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I want a home episode 104


I Want A Home – Episode 104
® 18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe
8:00 pm
The gate to the big compound opened after a sharp car horn and the car got inside real quick.
The middle aged woman driving the car halted and park at the available spot of the parking garage. She got out in no time and began to walk away gently on sighting her little happy kid headed her way from the entrance.
She welcomed the little girl in a warm embrace and squatted to touch her cheek despite feeling exhausted.
“How was school today?” she asked the girl as they began to walk back into the apartment the girl came from.
“It was awesome mum but what took you so long? Your visitors had been waiting for hours”
“Visitors !! What visitors?” the woman asked and slowed down. She held the girl hands and looked at her face.
“They said they were detectives working on an investigation and you told them to wait for you regardless what time you get back”
“What !!” the woman yelled. She squinted and dropped the girl hands. She looked confused and ran towards the door. She opened the door immediately and got inside, she walked out of the direct section of the building and headed straight for the visitors section while the girl ran after her, thinking her mother was in danger or wondering what was wrong.
Detective Cougar turned immediately he noticed the woman stepped inside. He was standing while Prosecutor Colan was seated.
“Excuse me gentlemen, what exactly is going on?” the woman asked immediately she recognized them.
“Nothing as of it ma’am, we decided to visit your personal abode after our meeting earlier today” Prosecutor Colan answered her confidently.
“And what exactly are you doing in my house?” the woman fired real quick, by then, her daughter had stepped into the room.
“We actually liked your speculations Mrs. Glover, I must say you have a good taste for arts and everything in here but we had to come around personally because you didn’t give us the appropriate answers to our questions today at the library” Detective Cougar answered her.
“And what exactly are you rattling? Excuse me Detectives, this is out of bound and you are way too long”
“Excuse me ma’am, I think you need to start telling us the truth now or we go the appropriate way by arresting you for questioning”
“What the hell you talking about? Arrest me !! On what charges?”
“Accomplice with the Chancellor of Maidenfrem University and your corporation to hide a property that belongs to the Seth” Detective Cougar yelled.
“What !! Is this how desperate you are detectives? Oh my God what the fu..ck are you saying?” the woman voiced out, feeling frustrated.
“September last year your bank records shows that a transfer of three million dollars was made to you by the chancellor. What the hell was the money for?” the Detective yelled again. He stepped forward immediately, now facing the woman directly.
“You know Ma’am, that’s a lot of money and I need you to start explaining what you know now. Perhaps it was to shut your mouth about the property in your library”
“Detectives, this is absolute irrelevant. What bank records?”
“You are gonna end up in jail ma’am, your kid is small though but she’ll visit you in jail and perhaps your Son might as well come by. You know why he abandoned you?”
“Because he thinks you are quite a piece of sh..it” Detective Cougar added while the woman watched. He shrugged and then smiled, he looked at the little girl standing behind the woman and smiled at her.
“Detectives I know nothing of what you speak of” the woman voiced out immediately the detective turned to her daughter.
“Then how do you explain the 3 million dollars?” prosecutor Colan asked from where he was seated.
“Officers please. That money was for the project finalized for the Library new building”
“Money meant for a project sent to your personal account?” The prosecutor asked with a shrug.
“Excuse me ma’am, we are running out of time and I think its best we do it the appropriate way” detective Cougar interrupted before the woman could answer the question. He brought out an handcuff immediately and stepped more closer to the woman.
“You are under arrest for compromising with a secret organization and for your involvement in illegal deal and deceit” the detective was still saying when the woman quickly interrupt him on seeing the handcuff.
“I’ll confess but will you help me out if I do?” she asked immediately.
“Yes if you tell us where the items are” prosecutor Colan answered her.
11 o’clock
Location: Seux Hotel, Thailand.
Margot and Steve walked out from the hotel dressed the same way few hours ago.
A taxi was parked across the road and both dues crossed and got into the back seat of the taxi.
The taxi driver who was already seated at the driver side kicked the engine and drive few seconds later.
