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I love her alot episode 56

(He is mine)💘💘💘

Written ✍️✍️ by oluwatosin ayomi ♥️💎

💥💥 Episode 56💥💥

✍️✍️ Authoress pov ✍️✍️

Argggghhhh… Clara screamed and ruffled her hair angrily as she landed the phone roughly on the table.

She should pick the call… why is she not picking it? She muttered but didn’t lose hope. She called again and as usual the receiver didn’t pick the call.

She really needs to tell her what she had seen, but now that she isn’t picking how will she tell her!! Everything seems tiring to her that she had to go and lie on the bed with many thoughts on her head.

The silence continues for awhile with her just staring at the ceiling but then her phone started ringing and interrupted her silent moment. but it didn’t move her. She’s sure anyone on the line won’t have anything useful for her that moment. So she won’t stress herself by going to check who the caller was talkless of picking.

Seems her wish wouldn’t come true because her phone continued ringing non-stop, maybe she should just check who that pestering caller is. She thought and stood up from the bed to get the call but it hanged before she could get there.

She sluggishly picked the phone up, but the name she saw on the screen made her to staggered a bit… what the hell!!

The person she tried calling has been calling her!! But she didn’t even know .. she immediately tried calling back but it wasn’t reachable. What sort of bad luck is this? Firstly it ringed but she didn’t pick! and now not reachable!! But it just hanged up now… She murmured then angrily kept the phone back on the table and tried leaving when it started ringing. Thanks Good GOD!!

She picked the call and her yelling almost blocked the caller’s ear

SHALOM…. She called happily

Shhh… Clara you just successfully blocked my eardrum with your yelling… shalom complained

And you think it isn’t worth it for me to block your cochlear too? I was just happy to see your call you know… so I couldn’t even stop myself from yelling … she said smiling and Shalom chuckled

It’s okay, I saw somebody trying to run down my phone’s battery with calls and I couldn’t believe my guess is true because I assumed it to be you when I was hearing the phone ringing even without checking it… she joked and cracked some laughs after that

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Good thing your battery isn’t dead!! Good thing you heard your phone ringing too and you decided not to pick!! I just have some news for you but it Seems you don’t want me calling you again right? I won’t call you again.. Clara replied sadly with tension all over her face.

Don’t tell me you are taking this serious, I was just joking, I remembered speaking with you two days ago, so now I’m just surprised seeing you calling like if we haven’t talk for a year.. alright I’m sorry!I was in the bathroom when your call entered and you know I couldn’t pick the call from there unless I fly. So now will you please stop getting angry and tell me about the news because I can’t wait to hear it… shalom requested nervously. She’s sure can’t wait to know what the news is all about

Well it’s really something serious, so it’s better you listen well. I saw your boyfriend clinging around with another girl yesterday in school which is why I’ve been calling you since then to inform you.. she said and Shalom’s brow suddenly lined on each other where she is…

Hold on!! What do you mean by my boyfriend? Who are you talking about here? She asked to confirm it that her doubt Isn’t true

How many boyfriend do you have? I’m talking about Adrian here. I saw him yesterday hugging this girl… what’s her name again? JULIET yesterday at the basket ball court… she explained taking a sit on her bed… and Shalom became worried she was right! It’s Adrian, although he isn’t her boyfriend but she hasn’t tell Clara anything about that.. maybe because they had some fight then and she couldn’t bring herself up to tell her.

Adrian is no longer my boyfriend… shalom said after awhile of keeping quiet and shocked Clara couldn’t believe what her ear just heard

What do you mean by he isn’t your boyfriend? You guys were dating? So what happened? She asked surprisingly. Yeah the shalom she knew would have brought the building down with her yelling after hearing such news..

We broke up before I came here Clara, so he stopped being my boyfriend since then.. and please don’t ask me the reason for our break-up because it is a long story and I’m not in the mood to answer it now please.… she concluded with a sigh.

Clara did well not to question her further and they continued their talks for some times although Shalom’s mood ruined immediately after hearing the news but she did well not to show it in during the call. Because Clara is the type that finds things out easily even without telling her.


After the call ended shalom sat down on the couch depressed, she lifted her right hand from the couch to her tummy.. although the bump isn’t showing yet but she could feel it that definitely there is a small life growing inside of her.

Earlier she used to think of how unfortunate she is,. finding herself in this kind of mess. But then thinking about the baby some joy always find time around her heart. Maybe because she’s finally getting used to fate and also blending to the thought of cherishing one’s child..

But the news she just heard today from Clara just shattered the faith she has been trying to hold.. she still loves Adrian dearly and also want to be with him but hearing him staying with another girl is painful. It hurts so much

She was trying to make him hers when everything turned out to this, and that stupid Chris that supported her then is out there walking joyfully around and enjoying life. while everything backfired on only her.

Some days again she saw his missed call on her phone but she didn’t even bother calling him. He’s not useful to her. And she cursed destiny for putting her in a state of carrying that devil’s child inside of her.

She just Hope that he has stopped making any plan or attempt about hurting Juliet… she thought of that and hurriedly searched for a contact on her phone… she needs to make an urgent call🤔🤔🤔.

🥶🥶 Chris’s pov 🥶🥶

Oh yeah… you are doing it well.. perfect… usshhhh…. I love it.. you sure is absolutely good in this….I commented the bi*ch as she continued twisting her big a*s on my torso. It feels so good that I couldn’t wait to screw her.

I held her A*s and made her work it deep down, making her A”s to hit my torso in a pleasurable way.. oh my!!

What the fu*k!! I moaned and sipped from my drink.. tonight is going to be so full of fun.

The bi*ch continued driving me for awhile and when I’m sure enough that my body is ready to screw her, I hurriedly pushed her on the bed.. climbed on top of her with my lips tracing some kisses over her chest, so ready to screw her when my phone started ringing..

Presently nothing or anybody could stop me from doing what I was about to do.. but phone call isn’t just what I can miss because I’ve been waiting for it.

Excuse me for some minutes, I will be back… I told the bi*ch and left her body. Taking my phone up from the small cupboard.. like i expected it is one of my boys calling…

I boostly picked up the call without saying anything. And in his husky voice he said..


To be continued 💞💞💞

Shalom is stucked with her problem 😪😪

Bianca escaped🙆🙆

And now what will Chris do? 😲😲

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