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I Fucked her episode 7 – 8


Episode 7

“It is me”
You who? I resemble magician.
“Sorry, I misplaced my phone so I lost all my contacts. Don’t be angry, who am I speaking with.”
Any of una wey dey read this story wey don call me before go understand say na so I dey take tell person say I no get him number. Sometimes self, na forget I dey always forget to save the number.

“It’s Hannah”
The next question wey suppose comot from my mouth na “which of the Hannahs” but I dey craze? Na so my former babe carry break up with me because I mistakenly ask her, which of the Lindas.

“Hannah…. uhmm…..”
Just to beat time.

“You gave me your card yesterday. We met in the bus.”
Bingo, no Bruno, no Lucky, no Tiger!!!
“Yeah, I remember.”
“I tried your number a couple of times yesterday but it wasn’t going through.”
She said, her voice dey sound like say she wan cry.
“I am sorry about that.

There was no light to charge my phone and my generator had fault”
Now, that is one big lie. Una no fit blame me na, you have to do the do to get the pucci.
“Uhm…. Can I come?”
Chineke, the babe was leading me o. Naturally, my d!ck kicked in and it replied instead of my mouth.

“Okay. Meet me at Oceanic Bakery. Do you know there?”
I asked abi, my d!ck asked.

“Double-pole right?”
She asked back. Typical Naija girl. She even don waka reach that ends self.

I replied, I just dey pray make no be July f00l she wan run for my head.
“Expect me in the next 15 minutes.”
She said and cut the call. Na which house self she wan come? My sister place? For where. I quickly pull my clothes, where white sleeveless, three-quarter and palm-sandals. I look my brother, him still dey watch film. I for like carry the guy join body but men, this babe fit need something else o.

I no forget to carry my wallet sha. I pick my phone, dial my friend wey him house dey closer to double pole. T¤to can really change the world. Me wey dey fear double-pole wan attempt the place in the night. What can t¤to not do?

I hala the guy.
“Foxy-B in the building.”
No ask me o. Na my stage name be that.
“You dey your crib?”
“Yes, you dey come.”
“Big time. E get one game wey I wan run for there.”
I answered him.
“Oya na, I dey wait. Do sharp sharp come as I wan comot self.”
Bingo!!! I pray make the parole make sense ooooooo.


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Episode 8

Na so I waka comot, carry my two two leg enter double pole. Na so the area as usual dey ask dark as night, well na night na. Those tiny red lights and white smokes come even many pass the previous day. For where, I no even look the lights two times. When t¤to call, preek answers.

I got to Gordon’s house in a record time of three minutes. I no know if na fly I fly but I know say I fast reach there.
“Kpokor, kpokor, kpokor”
I hail my guy. We shake, him no even waste time.
“Attai, make I bounce na.

Everything wey you need dey. Condom dey for inside fridge. Alomo ma and tramol dey there.”
Yesu. Who else keeps condoms in fridges if not Gordon. If asked why, his answer is simple.
“Keep in a cool, dry place”
Alomo I could manage but tramol? God forbid. Most time I don’t even wanna take any thing so I can feel the pleasure to the core.

What’s the use of being under the influence of Alcohol, going marathon yet the alcohol had numbed the feeling in your J0yst!ck? s*x is to be enjoyed by both parties ooo.

Tramol again don do me strong thing. The last time I took it mixed with passion, can’t remember how many capsule exactly but damn, I vomited. My lips was dried for days and I was feverish for long. Do stay away from drugs please.
I quickly re-arranged him room. Opened his fridge and took one packet of Durex. Lol, very chilled durex condom, transferred it to the pillow. Took his body spray, air-freshener, sprayed-mixed them.

The room smelt romantic to me or maybe my d!ck was doing the thinking. I opened the bottle of Alomo, the one they sell for N750 abi na N800 self, took a long gulp from inside. Looked at my time on my phone. It was almost 18 minutes since the last call with Hannah.

