I hate my Tutor episode 13

😒I hate my tutor😒

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

Chapter 13
(Ice cream surprise💆)


Next day at school, we had another quiz, i scored a 75 in maths. I was so happy and proud of myself, i couldn’t wait to go home and show Dave my answer leaflet. Even the news that Tiffany scored a 90 didnt dampen my mood.

“Whoa! You are in a good mood today!” Boon yo exclaimed excitedly when she took a long look at my face.
I couldn’t keep off a wide grin from my face.

“Yeah. I scored a 75 today!”

“That’s great Cori, you’re getting Better now.” Debbie said with a proud smile.

I know right? I can’t wait to see Dave!” I giggled at the last part. Boon yi and Debbie exchanged glances be for giving each other a knowing smile. My face immediately heat up.

“No, its not what you’re thinking!. I..I’m just excited that…ugh forget it!” I stabbed at my ice cream in frustration while the hyenas cackled mischievously.

“Come on Cori, you have to tell Dave how you feel about him.” Debbie said after shr had gotten tired of laughing.

“Yeah, you can’t hide your feelings forever.” Boon said, giving my hand a gentle squeeze. I sighed loudly.
“We can help you talk to him if you want.” Debbie continued, not bothered by my silence.

“No, don’t do that. If anybody’s going to tell Dave how i feel, it’s got to be me.”
They were about to say something else, by the bell rang loudly, indicating end of lunch. I stood up hurriedly and moved to my next class.


Time seemed to be moving slowly at school this days. I always prayed for school to dismiss quickly so I’ll go home to see Dave.
So it was final year, prom fever was at its peak. It was supposed to be a funfare for me, but I found it annoying.
So far, I’ve turned down twenty boys who wanted to go with me. Rudely of course.
I was so engrossed in the maths sum I was solving, when a fist banged on my desk. I looked up angrily, already preparing to tongue lash whoever it was.

“What?!” I growled instead, when I found myself staring into Blake Adams face. The leader of the demigods, the hottest and most popular guy in Riverdale high.

“You look ravishing today Cori.” His deep voice floated to me, a huge smile that was meant to sweep me off my feet was etched on his face.
Okay, first things first. I do not look ravishing. I discovered that wearing coats made me sweaty and that made me not to concentrate when solving sums. Fur coats especially😕
And I’ve been solving this very particular sum for almost ten minutes now, so my face was red and puffy from too much thinking.
So I may be anything, but ravishing is not one of them.

“What do you want Blake?” I asked keeping my face very blank. After the ‘sweet’ incident at the party, Blake hadn’t reached out to apologize to me. Well I hadn’t reached out either,he was supposed to be a fling☺
But then what?

“Go to the prom with me Cori.” He said it so casually, like he was actually expecting me to Start screaming ‘yes yes’.

“Who sent you to annoy me this afternoon?” I closed my book, leaning back into my chair to meet his eyes, and thinking of how I’ll start this difficult sum afresh. I wasn’t very pleased with the idea.

“Don’t be difficult babe. Just say yes.” He leaned on my desk, his cologne filled my senses.

“Can you please go away and then stay away from me? Forever?” I asked sweetly,with a very sweet smile.

“Aw come on Cori. You’re still angry with me?” He tried to grab my hand, I hit him hard with my ball point pen hard. He winced and withdrew his hands.

“Uhm, I’m not angry.” I opened my book again, it was useless trying to concentrate around this guy.

“Then why don’t you want to say yes?”

“That’s supposed to be my business Blake. Now excuse me please.”

“You know very well I don’t take no for an answer.” He pouted sexily. I groaned loudly and scratched my head. This conceited fool!

