I hate my Tutor episode 17

😒I hate my tutor 😒

By Nwauwa Miriam C.

Chapter 17
(Semi final ♥…)

~Corrine ~

I stirred gently in the bed, the memories of a few hours ago flooding my thoughts immediately. A soft smile stretched on my lips and I reached out to feel Dave. My eyes flew open when I felt the spot next to me was empty. I sat up immediately, clutching the bedspread around my body, a small frown settling on my forehead.
Where was he? I wondered if he was using the bathroom. I listened to hear any sound from the bathroom, but nothing.
I quickly picked up my clothes and underwear and put them on, I walked out of the room, running a hand through my hair. It was still raining, Kelly and the rest were not yet back. I checked the kitchen, the dining room. There was no sign of Dave.
Where could he have gone in this storm? We didn’t even have a proper talk to define our relationship…
I bit down hard on my lips. His bike was gone.
I walked slowly, feeling tired all of a sudden, to my room.
I felt this flutter of panic, but I tried to push it away.
Why would he just leave after what we had just shared? I closed the door to my room and leaned on it, my hands folded under my breast. I looked at the tousled sheets and felt tears sting my eyes.
I want to call him, but I don’t have his number.
I don’t have his fucking number!
I slid to the floor, hugging my knees and fighting the urge to cry.
It doesn’t make sense, I shook my head, nothing makes sense.
My eyes caught the piece of paper that was pasted on the wall with dry bits of cellotape.

‘Kori Williams always win….’

Well I definitely feel like a loser now…


I spent a long, agonizing hour, waiting for Kelly, and also hoping Dave would come back. Well Dave didn’t come back, but Kelly did. Armed with bulging shopping bags in each hand and a smile on her face.

“sorry we took so long Cori, some jerks-” She threw Damian and Danny hateful glares. “-refused to drive me home.”

“Now stop glaring at me that way babe. ‘Danny said tiredly, as he pulled off his slightly damp coat. “You don’t expect me to drive in such a storm. ”
I was too miserable to find the situation amusing.

“Kelly, please tell me you have Dave’s number?” I asked, holding my breath.

“Yeah… I have it right here.. “She rummaged through her purse and brought out a little card.
I snatched the card from her excitedly.

“Thanks Kelly! Thank youuu! “I didn’t wait for the interrogation to start, I rushed into my room and locked the door.
I picked up my phone and dialed the number. My palms were moist with sweat as I waited for him to pick up.
He didn’t answer the first time, so I dialed again.
My heart started beating quickly when I heard his voice from the other end

“Hello? “He sounded annoyed.

“Hey… Dave. “my mouth felt dried, I didn’t know what to say after that. There was a long stretch of silence.

“Cori? “he finally asked. I held my breath for a long time, then I exhaled, loudly.

“yeah… I… We… I. Just wanted to make sure you were okay…”

“I am okay. Are you?”

“yeah. “I hated the way he was sounding. He was sounding like we didn’t just make passionate love, he was sounding like he didn’t even know who I was.
More silence followed.

“I…you left so suddenly, I was wondering… ”

“Quit the pretense Corrine.”He abruptly cut me off. My heart sank. Very deep, to my stomach. Sweat broke out on my forehead despite the chilly weather.

“What do you mean? “My throat was strained and tight.

“I hope you are happy now? You saw me as a conquest all along right?”

“what are you talking about? “my voice was barely audible.

“if you had wanted a fling with me or something, you should have told me. Pretending like you felt something for me was so low, you stooped so low…”

“But I wasn’t pretending! ‘I protested weakly, tears stinging my eyes at his accusation. “I really do feel something for you. I love you Dave. ”
I heard mocking laughter at the other end.

“Everything was just a game to you right? It was all about you winning huh? Cori Williams always win? You get whatever you want to, right? You don’t give a damn if other people get hurts. Well, I’ll advise you to go pop a champagne, because you clearly won, ”
The call was disconnected. Tears was streaming down my face.
I dialed his number again, he didn’t pick up.
I flung my phone away, it smashed on the wall.
But he’s Wrong! He’s so fucking wrong! I love him, why can’t he see that?
I dissolved into more tears.


I had cried so much, there was no more tears in my eyes. Why does love have to be so difficult? Why couldn’t everything just be alright.
Kelly had knocked on the door severally, I didn’t let her in. I wanted to nurse my pains alone.
I skipped dinner, I spent the whole evening dialing Dave’s number, but he wouldn’t answer.

