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I Like Her But I’m Shying To Woo Her


I’m Confused, I Don’t Want To Lose Her
There is this girl that I met in lecture theater, we sat down together, we chatted but it was concerning the lecture.
After the lecture, I disappeared because I’m this kind of very shy person, I didn’t know what to talk to her aside the lecture.
So I saw her on Facebook, I added her and chatted her, up. It happen that evening I wanted to go eat in a restaurant, I told her she can join me jokingly. Surprisingly, she came, we talked but it was mostly about me and herself. After, we finished eating, I told her to come and know my place, but when she came I was nervous and she did not stay up to 5 mins. I told her we need to go, that her roomie maybe worried about her. The next day when she saw me in school, she was excited to see me.
After then our communication sucks, I will call her and be asking all this boring questions, before I know it, sometimes she will see my chat and will not reply. Now I’m confuse, I don’t know what to do again. I don’t wanna lose her.
What do you suggest I do from here? pardon my grammatical blunder.

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