I hate my Tutor episode 12

😒I hate my tutor😒

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

Chapter 12
(Loads of handsomeness😋)


“So how long are you guys going to be here?” I asked Kelly, before noisily munching some fries noisily.
Kelly who was inspecting her nails looked up at me.

“Oh, a few days, weeks…” She shrugged slightly, before reaching out to snatch the remote from Danny.
“A few months, years…forever. How would you like that babe?” Damian chipped in, his fingers massaging his stubble.

“If you had paid attention,you’d have noticed that the question wasn’t meant for you.” I replied in a condescending voice.

“Aww Cori, be nice.” Kelly pinched my arm painfully.

“Ouch! Be serious here!” I howled in indignation.

“A few days maybe, I dunno I dunno…” Danny snatched the remote from Kelly. I groaned as a mock struggle ensued between them. They rolled over on the floor, breathing heavily.
Dray god and I groaned more loudly and covered our eyes when this two actually started kissing in front of us.

“C’mon you guys, that’s disgusting!” I snorted, peeking frim under a finger.

“Man go get a room or something.” Damian said chuckling loudly.
They ended the kiss, both breathing heavily and grinning mischievously.

“Okay! That was some gross stuff you guys!” I stated and stuffed more French fries into my mouth.

“Look who’s a saint?” Damian had edged closer to me and draped his hands around my shoulders. I totally ignored him, though I found his closeness disturbing.

“Wouldn’t you like to kiss me?”

“Don’t you have things to do Damian?” I turned to look directly into his face, the movement only made me move deeper into the crook of his arm.

“Yeah, like taking you into a room and making you scream my name maybe.” His brows wriggled like a worm. I was tempted to laugh but I must put up a straight face.

“Eew!” I hit him hard on his biceps with a clenched fist. He withdrew his hand in pain.

“Aw come on babe…” He whined, giving me puppy eyes. “…my bed would be so cold tonight…”
I pushed him away from me after giving him a murderous glare.

“Avoid me Damian. Just avoid me.” I knew I was just wasting my time, the idiot would never leave me alone, he never would.
So my parents returned and…


I had taken my bath and was about to go to bed. I lay quietly I bed,staring at the ceiling. And not surprisingly,thoughts of Dave filled my head.
I had almost drifted into sleep when I heard a loud knock on the door.
I groaned loudly, mentally cursing whoever it was at the door. The person didnt even wait for a response before barging in. I turned around to glare at Kelly. She was dressed in one of my pajamas that she had borrowed, her long brown hair with the silver steak was carefully bound in a ponytail and I whipped on her face as she jumped into my bed.

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“Ugh Kelly! I’m trying to get some sleep here!” I whined, as the bouncing movement of Kelly kept jerking me up and down.

“I can’t sleep Cori.” She had stopped bouncing on the bed and lay still beside me, facing the ceiling

“You have a boyfriend. Duh ” I rolled my eyes and pulled the duvet over my head. I felt it being roughly snatched from me.
When I opened my eyes Kelly’s face was just inches from mine.

“We need to talk Cori ” I could even perceive the MacLean in her breath.

“Geezo Kelly, you might want to move back a little, you’re too close.. ”

“Sorry.” She murmured and laid down beside me. “I’m just so excited!” She suddenly gripped my upper arm tightly, her fingers pressed so hard against my skin,it hurt a little.

“Ouch.” I pried my arm from the death grip. “Excited about what?”

“Oh, you and Dave!”
I immediately sat up straight and narrowed my eyes.


“Oh don’t deny it Cori, you are in love with him.” Her voice was dreamy. I sighed loudly

“Kelly, Dave does not even like me, so get that cheesy love idea from your brain.” I said in a soft vvoice.

“Oh shut up. He’s totally smitten with you…”

“Kelly, if you don’t remember, I’ve got school tomorrow. I need my sleep.” I pulled the duvet over my head again.
Kelly sighed loudly and settled more comfortably on the bed beside me. I could hear her muttering ‘stubborn proud jerk’ under her breath.
I smiled broadly, I had missed this soft hearted jerk too.
I couldn’t sleep, I just listened to Kelly’s soft breathing.
I felt Kelly move and lean towards me, I forced my breathing to be even so she’d think I’m sleeping.

“Just so you know jerk…” She whispered softly. “…I intend to act matchmaker during my stay here..”
My heart started beating hard and fast.



We had quiz on physics. I scored 65. I was feeling quite proud of myself, until I heard that Tiffany scored 88. My mood dampened immediately.

“You scored 65, why the long face then?” Debbie asked during lunch.

“Tiffany scored 88.” I snapped, snatching the yes result from them.

“Who’s that?” They both chorused.

“Some pathetic bitch who thinks she’s smarter than me.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Well she scored 88, so basically she’s smarter than you.” Debbie sneered.

“Ugh! I hate you Debbie.” I said with a long sigh.

“Seems like we’ve got company.” Boon yi muttered quietly before lifting her juice to her lips to take a sip.
I looked up and my eyes met Tiffany’s eyes. She had an undisguised smirk on her face. She pulled out a chair and sat down just beside me.