“Well my answer is no. Now go fuck yourself loser.” I snapped angrily, and began to pack my books into my bag.
He stood there frozen in surprise, I smirked at him before walking out, making sure to step on his leg.
I had not reached the door when the bell rang indicating school was over. I heaved a long sigh of relief.
I walked to my car. I had stopped taking the limo to school to mom and dad’s surprise. And I now drove myself to school.
I was unlocking the car when I heard a familiar sound. I looked up. The familiar droning sound of Dave’s bike. I spotted him immediately, he parked a few meters from me. My heart had started beating fast, I turned around so that he wouldn’t see my face.
Calm down girl. Don’t get too excited.
Why…just why was he here?
For me?
I couldn’t believe it was for me that Dave would come over to Riverdale high. But still my stupid heart would not stop hoping.
I turned around slowly, using my hair to hide my face. He was leaning casually against his bike, like he was waiting for someone. His black tshirt hugged his generous biceps, a black stone washed jeans completed the outfit, giving him this bad boy look. Girls stared at him as they walked past him, of course he was a looker. I felt slightly jealous.
Who was he waiting for? Me?
It couldn’t be. I stood besides my can for an undecided five minutes, wondering if I should go up to him, or act like I didn’t see him.

Okay, I finally decided to go meet him. I straightened my hair and my skit, i had barely taken three steps when I saw him look up, his face brightening. I turned to know who he was looking at.
My heart fell.
His girlfriend?
My worse enemy was my tutor’s girlfriend?
It was too heartbreaking watching them give each other sweet loving smiles. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I got into my car. My hands was shaking badly as I tried to ignite the car.
Calm down Cori, calm down!
I took a deep breath to calm myself. But Dave had told me he had no girlfriend. Was he messing with me? Was it all a game for him?
It was making sense now. Tiffany’s bitchy attitude towards me. She was insecured that I spent much time with her boyfriend.
But then what? It doesn’t make sense. Why would Dave deny the fact that he didn’t have a girlfriend?
Was he cheating on Tiffany?
Tiffany got on the bike, holding on tightly to his waist, he drove off.
I did the only thing that came to my mind.
I followed them.


Stalking someone is really hard. Firstly you have to make sure not to be seen, secondly you have to not lose sight of them.
It was hard, but I tried my best. I slowed down when they parked in front of a bungalow that badly needs repainting.
I parked a few yards away and contemplated on coming out or just sit inside the car.
I watched as they both walked into the house.
They lived together?!
Okay, I’m so jealous😕
I glanced at my watch, it was 2:13pm,
Dave soon came out, he had changed into a navy blue polo, he still had his black jeans trousers.
I watched as he walked to an abandoned garage and dragged out an ice cream truck.
Ice cream, my mouth had started to water.
Wait! Dave sold ice cream as well?
I was very surprised as I watched him set up the truck and shade. He looked very strong and confident doing it.
I held my head as I leaned against the steering wheel. This guy was one enigma. I couldn’t understand him.
Who’d have thought that arrogant pimp was a delivery boy, and that he sold ice cream as well?
Under normal circumstances I’d not want to have anything to do with him, but then, he’s Dave.
I watched as he finished setting it up, I watched him sell ice cream to a little girl, the smile he gave her. I couldn’t help but smile too.
He doesn’t deserve to live in this shit hole.
Tears had welled up in my eyes, I sniffed loudly, wondering what’s wrong with me. A few drop of tears actually stole down my cheeks. I quickly wiped it feeling thankful that no one was in the car with me.

I was still wiping my eyes when someone tapped on the car window. I was startled. I turned to know who it was.
It was a red faced boy of seven, green eyes and raven black hair. He smiled shyly at me.

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“The mister over there wants to know if pretty miss would like some ice cream?” He pointed towards Dave. My eyes moved towards where he had pointed. Sure enough, Dave was smiling and waving at ME!
The rogue knew I had been following them all along!
I got out of the car, while hoping my face was not red from the little embarrassing cry in the car.
I walked up to Dave, feeling shy all of a sudden. He didn’t seem like my tutor anymore, seeing him in his original background.

“Hey.” I said airily, fixing all my attention on the little boys hair.

“Won’t you even look at me?” I could make out traces of laughter in his voice.
I reluctantly looked into his face, his bland stare broke into a dimpled smile. I smiled back looking away quickly.
He chuckled quietly to himself.

“What flavor do you like?” He was asking me. I wasn’t expecting that, so my brain was slow to produce an answer.

“Uhm…ugh…chocolate?” I played with the strap of my dress. He handed me a giant cone of ice cream..

“Thanks?” I brgan to slowly eat the ice cream avoiding his eyes.

“Are you okay Cori?” He asked slowly. Whoa! Cori? since when?
I was pleased, very pleased.