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The next morning, I wasn’t even planing on going to school. I just lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling.
My life had never felt so useless before.
I heard the sound of a bike. I sat up immediately. Dave?!
I peered out of the window. It was him! And oddly enough, he was still dressed in his pajamas.
My heart was hammering in my chest. Had the thousand text I sent him yesterday finally changed his mind?
Was that why he couldn’t wait to see me?
I rushed out of my room, not caring if I looked presentable or not. As I raced down the stairs, I could hear voices. Loud voices. I didn’t havd long to wait before finding out what was happening.
My mouth nearly dropped at the scene in front of me. Dave looked angry, very angry. He was trying to hit Damian. He was infact hitting him and saying a lot of obscene words to him. Dray god was making no attempt to hit Dave back, Danny and Kelly were trying to restrain Dave.
I rushed towards them.

“What’s going on? “I asked, standing between Dave and Damian. Damian was already spotting a red eye and swollen bleeding lips.

“You warn this dickface to stay away from Tiffany! “Dave shouted furiously. His face was scrunched up in anger, he almost looked like a stranger. I realized that I was scared of the angry Dave. I realized that I had not even seen him so mad before.

“The bastard had the guts to put his smelly cock in my sister, you’re going to die! ”
I turned to look at Damian angrily.

‘How could you Damian? ”

“you guys are making it sound like I raped her. We just had sex, two grown ups, having sex… ”

‘Shut up! “Kelly, Danny and I shouted at him together. The idiot merely grinned broadly, the crack on his lips getting more wide.
Dave managed to slip from Danny’s grip and he gave Damian a punch in his stomach. Damian crumpled to the floor, Danny restrained Dave again with difficulty.

“Calm down Dave.”I said softly, placing my hand placatingly on his arm. He shot me a fierce look that made me cringe.

He finally shook himself free from Danny’s grip, but he made no move towards Damian who was still groaning on the floor and clutching his stomach.

“Y’all rich guys are all the same. Always taking advantage of the poor guys. “I felt hurt, he had been looking at me the whole time as he said that.

“Don’t say that Dave. “Kelly said sharply, yet gently. “You know that’s not true. ”

“It’s true. My sister and I have become…victims. “He shot me another glare. I looked at him imploringly, begging him to understand .

“I didn’t take advantage of Tiffany, get that into your head. “Damian groaned, getting up slowly.

“Stay away from Tiffany you pig! ” Dave spat.

“I can’t-” Damian said quietly, standing erect now. “-I love her. ”
Dave was silent, he obviously wasn’t expecting that. None of us were expecting that.

“I don’t think you guys know what true love means. Putting your need first is called selfishness!” he gave me another quick look. I winced.

“I won’t say this again, stay. Away. From. Tiffany. ”
He turned around and left.
Thank god my parents were not around to witness this scene. While Danny and Kelly tended to Damian, I rushed after Dave. He was getting into his bike when I got to him.

“Hi.”I said coolly, my voice was a clear contrast to the turmoil I felt within.

“what do you want? “He asked, not looking into my face. I felt bad, but I didn’t show it

“I want to talk to you.”I twiddled my fingers, like a little girl.

“well I don’t want to talk to you. “he finally looked into my face.

“I won’t take long. Please, you’ve got to listen to me… ”

“What Cori? You want another round? Is that why you’re so desperate for us to make up. ”
I couldn’t stop myself. My hands Smacked his face hard. He looked surprised for a while then his face turned bland again. I wasn’t going to apologize for that.

“You shouldn’t talk to me that way! “I snapped irritatingly. He shrugged slightly.

“I’m going to talk to you, and you’re going to LISTEN to me. ”
He stared at me for a long time, he didn’t say anything.

“I just want you to know that it’s not all rich guys that take advantage of poor guys.” I began.

“Well you clearly didn’t make it to that list.” I
He sneered.

“Stop it Dave. Stop hurting Cori. ” I said sadly.
He gave a mirthless laugh.

“Oh you’re hurt now?”

“you were never a conquest Dave. What I feel for you is real. You didn’t even let me explain yesterday…”

“I didn’t want to hear more of your lies. “He suddenly looked tired.

“I love you Dave. “I placed my hands on top of his. He stared into my face for a long time. Finally he shrugged off my hands from his.

