I Fucked Her

I Fucked her episode 19


Episode 19

I had already start telling the conductor I was going
to stop at Oceanic Bakery. I had called Gordon earlier and told him I have a quest to conquer in his house. Like the french will say “je suis plus que vainqueur” (I am more than a conqueror).

Na so my
mind deceive me sha. I dropped from the car as soon as it stopped, told the conductor to keep the
change. I walked into Oceanic Bakery majestically, looked at the ever frowning receptionist and smiled. Wahala, she smiled back and even winked at me. My d!ck enlarge by one inch.

Before I fit react, Perpetual don carry my mouth for
warm kiss. Kai, I been wan surprise but I control
myself. w€tin woman no go do to get her man back?
That is, if the man no be liability.
“That was swift”
I tell her as she comot her lips. Na so I catch my
breath back.

I turn look receptionist, she frown her
face as usual but this time the thing come tight like
say person dey help her sq££ze the face more more.

“What would you like to take?”
See me still wan make she chop my money.
Wowwwww…. I swear, I no even ask her the second
“So? That means we should leave this place na”
I said and extended my hand which she took.

We walked out of the place like a couple. Her hand as
usual was soft and she had this aura around her
that I cannot explain.

Thank God it was night as my
d!ck was already pressing hard against my plain
trouser. At intervals, when a girl is coming in our
direction, I stylishly use my hand to hide the

“Where are you taking me?”
She asked as soon as we turned the street that
leads to Gordon’s house.
“I want to see a friend”
I replied.
“Can’t you see that friend another day?”
She asked. O boy, see me o. See who another day.

Make I postpone t0to wey I wan chop again?
“I can’t. It is important.”
I answered.
“It seems you don’t want me to follow you ba.”
She asked.
“No o. I would even like to introduce you to him”
I replied.
“Like you’ve introduced all your other girlfriends to
him ba?”
Na wa o. See question.


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I just keep quiet. I no even know w€tin I go say. Na
so she hold my hand turn me back come begin go
back till we reach the beginning of the street. Na
from there we proceed dey go her house. As soon as
gate just dey close, she just press me for wall begin
kiss me. I confuse come push her small.


of your people?”
See w€tin I suppose ask as she dey lead me go her
house since o.
“They are out.”
My brain just alert as I begin dey kiss her back.
As we kissed, my hand found its way to her soft
ar.se which I sq££zed and pressed her close to


was thinking deep within me. Finally I
have gotten the pusssyy of my dream and really
there aint no way I am not going to hit this hard. I
sq££ze her ny’ash like say I dey sq££ze bread
make e strong so that I go eat. Na so ma the babe
carry her hand hold me tight dey rub me for my

I turned her round and propped her back against
the wall while I began my experiment on her. I took
my hand and placed it on her b0s0m which I
sq££zed gently.

I wan savour the moment while e
last. Na so I hold this b0s0m dey sq££ze am dey
rub am round while the babe just close her eyes. I
carry my hand put am through the up of her low
neck cut (abi how them dey call am) shirt come dey
brush am lightly against the soft skin wey dey

I come pinch the thing small. Na so the babe
open her eyes come let out one kind shout and
laugh like that.
“Auuuccchhhhiiiii ”
I put hand inbetween the mounds of her breeasts
dey draw am up and down while my second hand
still dey her ny’ash dey knead am. I no even kiss her

I just dey use my lips dey play around her neck.
Sometimes, I go draw am go her ear place
come bite the thing gently. Men, my preek don
stand o but for where, I just bone the preek.
I draw back look the babe face well, her eyes dey close.
I look her body, my mind begin congratulate
me for w€tin I wan hammer. Right there I just dey
reason which style go dey best to start with.

I put hand for her cloth begin pull am up gently, na so
with her eyes closed, she raise her hand up allow
the cloth make e slide through. See me see white
bra dey stare me for face. I drop my mouth sharpaly
for her the part of her b0s0m wey dey stick outside.
Na so I begin use tongue draw circle on top. The
babe self own na to begin press my head tight
against her b0s0m. I no care say she wan suffocate
me because I no get plans to miss the moderate
breeasst wey don dey do me minimini wanawana.


roll my hand go her back, na so she ease small
comot from wall, I hold the hook of her bra, with
one swift movement, na so I comot the hook from
the bra. I come carry my hand dey rub the place
wey the rope of the bra give line. I just dey wonder
how e go be like if I no fuucckk her at the long run.

Get thee behind me satan. I shout the thoughts go
the back of my mind sharpaly.
I carry hand romance reach her shoulder come
begin dey pull am gently. Each move dey expose
her b0s0m small small. Na so my preek ma dey
stand small small. I drop the bra, her yellow b0s0m
just dey look me for face. I no rush, I just dey feel
like say I get the whole time for this world.

Since she no complain, who be me to hurry? w€tin I don hustle for?


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