Steve phone rang as they settled and move. He picked out the phone and answered the call real quick.
“We are on our way” he said into the phone.
“Okay. Jason and Jakoby are on their way, Joel and I would meet you as planned” Derrick voice sounded on the phone and the call dropped.
30 minutes later.
Location: Kaew Temple, Thailand.
Jason and Jakoby were walking side by side dressed in an all black. They were both holding two separate flowers as they entered the cemetery.
Steve and Lord Maggot were dressed the same way with flowers in their hands but all four walking separately even though they could see each other from afar.
Of course one could fathom the inscription of paying the dead a visit with flowers.
Generally it was believed people come around to pay respect in remembrance of their loved ones so nobody including security officials around the vicinity thought anyone could be there to cause havoc.
“Which of the sections are we heading?” Jason voice sounded on everyone chip even though the question was directed to Steve.
“You go the other way while we’d meet with the monks” Steve instructed as he and Margot were fast approaching a building.
The monastery building was carved into two steps sections that intersect one entrance and was entirely a long distance from the graveyard.
Steve studied the time they had trek from the graveyard to the Monastery building and he had calculated five minutes in total.
He took a glance backwards and looked at Margot before both of them turned at the steps sections. A monk was already at the entrance of the building and he had been sighted since they walk past the graveyard.
“Take off your shoes” the monk instructed as they approach him and walked out totally from the entrance to guide both dues on the instruction.
Steve walked to the edge of the carved section and took off his shoes in no time and Margot did likewise, helping the monk out from the stress.
They walked towards the monk and bowed in regards to the respect he gave them.
He then looked at their faces and cross his hands.
“I welcome you to Kaew Temple gentlemen” the monk says slowly in Thailand intonation. He was dressed in his tricivara, a monastic garment often worn by a Buddhist.
“Thank you” Margot answered him in a kind gesture while Steve only nodded and faked a smile. He stylishly took a look inside the temple and immediately counted about 10 monks. They squatted and faced a big statue with their eyes and palm closed in a Buddhist style.
“Life is uncertain and death is certain. Perhaps the deepest reason we are scared of death is not knowing what purpose we stand for, if we fully understand death, then we could see it as a path to something new” the monk phrased and shrugged. He look afar the way up to the graveyard and back at their faces.
Steve attention turned to him immediately, he looked at the monk face and then think of his words. It seems reasonable but he could not fathom what it meant exactly.
He and Margot glance backwards when the monk turned again. He looked at the graveyard upfront and turned forward when the monk began to speak again.
“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely, death is not a scary final end, but a part of gaining wisdom. Those who meditate and follow Buddha’s teachings gain wisdom beyond their own sense of self and realize its importance” the monk was still saying when Steve interrupted him, feeling pissed of the monk’s sh..it.
“We are here to pay our homage” Steve told him, sounding sharp but disrespectful.
“Americans !! Do you believe in Buddha’s teachings?” the monk asked calmly, still standing at the entrance of the temple.
“Buddha’s teaches wisdom and to embrace knowledge, purpose and path are intertwined” Margot answered him in a calm manner, letting the monk turn to her on feeling Steve sharp response.
She nodded and the monk nodded, he turned back to Steve and smiled.
“You may pay your homage”
He phrased and stepped aside before Steve and Margot entered the temple. The monk began to walk away so as they walk the more into the temple.
However the temple was a big one, extremely presented with Buddhas statue everywhere and it has three main entrances. Two at both sides and the front entrance.
The ten monks in the temple were seated in circles and their physical eyes closed but their mouth were mumbling out enchantments.
Steve and Margot walked towards the right entrance quietly and get out from the temple to another section.
Another monastery building was adjacent the temple where an inscription that everyone except monks can pay their homage.
Steve walked towards the entrance and Margot followed him in no time.
They looked everywhere if anyone was watching before they entered and trend forward carefully while Steve turned his chip on.
“We are in” he said into the chip.
“Okay. We are in position” Jason responded from the other end.
To be continued…

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