I Hate My Tutor

I hate my Tutor episode 14

😒I hate my tutor 😒
By Nwauwa Miriam C.

Chapter 14
(Strange things…)

~Corrine ~

I left Tiffany with Kelly, after giving a strong warning to Damian not to try anything funny with Tiffany. He merely smirked and said nothing. I should have read more meaning to that, but I was too eager to learn maths and physics and be alone with Dave.

“come on, let’s go!” I had literally dragged him away from Kelly, into the house.

“Geez , easy.”He murmured after me. I skipped merrily to my bag and fished out my test results and brandished it under his nose. He smiled, put on his glasses and perused through the result.
I bit my lips as my hands clench and unclench, breathlessly waiting for him to say something.

“this is an improvement. “he finally announced after he was done with it. I frowned slightly.

“improvement? “I echoed. He pulled off his glasses, his brows were raised in askance.

‘you want another adjective for it? “the sarcasm was evident in his voice.

“I think it’s impressive. “I muttered sulkingly. He sighed.

“yeah, whatever you say…”

“it’s not whatever I say. I know it’s impressive and you know that! “I snapped, irritated. Another long sigh from him.
“It’s alright Corrine, it’s alright. I agree it’s impressive, but you need to put more effort and… ”
“I get it now!” I snapped, cutting him off. I snatched my test results from him and, fuming, I went to my seat.
He was staring at me with a baffled expression, I was too sullen to give a damn.
The lesson began.
Dave spoke softly, tentatively. I wasn’t helping matters, I didn’t reply to any of his questions and I snubbed his attempt to make me laugh.
This went on for about thirty minutes or more, till I felt like I’d pop soon.
Dave also looked like he had had his fill, because he banged his fist on the table. I was startled, but my moodiness concealed it.
“so you Care to tell me what’s eating you up? “he had snapped the book he was holding shut, and now his movements were rigid with concealed rage.
“I’m fine. “I said, avoiding his eyes and looking through the window.
When I turned to look at him again, I discovered that he had vacated his former spot. Now he was beside my table. His eyes seemed to be boring a hole into me, I suddenly felt like I was drowning.
“no you’re not fine. Something is eating you up. ”
“I said I’m fine! Leave me alone! ‘I almost shrieked out loudly. He threw his head back and gave a low soft groan.
“Corrine, is that time of the month? “He asked softly.
I blinked in confusion, my anger were dissipating gradually.
“what time of the month? ”
“you know… Your period? “was it my imagination or did he look slightly embarrassed?
“no, no… I’m not on my period!” I snapped, to remind him I was still angry with him.
“then why are you acting so bitchy? ” his eyes were laughing at me.
My anger returned, its intensity doubled.

“you shouldn’t say things like that to me! “I had stood up from my chair, we were now at eye level
“it’s just an observation, and Geez…don’t eat me raw.”
“keep your observations to yourself nitwit!”I was angry that he was so cool about everything.

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“okay, I get it now. ” he said suddenly
“get what? ”
“you are angry with me. ”
“I am not angry with you! ”
“listen to yourself, I am not angry with you! “He mimicked me, then he chuckled loudly. I would have laughed under normal circumstances, but I was too riled up for that. My nerves had been tightly strung, to its breaking point.
I took a few steps towards him, he stopped laughing when he saw my approach. I slapped him on his cheeks, not as hard as I wanted to. I wanted to slap him again. I wanted to slap him for being so good looking, for thinking that 75% out of hundred wasn’t impressive enough.
I couldn’t succeed though, because at that moment he grabbed my hands. I struggled hard to pry my hands away from his vice like grip, but was strong. Stronger than me. I used my other hand to beat his chest. He was laughing when he gathered me into his arms until there was no space left between our bodies.
My anger had melted immediately my brain had taken in the situation, he was also not laughing too.
He was going to kiss me! And what was worse? I was going to let him. My heart had started racing up in excitement…
But what if it was just like last time?
Anger replaced my excitement.
“let go. ” I said through clenched teeth. His pupils darkened a deeper shade of gray, I pressed my legs tightly together as a dizzying wave of desire washed over me.
His lips swooped down on mine, almost roughly.
He is kissing me! He is…
My anger had completely disappeared, desire, lust took over. I pressed our bodies together, my breasts were crushed by his hard chest
Our hot breath mingled together, his fingers were already weighing my assignment…

“I’m sorry… “He pulled away from the kiss suddenly, leaving me feeling starved. I stared at him wild eyed.
I’m sure I looked a mess, messy tangled hair, rumpled dress, chapped lips… And the throbbing in my pussy.

“No.” was the only thing i could say. He couldn’t leave me like this…

“Look, I’m sorry…i shouldn’t have…. “His fingers were racking through his hair as he spoke.

“no, no… It’s fine… I…I…I. liked it. “I muttered. I’m sure my face was very red.
Then there was a very short awkward silence. We kept up a staring competition, I was sure he could hear my heart thumping against my ribcage.
I wondered why he stopped kissing me suddenly, was he shy to make the first move?
But he had kissed me. Maybe he just didn’t want to proceed any further.
“Cori, I’m sorry I swear… I shouldn’t… ” I stopped listening after that, I took slow, confident strides to him, my eyes never leaving his for a moment.
He was still talking, his lips was still moving, but I could barely hear him.

“Are you even listening to me? “his voice finally snapped through my trance like state.
I cocked my head slightly to the side.

“I was listening. “I said calmly,then I stepped forward to him, pressing my body hungrily to his.

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“Cori… “his voice was raspy, hoarse. Very good. I wrapped my hands around his waist and stood on tiptoe.
I pressed my lips slightly against his, tasting him properly this time.

“Shit! “He growled softly, I felt his hands tighten around my waist, and he kissed me wiry the passion that was getting intense each seconds.
His hands kept squeezing my ass, from one check to the other.
A soft moan actually escaped my lips as his fingers found his way, under my dress, to the spot between my thighs. I involuntarily parted my legs slightly in order to let his hands wander more.
The shrill sound of his phone ringing tore through the room, ruining the erotic atmosphere. He pulled away from me quickly, like I had a contagious disease.
Cursing softly under his breath, he picked up his phone and connected the call.

I slumped down to the chair because my legs were so wobbly and felt like Jelly.
I kept my eyes trained to him as he spoke into the phone. I wanted this guy, I wanted him so badly.
He was soon done with his phone, he pocketed it. I offered him a shaky smile, he didn’t smile back. His face was tight, the enamored look had gone from his face. He looked like a stranger. He began to pack his bag, I checked the time, we still had about an hour left.
“where are you going to? “I finally muttered the courage to ask.
“home.” His tone was curt, his eyes distant.
Why? What did I do wrong?
“why? “he swung his bag over his shoulder. “we still have an hour left. “I licked my dry lips. Why was he being so distant all of a sudden?
“something came up. I have to leave. “he wasn’t looking at me, and he was lying too.

“you are lying. “I muttered, feeling a helpless rage building within me.
He shrugged nonchalantly, saying nothing. He walked past me, his cologne teasing me.
“you are a bloody liar! “I shouted at his retreating back in frustration. His step didn’t falter, and he didn’t stop to spare me a glance.
I felt tears well up when the door closed softly after him. I sat down, dejectedly, on the chair.
I’ve never felt so sad and horny in my entire life!!


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