“I don’t believe you. “My heart fell.
He drove out of the compound, while I stared after him.


“Cori, you have to move on from this Dave guy. “Debbie said one day, it’s been two weeks now, Danny and Kelly and dray god had gone back to New York. The maids had all resumed work. Everything was back to normal again, as I had wanted it in the beginning.

“I am moving on Debbie. I am. “I dropped my pen on the table with a bang.

“You look skinny already Cori, you’re not eating well. “Boon yi said with a worried frown. I shrugged.

“it’s the exam preparation, it’s been stressful and… ”

“Shut up Cori. You keep using the exam as an excuse. I’m worried. “Boon yi continued
I sighed loudly and didn’t say anything. I felt dizzy so I rest my head on the table. We were having a group study at my house.
The door creaked loudly, I heard footsteps to indicate that someone came into the room. I wearily looker up to know who it was.

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“What are you doing here Damian? “I asked,standing properly. He grinned broadly at me. He took a few steps towards me and engulfed me in a hug. I hugged him back, feeling comforted at once
“You’re getting thinner. “He whispered into my ears.
“I’m not. ” I pushed him away from me. “What are you doing here? “I asked, seeing that he was alone.
“I came to make things right. “he looked straight ahead.

“things right? “I frowned.

“I’m going to fix things between Dave. “I gasped in surprise.

“you shouldn’t do that. He hates you, remember?”

“I don’t care, somebody’s got to talk to him.”

“But you’re…,”I began to protest, but he held up his finger, silencing me. I shrugged, Damian could be stubborn if he wanted to.
He soon excused himself to go and use the bathroom.
Debbie and Boon yi were chattering excitedly. I had barely sat down on my chair when the door opened again.
I was surprised to see my dad walk in with Dave. My heart ached at just seeing him again. For the past two weeks, I’ve been dreaming about his face, wishing to hold him in my hands again.

“Hey George! “Boon yi and Debbie chorused. My dad had told them to call him by his name George.
“Hey dad! “My eyes never left Dave. He looked at me briefly and looked away.
“Hey girls! Your exam’s starting next week, I’m proud of the efforts you’re making. “He said, nodding at me. I forced a smile, dragging my eyes away from Dave.
Soon dad and Dave retired to Dad’s study. I began to wonder why Dave was here. I excused myself and went outside.
After sitting on the flower edge for twenty minutes, Dave finally came out. I stood up, brushing off dried leaves from my dress.

“Hey Cori. “He greeted first. I looked away shyly.

“Hey Dave.”
Then an awkward silence followed, we kept stealing glances at each others faces. Finally he cleared his throat loudly.
“you don’t look too well. “He finally said.

“I.. I’ve been stressed out. The exam and…and everything. “I scratched my head. I’m sure they looked messy. I’ve neglected my hair for the past two weeks.

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“I wish you luck in your exams. You’ll write well. ”

“Thank you. “I felt disappointed, a small part of me was hoping, just hoping he’d say something, anything about us.

“I’ll be going now. I’ll see you some other time. ”
He didn’t wait for a reply, he walked away.
Why does my heart ache so badly?


“Don’t talk to Dave please. “I told Damian later in the evening.

“why? ”
We were in the kitchen, I was pacing about restlessly.i had been restless since after my encounter with Dave. Damian was making a cake.

“I don’t want him to think I’m desperate or something, he’ll get the feeling that I asked you to talk to him. ”
I stopped pacing and leaned against the counter in the kitchen.

“But… ”

“No buts Damian, you’re not going to talk to him. “I made my voice firm. He shrugged in defeat.

“But you love him. Don’t you want him back? ”

“heavens know I love him, and how much I want him back. But I’ve decided to put his happiness first. If hating me so much makes him happy, then I’m ready to let him go. ”

“Cori… ”

“No Damian, true love is putting the need of others before yours. I’ve always thought I could have everything I want, I’ve always tried to get everything I want.”
I licked my dried lips, and then continued.
“I’ve just realised that Cori Williams will not always win. “I smiled at the last part.

“whoa! This is so touching! ” the idiot exclaimed, I gave him a goofy grin before punching him hard on his arm.

“Ooof!”He laughed. I joined him in the laughter.
“Now I know you truly love him Cori. ”
I sighed and looked away.
If only Dave knew that… I thought wistfully

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