I love her alot episode 52

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Written✍️✍️ by oluwatosin ayomi ♥️💎

💥💥💥Episode 52💥💥💥

✍️✍️ Aunthoress pov✍️✍️

At the hospital everything Seems terrified to Mrs Coleman, she could hardly breathe well. The woman has lost some blood and the pain she felt when she watched the nurses rushing her towardsthe ward can’t be expressed with words alone. Only who sees her will know the state she is.

They closed the door afterwards and she has to wait impatiently at the reception. She kept on clapping her hands together in fear. Apparently nothing in this world must Happen to her.

She kept on asking the nurses she could see when the doctor will come out, slightly hearing the door opening she would stand up and rushed to see if the doctor was done with her. All she wants to hear that Moment is that the woman is free from danger.

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Remembering everything that happened she’s sure enough that she didn’t bumped into her, it was the woman that bumped into her which made her to fell. Oh hell!! Why didn’t she just stay at home.. who will she call now? Should she inform her husband? Maybe she just wait a bit for the doctor’s remark first.

For a long time of waiting the doctor finally came out of the ward with some papers in his hand, immediately Mrs Coleman sighted him, she ran like someone whose life was at risk.

Doctor please tell me, how is she now? Is she fine? Has her bleeding stopped? Has she opened her eyes? Did she say anything to you? She kept on asking without allowing the doctor to speak, mere seeing one could easily tell that she’s terrified.

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The doctor waited for her to release all what she wanted to say then he started talking.

She’s safe now madam, although she lost some blood but there is nothing much to worry about that. She’s going to be fine, I’ve treated her wound and also injected her in order to help her get better and she’s sleeping now, although she wasn’t supposed to faint because the accident wasn’t much. That happened because she was already lost in thought. But she should be awake in the next one hour, probably we might discharge her later in the evening.

So now all the drugs I’ve written in this list I will need you to get them for her, give it to the nurse once you get it. And don’t forget to ask the nurse at the reception about the bills.

The doctor explained and handed over the paper to her, while Mrs Coleman felt relieved of her stress then hurriedly went to get the drugs. She got it and gave it to the nurses as the doctor said. She did well to pay all the bills too, now she can finally tell her husband what happened…😐😐😐


Adrian made sure to draw the image perfectly on the board trying so hard not to make any mistake or disturb her sleep. Well after many minutes of staring at her face something in him wanted to do more than just staring.

He stood up from the chair and went to look at how her closed eyes looks like in order to get the drawing correctly. After many attempt of drawings he finally got the best replical of juliet out of the board.. it looks alot like her and Adrian couldn’t be more anxious.

He stared at the board for the last time and after he’s satisfied with what he drew on it he decided to hide the board before she wakes up. He bent down to carry the board when he heard Juliet yawning behind him. EXACTLY WHAT IS CALLED CAUGHT IN THE LAST MOMENT. Adrian thought as he stood on his track.

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Juliet called out to him and he slowly turned to look at her, making it easy for juliet to see the board. Immediately she saw something that looks like her on the board, nobody told her to sat down properly on the bed.

She looked at the board then back at Adrian! She looked at Adrian then back at the board!! Is this a dream? Who the hell drew her in that board? She could easily identify it that the drawing was taken while she was sleeping? Oh my!!! Is this Adrian’s work. She thought and turned to look at him.

The impression on his face shows it all that he’s feeling so nervous, how he wished the ground could swallow him. Seeing his face that way made juliet got her answer already even when he hasn’t even speak.

Juliet smiled and dragged Adrian’s hand towards her, and he sat down on the bed beside her.

YOU DREW IT WHEN I WAS SLEEPING? she asked While Adrian on the other hand trying to fight for what to say.

IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…juliet muttered and Adrian shockingly looked at her. That’s not what he was expecting her to say.

SO YOU KNEW HOW TO DRAW? I LOVE THIS DRAWING IT LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE ME! Juliet said as she continued staring at the board with her mind imagining if today is meant for her to be lucky around Adrian alone, he seriously took his time to draw her!!!

ADRIAN after fighting for what to say he finally said something.


Juliet giggled After watching him displaying his shy part again. She held his hand in her hand…. And slightly turned him to face her which made Adrian to get that strange shock again immediately her hand touched him. What’s with this strange shock? He thought

I’m not mad at you Adrian, to be honest I love your drawing, it’s really special to me… she ultered and this made her to receive a glance from Adrian.

Special to her!! Adrian thought staring at their hands that are twined together making some butterflies to roamed in his lower abdomen. Oh juliet what are you doing to me? He thought as he saw her mouth moving but his ear wasn’t listening whatever she was talking about.

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Juliet gibbered for some minutes and when she saw how lost Adrian was in thought. She shook his arm and he flinch a bit making juliet to wondered what he was thinking about.

CAN YOU HELP ME BRING THE BOARD CLOSER? She asked him and he answered. he got the board to where she sat down on the bed leaving her to admire the drawing as he stared kindly at her. SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL his countenance told him.

You deserve a gift for this Adrian… juliet said as she removed the board from the stand making it laid on her lap.

