I Fucked Her

I Fucked her episode 9 – 10


Episode 9

“It is a lie. You did not sing it. Oya sing it for me.”
Trust me, I just picked her up, held her waist and started singing the song for her. I started rapping much to her awe. She just opened her mouth and was staring at me. Now, this is one crazy part, she was grinding her pelvic slowly to my J0yst!ck. I could literally feel her pu’s’sy mound on my hard J0yst!ck.

I drew her closer, my hand which was on her waist dropped down slowly and grabbed her a’rse which I sq££zed gently. I pressed her more to myself and well, she leaned on my shoulder, her soft breath touching my ears. We were like that for some time before I decided to explore her to the fullest, not time wasting, my other rap songs were hitting hard at the background.

I knew there was no going back for me. Kai, any t0t0 that followed me into the room when I have the intention of fu’c’king must be fu’c’ked.

I pulled her back a little while looking at her oily thick lips. I brought my face closer to hers and whoola, she pushed lips on mine. I know say e sound somehow to dey kiss stranger but damn, her lips were sweet, soft and warm.

E be like the ice-cream no even affect her lips at all. We kissed while standing with her grind on my d!ck.

My hand had moved to her shoulders which I massaged gently. I held her head and played with her ear lobes. Her hand was behind me rubbing me gently on my back, more like egging me on.

The bed was right there calling me but no way, I wanted to make her beg me to take her to the bed. I left her lips and bathed her face with kisses, nibbling gently on her face. Each light bite will make her go

“Ouch… Foxy , stop biting me jor”
If I hear. I had taking her earlobes in my mouth and was doing justice to it while my hand hovered on her bu’tt squeez!ng it gently.

The babe had increased the frenzy of her deep sighs. She was throwing her head backward and giving me access to other part of her body. Now I felt craz’y when I felt her hand on my d!ck.


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did not know when my three-quarter went down. No sound of zip opening. I only know she had her warm hand on my d!ck and was squeezing away.


babe begin play with your preek, the signal wey dey go your brain na for you to Bleep o. Na so I carry my hand with style hold her own like say I dey help her m’a’sturbate me. I quickly take her hand go back my waist o. Na so I bring my head come down come begin dey kiss this babe with her cleavage dey bite her small small.

“Ouch… Ouch… Fooxxxyyyyy”
For where, I put hand under her cloth, raise am up, na so she raise her hand up like say I command her. Mehn, I pull the cloth comot come see say na red bra na im she wear. I carry hand try cover her boo’bs, for where, the thing too big for me.


so I being massage the nip’ple from the bra. I know say the thing go dey feel rough rough for her b0s0m.

But gosh, the reaction was great. My name comot from her mouth o. Na
“aowww… uhhhhsssss… sssssss….”
Na im replace am. I know say I dey do good job. This babe still carry her ye’ye hand go grab my d!ck o.

I think say she wan begin dey rub am, for where, she carry am begin rub her t0t0 from outside. My preek normally sabi comot pre’c’um wella.

“Hahahahha… You are dripping ooo”
Kai, which kind statement be that. I no bother reply am, I just say uh uh, carry hand press her bra go down come bring the b’r’e’ast come out.

Na so I bury my lips on top. O boy, her Tip cover my mouth (exaggeration). I begin sU-Ck, forget, I give am one long su’cckkk like say I wan force milk comot.

Na so she leave my preek begin press my head to her bre’a’st o. The bigness of the br’e’ast begin choke me o. Kai, I no fit breath, e be like the babe wan kill me.

Na so I push my head go back. By that time, the babe leg don begin shake. Her m0an don high. Mehn, I no bother comot her skirt. I just raise am up, put my hand under her skirt. O boy, I retract the hand sharpaly. e be like say her t0t0 don turn shower o.

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The kind t0t0 wey I dey like.
I don’t bout you but seriously, I always feel I am doing the girl a favour if I fu’c’k her and her pu’us’sy is not the type that gets w€t that much.

