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I love her alot episode 57

(He is mine)💘💘💘

Written ✍️✍️ by oluwatosin ayomi ♥️💎

💥💥💥Episode 57💥💥💥

🧝🧝 Bethel’s pov🧝🧝

I watched as something I couldn’t imagine happening, started happening right here before me. To me the driving to school is always boring but today I saw something that made it too fast. I’m seeing magic happening.

I continued Wondering as I stared at juliet and Adrian playing and exchanging word with each other at the back of the car. I doubted if at all this is still the Adrian I knew since childhood.

He’s changed so much that I couldn’t even be doubtful more than this about him. Nowadays he’s always around juliet, talking, Gisting and now Adrian that doesn’t spare an outsider a glance now talks and quarrel Everytime when it comes to juliet.

Sometimes I’d assume that maybe he was still communicating with her because of the incident that happened to her. But now that they couldn’t stop disturbing with their talks. Surely Adrian has developed something for her even if he isn’t aware yet.

Everything they’ve been doing lately and the one they are displaying now says it all, but if at all he really get some feelings for her. Then I will hurry and tell mummy about it.

Juliet isn’t a bad girl and telling mummy what’s going on will make her so happy, maybe she would even get my long awaited shoes for me after hearing this news.. I concluded as I continued watching both of them from the mirror…. Miracle☺️☺️

✍️✍️Authoress pov ✍️✍️

Everything turned around in circles as Bianca’s eyes couldn’t stop seeing everything in circle.. she couldn’t see anything infront of her clearly, she had ran for so long that her vision is becoming blurry together with her head spinning.

Oh father…. Mother.. where are you? She called for her parents help as she continued running. Her legs are hurting so bad together with her waist, she needed water to drink. All she wished is meeting someone who could just help her get out of here.

She hasn’t even Walk for a long time before talkless of her running, she looked around and with the view she was seeing she couldn’t easily detect it that here is a desert..

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Oh hell!! How did she end herself up in this mess!! She shouldn’t have threatened Chris, she shouldn’t have even talked to him.. what was after her? Where did that boldness she had then came from? She wished she could turn back the hand of the clock . Although she was so desperate in killing juliet it you could say getting her out of her way.. but she wasn’t expecting everything to turn out this way.

She wished someone can tap her now and tell her everything happening is just a dream… she continued wandering around the bush.. sometimes she would run, sometimes leap, and then run in the next minute and finally she decided to rest.

She looked around probably searching for something clean to sit on, but there was nothing like that around her. All she could see was a fallen branch of the tree lying on the ground. She looked barely at it and hissed.

No she won’t sit on that… it’s too dirty to sit on.. she reasoned everything in her head and finally concluded on standing… it’s better than sitting on that dirty wood in her own opinion.

She stood on her track for awhile and later nobody told her to sit. Irritation could clearly be seen all over her face after dusting the wood for a while. She sat down on the half part of it.

Everything just seems to be turning against her… thank goodness she was able to escape from the guys chasing her.. but now that she has lost herself in the jungle she doesn’t know about.. what will she do now?

She stayed under the tree and after a while she spotted someone coming towards her direction with a bag.. in the hand… she immediately hid behind the tree. Who knows it might be Chris’s guys.

She watched him from behind the tree and as he’s getting closer his appearance doesn’t seem like one who is dangerous. He’s not one of the guys pursuing her.

After making sure her doubt about him was correct she suddenly came out from her hidden place making the stranger so scared. The stranger was terrified wandering whether she’s some sort of spirit or dangerous human being. Because of how she suddenly came out from the tree.

He held his bag tightly and made move to run away but the calling from Bianca stopped him.

PLEASE DON’T RUN AWAY… I JUST NEED YOUR HELP…she said crying and tried going to where he was but he stopped her by stretching his left hand forward

DON’T MOVE ANYMORE CLOSER TO ME YOUNG LADY… I AM … … he was still talking when they started hearing footsteps approaching them. Bianca who knows what’s happening ran fearfully to him.

PLEASE TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE.. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU… THEY ARE HERE TO KILL ME. THEY WANT TO KILL ME. PLEASE DON’T LET THEM KILL ME.. PLEASE TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE.. she begged with her palms locked together with tears streaming down her cheek.

The stranger looked at her briefly… how could he just help her? She can’t be trusted because she’s a stranger. What if she’s evil and hurt him while he’s trying to help?


PLEASE JUST TRUST ME… I AM NOT DANGEROUS.. I PROMISED TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING LATER BUT PLEASE SAVE MY LIFE NOW AND GET ME OUT OF HERE… she begged and as they were still discussing the footsteps started getting closer to them… he looked at her and felt sympathy in him towards her and without giving it a second thought.. she trapped her hand and started running away with her…

🥶🥶 Chris’s pov 🥶🥶

How did she escape? Where were you all when she untied herself and ran away? I yelled on my boys who were kneeling down in front of me. Most of them has gone to find Bianca.. while this ones stayed behind..

If I had idea of which direction they are, I would have gone to find her myself, I would have shoot her right there immediately or anywhere I set my eyes on that witch.

If they bring her back for me, you are all safe but If they refused to bring her here, I will make life miserable for all of you… I threatened in anger.

When is her father supposed to bring the money? I threw the question at no one in particular

Tommorow boss!! They all answered in chorus…. After hearing that I gritted my teeth and walked out of the room.

I succeeded in walking back to my room and immediately I entered nothing else was on my mind than smoking.

The bi*ch I left in the room is still there resting on the bed but no one told her to get up on her feet immediately she knew about my entering.

I AM NOT IN THE MOOD ANYMORE, GET OUT OF HERE … I said without looking at her with my eyes concentrating on lightening the cigarette I was holding.

Like a be*st that she is, she carried her things and quickly walked out of the room and that was when I looked at her big buttocks shaking behind her.. that’s the sweet taste I’m letting go tonight because of that witch..

Once I lay my hands on her, I won’t spare her… I thought as I continued smoking nonchalantly. My phone started ringing and I removed it from my pocket. Hoping to get some news from my boys but instead Shalom’s name came out on the screen.

I picked the call but her voice that I heard isn’t good like it used to. There was some hatred, anger in it and maybe little pain. She discussed some things with me that I shouldn’t humiliate juliet anymore and I got surprised to hear that.

She has always wants her humiliated so what’s going on? What’s making her to change her mind? I need to find out what’s happening but not now.. if I wasn’t mistaking she mentioned something about her relocating to another country.. what could be happening all of a sudden with her… 🤔🤔🤔

To be continued 💞💞💞


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