“Hey Cori…” She said sweetly. Her eyes were far from sweet, they retarded me disdainfully.

“What do you want? To gloat? That’d be unnecessary…” I spat out with so much venom.

“That’s not why I’m here cry baby.” She paused, eyed my plate and picked up the last piece of muffin. Before I could protest she had bitten deep into the pastry and had taken a large chunk of it.

“That was mine bitch!” I snarled quietly. She raised a brow, her mouth stuffed with muffin.

“Oh, is it?” She mocked.

“Hey Godzilla!” Debbie said condescendingly, ” don’t you have other things to do? Apart from being ugly?”
Tiffany’s eyebrow rose an inch, before she wiped her mouth daintily with a handkerchief.

“Ah, I see. You must be Cori’s lapdog eh?”
Debbie made to lunge at her, boon and I held her. She was breathing heavily as she struggled with us.

“Leave it Deb, she’s not worth it.” Boon said soothingly to her. Tiffany clicked her tongue in satisfaction.

“What do you want here tramp?!” I hised at her furiously.

“Well I heard you had 65 on your test.” She pushed a lock of honey blond hair away from her face as she spoke. The gesture was dignifying and interesting to watch.

“So? You came to hear it from the horse’s mouth?” Boon yi queried with a frown.
Tiffany smirked.

“I also heard the your dad hired a tutor for you,to assist you.” Tiffany’s eyes sparkled as she leaned forward to enunciate the ‘assist’
Boon gasps loudly.

“I swear to God Cori, I never told anyone!” She whisper yelled, Turing to Debbie and I.

“You didn’t have to tell me. I have my sources.” Tiffany hissed out, clearly displeased with Boons interruption of the tension she had ccreated.

“So how does this information turn your life about?” I asked coldly.

“I just wanted to tell you that I read, and I pass all my exam. And most importantly, by myself. I don’t need a tutor.” She rolled her eyes while twirling a curl of hair in her fingers.

“So?” I still asked, even though she had made her point.

“Are you always dumb like this? Now I see why your parents had to get you a tutor. Apparently.” She hissed in disgust.
I was surprised that I wasn’t mad at her. If she had told me this a month ago, I swear we would have had a cat fight.
But then what? I’ve endured many worse things this past week.
One thing I learnt from Dave was that raving and shouting won’t get you anywhere. This Tiffany girl wanted to piss me off. I won’t give her that satisfaction.

“Okay? Your point you’re trying to make is?” I said in a calm voice.
The girl slapped her forehead in irritation, I nearly smirked in satisfaction.

“You are so dumb! You have a tutor and managed to score a 65, and unlucky me, who doesn’t have a tutor scores an eighty five!” I could make out the strain in her voice.

“Oh, that’s a very good observation Tiffany. Maybe you should consider joining the FBI.”
My eyes met her sparkling brown eyes, I could clearly read the surprise in it.

“Yeah whatever!” She stood up hurriedly. “See you in the next text which I hope to ace.”
With that she left, her skirt swirling softly, and leaving behind a faint hint of aching familiarity.

“Well what was that?” Debbie looked subdued.

“That was a very clear display of maturity if you ask me.” Boon yi interrupted before I could even answer.

“Oh shut up. Cori, how could you just let that girl get away like that?”
I sighed.

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“Well isn’t it obvious she came her to piss me off? I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction.” I gently explained, kicking off morsels of muffins from the table wity my fingers.

“That seemed so cowardly if you ask me.” Debbie still murmured sullenly.

“No one asked you. Duh.”

Then a childish bickering arose while I was left groaning.


At home, I couldn’t wait for Dave to come. He was taking so long this days, and it worried me.
So while I fended off Damian, I kept checking and counting the minutes. Kelly and my brother went shopping with my mom. Dad was…I dunno. I was alone with Damian.

“Will you stop!” I snapped at Damian. He was getting more daring this days. In the morning he had slapped my ass, now he was snaking a hand around my waist.
With a goofy grin he withdrew his hands. Next thing I felt was a wet sloppy kiss on my cheeks.
My anger rose quickly. But the idiot ran away before I could lay my hands on him.
I heard Dave’s bike as it ride into the compound. I found myself looking at my reflection in the mirror to know if I looked good or not.
I felt angry with myself. I wasnt trying to impress him, i kept reminding myself.
But then what?

I mustn’t appear bedraggled before him. I sighed loudly, as I finally began to brush my hair.
I leisurely strolled into the makeshift classroom, pasting a ‘i-don’t-care’ look on my face. Dave was already in there, scribbling something on the white board. My flipflop barely made any sound on the tiled floor, but somehow he managed to know when I came in, for he stopped writing and turned around to watch me enter.
Okay, all my entire life, I had never felt so conscious about myself before. The floor seemed to be shaky and u inwardly muttered a prayer not to wobble.
I couldn’t Bear to ace clumsy around him, I had already made it obvious from the start that I was the boss here.
His gaze was intense, his gray eyes seemed bleak, undecipherable. A thin sheet of moisture clinger to my armpit as i felt hot all of a sudden.
Finally I reached my seat and i slumped down to it, letting out a verry long sigh.