“Yeah, why?” I slowly rolled my tongue into the fluffy mountain of chocolate in my cone. Next thing I had melted chocolate dripping down my chin. I tried to catch the slow drip with my tongue.
I felt Dave’s eyes on me, i looked up, his eyes met mine. His eyes darkened and he swallowed audibly. I felt my cheeks lit up as I looked away.

“Nothing.” His voice came out strained. “Just nothing.”
A little smile crept to my lips, who knows what erotic thoughts he’s been having?
Mehn?! The atmosphere was tight with some sensual, sexual sh!t. I felt the hairs on my body stand on end.
He was about say something, but a customer interrupted him. I stood by the side and watched him sell his ice cream. He looked hot, I wondered how he’ll taste like. The thought alone brought a blush to my face.
Soon there was so much customers than Dave could handle, since I was done with my ice cream I decided to help him.

“Let me help you.” I told him shyly. He looked surprise. Pleasantly surprised.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He told me in a feigned gruff voice.
I giggled and we began to sell ice cream together. It was so much fun, being with Dave I a different environment apart from the makeshift classroom in my house. Our bodies kept touching, I felt tingles anytime he touched me. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. I wondered if he felt it too.
Finally the customers thinner down, I glanced at my watch. It was 3:12pm. I felt a little bit tired, but Dave looked as strong as ever.

“You wanna go home now?* he asked. I was reluctant to leave, I wanted to stay there forever and sell ice cream with him.

“Are you not coming?* I asked softly, feeling his eyes take in my appearance.

“I am.”

“I can give you a ride if you want.” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“Why thats very generous. I’ll go change.” He walked into the house while I smiled broadly, admiring his backside and biting my lips.
I was about to walk back to my car she the door opened again.

“Wow, you’re really…” The remaining worfs dried up in my mouth. Tiffany.

“Hey Cori..” She taunted, smirking.
Oh right! I forgot about her.

“Hey Tiff.” Her smile stiffened on her face.

“What are you doing here?” She hissed instead. She was dressed in a tank top and jeans, her hair was pulled into a messy bun and stray strands framed her face.

“Oh me? I’m here to buy ice cream and make sure your boyfriend isn’t cheating on you.” I told her in the same tone she used on me.
A puzzled frown settled on her forehead


“Yeah. You don’t know what it means?” I smirked,

“You know my boyfriend?” She looked scared now.

“Yeah, the one who drove you home from school, duh. ”
She laughed loudly for a long time.


“Yes Dave.” I felt insulted by her laughter. “I don’t see anything to laugh at.” I growled angrily.

“You think Dave is my boyfriend?” More laughter. I became embarrassed.


“No wonder you’re so dumb! Like you didn’t see any resemblance or what?” Tiffany had stopped laughing now, a mean look was on her face.


“He’s,my brother shit face. Is that why you are here?”

“Hey listen to me ass, don’t try to be a smart ass, just be happy been an ass, okay?” I snapped impatiently.
A mischievous glint lit up her eyes

“You like my brother huh?*

“Wait..w..w…” I stuttered.
She gave a little smile.

“Oh I’m so telling him.” She turned towards the house. “Dave!!” She yelled on top of her voice.
I rushed forward and clamped a hand on her Mouth.

“Mm mm!” Her muffled groan as she struggled with me.

“You’re going to keep quiet Tiffany.” She bit me gently on my hand. I let go, disgusted with the spit she left on my hand.
“Dave! Come here!” She continued screaming.

Oh boy, I had to act fast.

“Oh I’ll tell Dave about your boyfriend.” I said smiling mischievously too. She stopped screaming and turned to look at me.

“You don’t even know my boyfriend.” She said in a sour voice.

“I know you have one. Just wait till Dave hears it. Dave!” I shouted too. Dave soon came out, a huge frown on his face.

“Why are you two screaming my name?* his gaze first moved to Tiffany, then finally settled on me. I resisted the urge to bite my lips.

“Uhm Dave, Tiffany has something to tell you. ” i smiled wickedly at her.

“Yes Tiffany. It had better be something really important to warrant screaming my name.”

“Uhm…it’s…just that…I wanted to tell you that Cori and I are good friends at school. I…I’m surprised you never mentioned it to me that you tutor her.”
I smiled, nodding

“Wow Really?”