What gift should I give you? She asked again

You don’t have to give me a gift, I’m fine with your compliment… Adrian answered nervously trying to swallow his saliva without choking on it.

I need to give you a gift so tell me what do you want? She asked again refusing to consider whatever came out of Adrian’s mouth.. Adrian on the other didn’t know what to say he just remained quiet.

Juliet returned the board back to the stand and stared at him while he avoided her gaze… she watched him for a while thinking of what to do. something in her gave her a slightly good gift.

But it’s too huge for her to say but she can’t just let Adrian’s effort of drawing her slight off can she?

Since you don’t know what to ask for.. I will get you the gift by myself… she said and Adrian looked briefly at her not knowing where she’s heading to.

I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A PECK ON YOUR RIGHT CHEEK… She proffered and Adrian lost it immediately let’s say if the socket holding his eyes were not strong enough. Probably his eyes would have popped out of the socket by now.

Juliet watched him as he opened his eyes just like if he just finished chasing away ghost with it. And not knowing where the boldness came from, she moved closer to him and tried holding his cheek in order to peck him but Adrian stopped her before she could.

Holding her hands in his, with juliet staring at his face wondering if he’s upset

You don’t have to do that… that is too much for a gift… I haven’t really done something that deserves that much gift juliet… he said and gently released his hand from her hand

Juliet felt happy knowing he isn’t angry about what she wanted to do, but one part of her really wants to peck him so bad and she could do anything to get that done during that moment… she thought of what to do and a plan came crossing her mind as she remembered about the game…

Okay fine!! I’ve heard if you don’t want the peck I just want to show you how glad I am for the sketch but since you think I am not supposed to do that.. I’m sorry for doing it… she said and tried leaving the bed while Adrian dragged her hand back making her to sit on his laps.

I’m sorry!! He said and helped her sit on the bed in order to avoid her hurting the injured leg.

Juliet stared sadly at him without saying a word… she really needs to try her best now, it’s now or never

Okay then.. I will keep my peck I won’t peck you again at least for now if you can pass my task… she said

What task?? ADRIAN asked eagerly

You will help me in winning in the game now, and the deal will be… if you win I won’t peck you. But if you don’t obviously you are going to receive a peck from me..she explained and that surprised Adrian is she really expecting him to do this in order to stop her from pecking him? Why can’t he just just tell her no and let him be!!!

Fine!!! I will play the game… he said as he already knows how confident he is about winning the game. He brought his phone out of his trouser pocket.

They started the game and Adrian continued winning, many times juliet had tried to distract it but nope.. he is the best when it comes to this game. ..

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At times juliet would screamed that her leg hurts in order to make him loose to the monster but nope!! Adrian would pause the game, attended to her and continued playing he didn’t loose any.. and this made juliet to lost her hope.

The game went on for awhile without Adrian loosing, Juliet stared nervously at him, as something in her told her to do it without his knowledge.

That’s a cheat but she didn’t have any other option available, she moved closer to him like she wanted to look at the phone but instead she pecked his cheek suddenly and Adrian’s phone left his hand.

He looked shockingly at her and screamed…..

That’s cheating Juliet, the plan was for me to loose the game then you would peck me. I haven’t lost the game and you pecked me!!! He said as his eyes held so much dissapointment juliet knew what she did hurt him… and she felt bad for cheating too she didn’t even know what came over her.

She dragged her legs gently making her so close to Adrian, with Adrian shifting back a little. Who knows she might peck him again. He thought

She caught his arm and dragged him closer to her. Releasing his had and lifted them to her ear.

IM SORRY! the two words came out of her hand as she held her two ears in her hand forming sad face for him.

Mere looking at her in the sad state Adrian’s heart melt and he smiled at her. She hasn’t really done something because he also loved the peck and probably want more of it.

Instead of making her sober he would rather pay her back…

It’s okay I will forgive you!!! He said and Juliet face brightened up again making her hardly revealing dimple to come out.

But I will also give you a peck… if you can allow me to do that, consider yourself forgiven… he replied and Juliet couldn’t believe what she just heard, not like if receiving a peck from him is a crime, but is Adrian really serious about pecking her back…. She touched her cheeks and looked at Adrian whom is waiting for her answer.

Seeing she wouldn’t say anything Adrian brought her face closer to his mouth and his eyes stared keenly at her. Her eyes held so much anxiety and Adrian loves her present expression so much. Him on the other hand didn’t know what always makes him different around her. What this strange feeling is? He doesn’t even know

Truly he wanted to go for her cheek, but his eyes failed him by moving to her lips when it was just a distance left for his lips to touch her cheek.

Some sort of emotion and care overflow between them and gently instead of pecking her cheek, A kiss landed on Juliet’s lips while her eyes shockingly closed out of nervousness.. she was so shocked but couldn’t back out.

One force raised her hands from the bed to his back and held them tightly… Adrian’s tongue forced it’s way into her mouth as their emotion came and over power them . Every each seconds of the moment felt special..… They both remained in that position for awhile and only let-go of each other’s lips when their breath threatened to seize🥰🥰🥰

To be continued 💞💞💞

Who says there is no love? 🙈🙈 I imagined myself as juliet today🙈the kiss was so sweet😋😋😋 trust me😊😊💕

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