week as he promised and they were back on their gisting mode. He told her about his ex and she realized while he’s been fighting the feeling he has for her. There and then Wemmy made up her mind.


I won’t jeopardize my happiness for anyone or anything, this is my life and I think I now know what I want.

” Wemmy……

“I’m breaking up with him”

“What ! He shouted almost spilling the drink She served him

“I’m going to break up with Emmanuel” she repeated herself.

“I heard you the first time, where did that come from”

“Except you don’t want me”

“Come off it, you know how badly I want you but I don’t want to be selfish, he loves you Wemimo”

“More reasons why I’d rather break up with him than cheat on him. Feranmi, I’m not that kind of a girl, I wasn’t brought up that way, I can’t cheat so it’s better to end things with him. I’m talking about my future here, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with”

“Oluwawemimo,like your name implies I don’t want anything to tarnish your name, let’s not rush things here”

“I’m not rushing things. Here is my decision, I’ll wait till we finish our exams and project defence before I break the news to him. I mean I’ll have to do it before we leave school finally.

“Wemimo people will crucify us”

“We’ll cross the bridge when we get there and I believe our love we see us through, Feranmi”

Chapter 6/7
After their second semester exams, Wemmy started preparing for her project defense.
A day to her defense, Emmanuel called to inform her that he won’t be coming for her defense, he’s going on an impromptu trip to Lagos.
She got a call from Feranmi in the evening.

“Hello good evening”

“Good evening, how was your day?”

“Fine and yours?”

“Not bad”

“Hope you are not too tensed for tomorrow’s defense?”

‘I’m a bit tensed, I’m going through my slides to ensure that everything is perfect

“Can I come for your defense tomorrow?”

“To cheer me up?” she asked smiling.

“If that will help relieve the tension”

“You don’t need to bother, Thessy will be there”

“Will Emmanuel be there?”

“No he’s traveling tomorrow”

“Then I insist, I will be there. See you tomorrow and have a wonderful night rest”

Thessy and Feranmi came earlier than she expected, she hurriedly introduced the two.

“Thessy meet Feranmi, Emmanuel’s flatmate”

“I know him” Thessy said, I’m just surprised to see him here, Oh! you came to represent Emmanuel”

………silence……..Then Feranmi’s phone rang, he excused himself to pick his call.

“Saved by the bell” said Thessy

“And what’s that suppose to mean?” Wemmy questioned her.

“I never knew you two are friends, and here am I thinking I’m your one and only friend”

“So you are jealous, see I have a project to defend abeg”

“All the best my friend, go and nail it”


After her presentation, the Lecturers ask her questions, her supervisor was quiet all through, he was impressed on how she answered all the questions satisfactorily. One of the lecturers who is a sadist in the department was ask if he has any question for her, he said he has no question for her but he wasn’t pleased that she did well.

“It’s just that I don’t like the color and font of the slides” said the Lecturer.

Wemmy eyed him in her heart of heart. “Imagine, must he talk, he has nothing to say but he still complained about my slide” she thought

All the students present started murmuring, trust Dr Charles, he will always find faults in students. Nobody likes him, Wemmy pity his project students.
All the students cheered her up has she stepped down from the podium.


joined Thessy and Feranmi, they hugged and congratulate me.

“Thanks, finally I’m free, you are next Thessy”

“Yes o, next week by God’s grace, I will come and tap from your anointing” she said smiling.

Feranmi already had his defense two days before her. Thessy excused them, she said she wanted to see someone in Ring road. Feranmi was with Wemmy till the whole defense activities ended.

Wemmy got to her room tired, she knelt down and pray thanking God for the success of her defence. She stood up feeling sleepy and hungry at the same time, while she was still contemplating on what to do, she heard someone knocking on her door, it was her baby, Sophia.

“Anty Wemmy, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to your defense, I had lectures from 9am to 5pm, I’m just coming now, I haven’t step foot in my room.”

“No problem, I understand”

“So how was it?”

“It was good, all thanks to God”

“Congrats ma, did Uncle Feranmi come?”

“Did he tell you he’ll be coming? “

“No, I just asked”

“Yes, he came”

“That’s thoughtful of him, I’m hungry and tired”

“That makes the two of us, you know what go and shower and relax while I fix us something to eat”

“Thank you” she said gleefully, you are a life saver, I’ll really miss you when you leave”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine my dear, now go and change”

Wemmy started packing her things, willed out some while most of them goes to her precious Sophia. Then all the dinner parties started. She couldn’t attend all the final year brethren dinner all because she doesn’t want to go with Emmanuel, plus she’s not in a party mood at all, she had enough issues on her table already, so there is no point forming couples, since she’s planning to break up with him. She only attended that of her fellowship.

She called Feranmi and told him she’ll be traveling in two days, which means she’ll have to tell Emmanuel everything the next day. Feranmi had already given out his room and everything in it to his cousin the only thing he needs to take from his rooms are his clothes and personal belongings, that’s guys for you anyway.

She advice him to leave the house before she come around the next day, she doesn’t want all this drama she sees on movies to occur. But he insisted on staying since they are in it together, but she made him see reasons, he later agreed reluctantly, She promised him she’ll be okay.

But before she meet Emmanuel tomorrow there’s someone she had to open up to……Thessy

“What ! Are you sick or something, did he hypnotized you, you want to leave Emmanuel for him?” Thessy bombarded her with questions.
She did not give her the chance to explain herself, she just continue raking.

“So you’ve been cheating on him all this while”

“I did not cheat on him” I finally found my voice”

“Oh! You are dating another guy and you did not call that cheating? Wemimo the last time I checked double dating means cheating”

“Thessy enough of this team Emmanuel and hear your friend out. Thessy I did not cheat, and I’m not proud of this either, I make sure we put everything on hold till I break up with him”
Before she knew it, she started shedding tears. She couldn’t hold it back. Thessy moved closer to her and comforted her.
“It’s going to be ok” she assured her.

“Thank you” she muttered.

“Wemmy I know you inside out, you are better than this, you are a decent person and you have people like Sophia looking up to you, I’m still trying to process everything. Why did you choose this path?”

“I fell in love” another hot stream of tears flooded her eyes. Thessy I’ve never felt like this with any guy, I chose to be with Emmanuel because he cares for me, I thought care was enough, I love Feranmi, my heart yearns for him every hour, every minute and every second”

“It’s ok Wemmy, all will be well, remember the bible says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” it says “In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path” so you have to seek God’s face concerning this matter. But you know this road won’t be easy right?”

“Yes, I know” she nodded

“Now go the bathroom and wash your face”
She came back from the bathroom, Thessy handed her a cup of cold beverage, She drank it and felt relieved.

“So you guys never had s£x, I mean you and Feranmi”

“No, we only kiss once and that was the day we both knew we had feelings for each other”

“And you said you didn’t cheat on him”

“Is that cheating?”

“Lets just say emotional cheating, you cheated on Emmanuel emotionally, since you already have feelings for someone else”

“Should I accompany you to Emmanuel’s place tomorrow?”

“You don’t need to, I don’t want to drag you into this, he might think you are an accomplice, its my problem, allow me fix it”

“Poor guy” she said, I really feel for him” Thessy said patting her friend’s back.

“Me too, God please take control and help him get over me fast”


“Can I pass the night here?” she asked

“Before nko, you think I’ll allow you sleep alone in your room in this state”

“Thanks, my sister from another mother”


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