“Are you alright?” He asked after sometime. I looked up. There was a slight satisfied lol on his face.

“Yes, yes. Why?” I shot back.
He shrugged and turned his back to me. I fought a heavy war with the anger abruptly rising within me.

“I heard you had a test today.” He said, still scribbling on the board. My anger evaporated at that. I didn’t know if he was stating a fact or ask in a question.

“Yes?” I answered suspiciously. Where had he gotten information from?

“And you scored?” Hre finally dropped the marker and came to lean on my table, his hands crossed over his chest.
I felt suffocated all of a sudden at his closeness.

“Sixty five.” My voice annoyingly quivered. I angrily cleared my throat and brushed a lock of hair from my face.
His eyes seemed to be following my every movement.

“Hmm, thats above average. You are doing well Corrine. “He gave a little smile.
My throat dried up. I felt pleased with myself. He had commended me, he even smiled at me.
But then he had called me Corrine. Tch..

“Whatever.” I muttered, like as though his words had no effect on me.

He then began teaching….
The lesson was fun, Dave was funny, and a good and patient teacher too

Halfway through the class, Dave excused himself to use the bathroom. When he left, I was smiling to myself.
We had made good progress today.
Then I heard a cell phone ring. It wasn’t mine ringing. I traced the cell phone. It was Dave’s, he had left it on top of the table.
I moved slowly, hesitantly to the phone. I picked it up and glanced into it. The caller ID read ‘angel’
I immediately felt a surge of jealousy as my hand tightened around the phone.
Angel? That must be his girlfriend!
I declined the call and dropped the phone roughly on the table, feeling my breathing become shallow.
I trudged back to my seat slowly, before I could properly sit down, the phone had started ringing again.
I pressed my hands to my ear to avoid hearing the shrill sound.
The thought of Dave’s girlfriend waiting on the other end for him to pickup the phone annoyed me to no end.
But then what? had I expected the hot guy to remain single at my whim? I felt so pathetic. The shrill ringing sound soon stopped and I was able to breath normally.
The door opened quietly and Dave strolled into the room, when his eyes caught mine, he gave me a little smile.
I didn’t return the smile. The thought of another girl caressing him made me grim.
The first thing he did was to pick up his phone. He then glanced at me

“Did you touch my phone?” He asked.

“What if I did?” I snapped irritatingly. It was all his fault that I had developed feelings for him. Why did he have to be an arrogant brat?

“Corrine…” He began.

“Its Cori, CORI!!” I almost shouted.

“Geezo. Feisty, you might want to be calm down now.” I could see a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
At least someone finds the situation funny.

“Maybe we should call it a day. We’ve had quite a lot of drama today.” I stood up, barely able to contain my anger.

“Fine! Just make sure to tell your Angel not to call during lesson time!” I turned around to leave, but I felt a strong hands clamp my wrist. I turned around furiously, trying to pry my hand away from his grip.jju-KKK

“Let go!” I shouted into his face. My face was moist with sweat and stray strands of hair stuck to my face.

“Only if you stop being angry.” His grip tightened, pulling me closer to his body. My anger was going away bit by bit.

“Who said I was angry?” My voice was more quiet now. And I felt so short standing beside him.

“You didn’t need to say anything. You are stiff, c’mon, loosen up.” He rubbed his hands over my back. I felt sweet tingles at his touch.

“Loosen up those muscles…” His hands had left my back now, he was now brushing off those strands of hair that stuck to my face. I didn’t say anything, j just kept looking into his face.
I was so close, I studied his facial profile. His lips appeared glossy and am I wanted was to kiss him.
A little sigh escaped my lips.

“You shouldn’t be touching me this way. Your angel won’t approve of it.” I sneered, emphasizing on the ‘angel’ part.

“What way?” I pushed his hand away from my face, he held my fingers instead.

“Stop!” I snapped. This guy was messing with the wrong person. I firmly pushed him away from me

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“You want me to kiss you?” My heart nearly stopped beating when I heard that. The look in his eyes was enough to make me swoon.

“N..no…” I stammered, turning my face away from him to hide the blush creeping up my cheeks.

“OK.” He stepped away from me smirking. “Just so you know, I’m as single as you are.” His smirk deepened and I fought the urge to go claw out his eyes.

“Loser! For your information, I am not single!” I snapped in irritation. I can’t believe i fell of this…this…son of a biscuit.

“Oh really?” He sneered.

“Yes, my boyfriend is…”
Seems like the universe love me. Because the door opened and Damian poked in his head.

“Are you guys okay in there? I heard someone shouting.” We both turned to look at him.

“And here comes my boyfriend.” I hurriedly moved to the door and grabbed Damian’s hand.

“I am your boyfriend? I love this!” Damian annoyingly saud. I rolls my eyes, then turned to face Dave.

“I don’t believe you Corrine.” Dave shook his head. “Kiss him and prove he’s your boyfriend.”

“What?” Dray god and I chorused Together.

“Go on, Corrine, kiss your boyfriend now”
I turned to face Damian, he licked his lips and I shuddered.


“See that?” Dave’s voice was laced with triumph as he doubled over in laughter. I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the room.