It was time to go.
I stood up, closed the door, locked it, pocketed the key and strolled out of the compound. I stopped in front of a kiosk, bought Vicks Blue, chewed three and left one in my mouth for the feeling. My breath was smelling fresh to me but my eyes was beginning to get heavy. I was already getting high.

I gulped the drink intentionally, sipping that bitter thing is really a big task.
“Hello, where are you?”
Was the first thing Hannah asked immediately I picked her call. I had moved very close to the wall to pick the call to avoid stories that touch.

If I hear say this guys no dey move phones pass those for Mararaba, Under Bridge.
“I am at Oceanic Bakery. Where are you?”
I asked back.
“The bus just dropped someone at Secretariat Junction.

I will be there soon.”
She ended the call. Now, we all know how it is. If you are expecting a girl, the way you make your phone call is different. You can call her for like an hour when she is at home and you are not expecting her. But the moment you fixed an appointment, I don’t really know why, the calls are always short.

“Hello, where are you now?”
“I am coming” — Click, you don drop call.
“Hello, it’s like 10 minutes late na”
“Sorry.” — Click, dropped call.
Na so una go do until she reach you place. Such is the power of t¤to ooo.
I walked into Oceanic Bakery.

The chubby receptionist abi na server she be self was looking dull as usual. I don’t know if her world was cursed to be dull. I had tried to make jokes with her frequently but each time, I am met with a brick wall.
“Good evening o. See as you just fine”
Blank stare.
“Wallahi, na small thing, I think say na Agbani Darego siddon here”
I pushed further. Blank stare.

I swallowed. She looked me in the eyes, her lips opened slightly.
“w€tin you wan buy?”
“Ah ahn, na so so business you like o. And to say you be Kaduna babe self.”
I was pushing her to smile. Maybe the Alomo was pushing me to push her.
“Seems you don’t have anything better to say.”

My phone rang. I looked at the screen. It was the same number Hannah had used in calling me. She had arrived. I quickly went out of the Bakery abi na Eatery. There, standing close to the road was Hannah. Her pink clothes hugging her b0s0ms tightly. The flayly (una know the type na) skirt she was wearing danced each time a car drove past. Her thick lips was shining from w€t-lips.

Something I would take away soon with my dried lips. I walked up to her. She was smiling shyly. I gave her my hand.

“welcome to my area.”
I said as she took my hand. I led her into the bakery where I wanted us to chill. I had bought a plate of Fan-Ice-cream and Tiger-Cake for both of us. I left mine unopened while she took a little bite from the cake. She drew closer to me and whispered.
“Let’s go to your house.”
Damn. My d!ck responded almost immediately.

I stood up, took her hand and led her out. I got to the door, waited for her to step out and as I was stepping out, I looked back to see the Receptionist smiling!! Jackpot!!
When we enter house, na so I quickly off light as per say na night. The home theater just dey blast dey go. And kai, this universal charger dey plugged to socket. Na so e just dey give disco light everywhere. Men the room just romantic. My preek stand and as per say we no yan love na, I know say na f’uck carry her come.

Me ma self, e don tay wey I Bleep.
“Baby, let me play my song for you”
I said to her. She had sat on the bed, licking her ice-cream. She nodded and I quickly went to the CD stand and picked my song. It is a 10-track song. Should have been eleven if to say Boko Haram no pursue me from Kano. 8 out of the songs are pure raps but damn, I could be romantic at times.

I had two tracks dedicated to them women. Rapping poetically.
I no know the kind song wey she like so as per to lighten the mood, I just put the first love song. It is titled “Apologies”. you can get it from here —
As soon as the song started playing, she looked at me, the disco light from the universal charger was dancing on her face.

“It is a lie. You did not sing it. Oya sing it for me.”
Trust me, I just picked her up, held her waist and started singing the song for her. I started rapping much to her awe. She just opened her mouth and was staring at me.

Now, this is one crazy part, she was grinding her pelvic slowly to my J0yst!ck. I could literally feel her pu’s’sy mound on my hard J0yst!ck.


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