I love her alot episode 55

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Written ✍️✍️by oluwatosin ayomi ♥️💎

💥💥💥 Episode 55💥💥💥

✍️✍️ Authoress pov✍️✍️

Few silence stepped in, but it didn’t last long as Adrian wouldn’t stop pestering juliet in order for her to tell him why she ran away. Juliet herself doesn’t even know the best answer to give.. but she wasn’t going to lie that’s a sure thing.

She thought about everything for while and at last she decided on telling him what happened, but not in a direct way but at least she might get answer that will ease her of the pain she’s feeling.

THAT GIRL YOU WERE TALKING TO WHO IS SHE? Juliet asked and Adrian firstly wondered the reason for her asking him that before replying her.

she’s just a friend juliet, my friend I think… he replied simply since he too doesn’t even know what to identify benedicta with..

Your Friend? Wow!! You haven’t tell me you’ve gotten another friend apart from me.. juliet wondered

Yes I haven’t because me and her just became friends today, that’s why I said that she’s my friend… excuse me why are you bothered about her.. you should answer the question I asked you… Adrian complained

Well I ran away because you left me to go and talk to that girl, you didn’t even talk to me but you talked to her… she explained without sparing Adrian a glance and Adrian too could sense the sincerity in her voice.

Are you for real! You think I left you just to talk to her, but I wasn’t talking to her… Adrian exclaimed

Liar!! If you weren’t talking to her then what were you discussing with her, I saw you talking and even Gisting with her Adrian.. she lamented with her mouth popped together.… And Adrian couldn’t stop laughing, why is she so bothered about everything?

Well the truth is that… I once met her before, at the hospital… we bumped into each other and she acted so rude that day.. and today she came to apologise for being rude earlier that day.. he explained truthfully

If she came to apologise then why are you smiling at her and also what’s with the rose that you collected from her.. today isn’t lover’s day you know… stop trying to fool me Adrian… I’m aware of what’s happening…juliet boosted

Oh my gosh juliet!! Are you being serious! Okay fine, she gave me the rose as a present for me to know that she’s sorry, I tried declining it but she begged me not to. I was helpless and had to collect it from her… then she told me we should be friends…. He explained again tiredly

And what did you say to that? Juliet asked as usual

Seriously!! I tried talking her off it but she was too adamant, so I just let her be!!! He completed his statement expecting juliet not to ask questions anymore..

So now you’ve accepted her as your friend, are you really interested in being her friend too, that’s why you didn’t try harder right? Another question from Juliet again and Adrian almost lost it.. he’s tired of explaining, why is she not understanding him..

Oh hell!! I didn’t accept she forced me to, and I’m not interested in being her friend.. you know I don’t like making friends so why will I be interested in being her friend.. I don’t even have any friends because I am not interested… I am nobody’s friend.. and nobody is my friend okay!!!he explained futher and that got juliet slightly upset.

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So you are telling me that you don’t have any friend? She asked trying to keep her anger from showing

Yes I don’t have friends… he answered and Juliet angrily stood up from the sofa wanting to leave the court when he stopped her..

Where are you going to? We are still talking… why are you suddenly upset… Adrian asked after noticing it that his idea of changing the topic is finally succeeding.. so good!!!

You just told me you don’t have any friends, and nobody is your friend too, so what am I doing here? I’m leaving… she concluded and Adrian laughed so hard

And why are you laughing now? Nothing seems funny here you know? She said annoyingly

Because I saw what I was expecting to see… of course I was just joking, I have a friend and that’s… That’s… you want to know her? He asked but juliet didn’t reply and with that he continued what he was saying anyway.

I have a friend, she’s grumpy, always finding reasons to fight with me, and guess what!! She asks too much questions too, and Now I am thinking that she’s becoming jealous too… and her name is…. JULIET… Adrian yelled then ran away from her.. he knows better that hitting will be his next award After saying what he just said to juliet, so to avoid that he ran away from her..

Juliet stood gob smacked obviously processing what he just said, she was staring at him from a far, she didn’t even know what to say.. should she be angry that he called her grumpy lady? Or be Happy cause he sees her as his friend now and she’s becoming so close to him? She was still on this thought when Adrian himself came walking towards her.. maybe to apologise

I’m sorry!! Sorry!! I won’t say that again!! He begged and Drew her closer to himself and that got juliet slightly nervous, she wasn’t expecting that.. he helped her to stand properly and then grabbed her cheek… if it was before he would feel nervous before doing that, but his nervousness around juliet has reduced…

You are the only friend I have and always want to be around, so stop being jealous that benedicta will snatch me if that’s what you are thinking juliet.. because she can’t!! Adrian explained with a smile on his face
But what if she does, then you won’t be friends with me anymore right? Juliet asked sounding scared and Adrian shook his head.

If she tried too then I won’t let it happen, you are special to me than she ever can juliet… Adrian explained hoping those words gets into her.. he doesn’t like it when she’s angry with him… juliet smiled happily and Adrian smiled too… they stared at each other for a long time with both of them maintaining the eye contact.

Adrian’s hand left her cheek and went to her waist… he moved her more closer to him, almost covering the space between them and gently he said.

CAN I HUG YOU PLEASE? he asked and nervous juliet shyly said YES… and with that Adrian covered the space between them as he wrapped his hands around her body.. juliet didn’t move her hands, all she does was resting her head furthermore on his check, she buried her head in his wife chest.. and Adrian held her like so tight… all they both wanted then was allowing their emotions to over powered the moment…

Without them knowing that an anonymous person has been with them in the court since, watching all what’s happening 🤔🤔🤔🤔

To be continued 💞💞💞

Who can guess who that anonymous is? 🤔🤔

Thanks for bearing with me🙏 I love you all♥️