“Yes! See?” Tiffany put her hands around my shoulders and pulled me close to her smiling stiffly.

“Well thats good girls. I’m happy you’re friends.” He walked back to the house. I turned to face Tiffany.

“Nice job girl.” I told her, breathing a sigh of relief.

“You’re still going to have to tell him you know.”
Ugh! Why do everyone keep telling me that?

“He doesn’t even like me.” I said shaking my head.

“Are you kidding me right now? Can’t you see the way he looked at you?” She face palmed herself.

“What way?” I asked, holding my breath.

“Like, he wanted the both of you in a place where there’s no me.”
She chuckled slightly. I blushed very hard, down to the root of my hair.

“You’re funny Cori. And dumb too.”
We looked at each other.

“Why are we not friends?” I asked, like her.

“Well you didn’t want to be.” She played with a strand of hair, avoiding my eyes. I remembered how I had snubbed her the day I was coming from the principal’s office.

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“I’m sorry. I wasn’t in a good mood.” I said remorsefully.

“Really? ” she sneered

“I’m sorry. You can snub me too so we’ll become even.”

“No need for that.” She stretched out her hands towards me, a huge friendly smile on her face. Yeah I’m really dumb. Why didn’t i see the resemblance? I am took her hands, with a small sweet smile on my face too.

“friends now? ”

“friends forever! ”
We giggled at the last part.
Soon Dave emerged, he smiled at me, I smiled back too, shyly, aware that Tiffany was grinning mischievously at us.

“let’s go? ” he asked, directing the question to me. I nodded.

“can I come with you guys? I’d be awfully bored here at home.” Tiffany begged looking imploringly at Dave.

“no, that’ll be so cumbersome, I’m sure… ” Dave began.

“it’s okay, I don’t mind at all. ” I interrupted him, smiling at Tiffany, and then at him.

“Yay! “she squealed excitedly, jumping up and down. “give me five, I’ll go change now! ” she rushed quickly inside.
I stood awkwardly, the soft breeze moved my hair slightly from my face.

“So…? “Dave began, I whipped my head in his direction. “why did you decide to stalk me today? ” His eyes held mine for a few second before I looked away,feeling heat rise to my cheek.
I was jealous, I thought your sister was your girlfriend…

“I was surprised to see you in my school, and I wanted to know where you lived too. ” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, stealing a glance at him.
His square shoulder heaved ever so lightly in a shrug.

“you are not angry, are you? ” I asked quickly, afraid that I might have made him angry.
His face broke into a smile, I felt relieved.

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“I am not. I’m glad you came, you helped… ”
The sound of the door opening interrupted him. We both turned to look at Tiffany as she approached us, all smiles.

“hope I didn’t stay long?”

“you did. You dress like you are going on a date. ” Dave commented drily

“Tch. ” she rolled her eyes. “a girls got to look good! Let’s go Cori!” she grabbed my hands and pulled me towards the car. I reluctantly followed her, catching Dave stifle a smile.

The drive home was made in silence, at least for me. Tiffany kept chattering loudly and making loud remark. Dave didn’t say much, I caught him staring at me once or twice from the rear mirror. He looked away the moment our eyes met. The gesture made me smile broadly as my fingers tightened around the steering wheel.
Maybe he does like me after all. The thought alone warmed my heart.
Finally I pulled into the compound. Kelly and dray god were perched on the pool, they looked up immediately I drove in.
“is that… Is…that…” Tiffany stuttered from the back. I chuckled loudly.

“Dave! Kelly silver is in Cori’s house! ” she shook Dave’s arm urgently. Dave merely shrugged off her hands.

“I’ve got eyes Tiffany, I can see too. ”
I opened the door for them. Tiffany climbed out of the car, looking around her in astonishment.

“whoa! “she finally breathed.

“hey Cori! “Kelly called, waving, her eyes were hidden behind a sunshade.

“Kelly! ” I called back too, smiling.

“let’s go say hi. ” I said to Tiffany. She seemed reluctant. I dragged her towards them, Dave followed us at a respectable distance.

“Cori, who’s your friend? “Dray god was asking, looking at Tiffany with interest.
Oh no! No way!!
Dray god likes Tiffany?!
I smell trouble, big one!!