Kai, I knew I had gotten me a great fu’c’k.
Na so I slip my middle finger enter the t0t0. The babe rush hold my hand….

“I don’t want to do it.”
At the same time, na so knock come for door, I hear my name.

Episode 10

Na so I drag my three-quarter come up. The person
at the door was no other person than Gordon.

The babe just la!d on the bed, dragged the bedspread
over her body.
I looked at my d!ck, the ar’s’hole
was still nodding its head. I opened the door which
I had bolted earlier. The was kpokor, smiling
sheepishly and looking me in the eyes.

This dude
need punch oo. He dragged me outside.
“attai, men, so na you carry that babe pass.”
He asked. Men, I nearly mad. Na w€tin make am
come knock the door stop me from fu-Ckkiing the
pu’s’sy wey I hustle for? Kai, if no be him room, I for
abuse am walai.
“Kpokor, make I finish fu’c’k I go tell you

I said hoping he would let me be.
“Make I greet am na.”
All this while we were speaking in whispers. Music
was blaring in the background.
“No na, she dey n’a’ked.”
I replied.
“Abeg, pass me that alomo. Man wey sabi”
He hailed me. Kai, let me deviate a little bit from the

Why do I always get to fu’c’k the hottest
chicks? I go ask my mama. I know say me no fine
like that but damn, I have seen some fine puss”i’es.
Na so I lock the door back as the guy collect the
alomo waka.

Him sq££ze something put for my
hand, I carry up look, na so I see say na
enhancement tablet. God go punish this guy o.
Babe say she no go do again, him carry tablet dey
give me.

“Who was that?”
Hannah asked as I settled down on the bed. I had
dropped the tablet in my combat pocket.

“My neighbour. The dude wan high oo”
I replied her. She just smiled. Me, I moved closer o.
I knew delaying would be a denial. I grabbed her
immediately and started handling her bre’a’st. She
tried to resist it but no way o, I increased the
intensity of my touches that she was soon
squirming under me.

She grabbed my d’i’c’k, and
was trying to insert it into her pu’ss’y. Kai, no
condom? You dey madt ni? Na me you wan carry
STD give shey?
I asked all these question in my mind.

I quickly
replaced my d!ck with my finger. The moment
my finger entered into her possay, na so she fall
back for bed o. She begin dey m0an. I dey watch
blue film wella and I don fu’cc’k girls wella.

Na w€tin this one begin yan I never hear before.
“yeah baby, touch me… No no, roll your hands on it.
Not there, yes… right there…. ahhhhh…. push it
deeper… ahhhh… foxxyyy… you are ki’lling me..”

For where. Na she dey k!ll me. Na she dey push me
go extreme with her m0ans. Na she dey make my
di”c’k throb more than usual.

Na she dey cause all
these things for my body so why she dey complain.
I no know when I put my second hand (I dey mad
make I use the first hand?) into my pocket, I know
say I must fu”c”k her. I dey finger am, my hand dey
pocket. I quickly put the drug for mouth begin lick
“Fu’c’k me now pleassseeeeee”
She was begging me.

I no need any more invitation,
me ma need the fu’cckk, I just need to make her
lose total control of her body which I just succeed

I push hand enter pillow, pick condom, carry am
give the babe. Na so she wear am for my preek
sharp sharp come lie down spread her legs. I finger
the t0t0 one more time, carry the same pillow put
am for under her ars”e. I draw close, hold my preek
with one hand, the other hand rest on top of the

I push the preek enter her t0t0, step by step.
By step by step I mean, push, with, carry rub t0t0,
push again, withdraw, carry rub t0t0.
“Foxxxxxxxyyyyy….. Please… Don’t kill me.”

My preek for my hand don reach elastic limit as he
take strong. Kai, e come dey pain me small small. E
be like the drug na quick action o. Na so I ball in
t0t0, push my full length of preek inside. I carry
hand hold support for bed come begin give am the
old school missionary style.

The pillow just make
her Kitty-Cat wey dey collect my preek maintain


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