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I want a home episode 107


I Want A Home – Episode 107
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© Ireti Adedipe

My Sincere Apologies for the Long Week of Silence. Situations due to the Global Pandemic had caused it as it has affected the World as a Whole, I hope you are safe and staying safe? I’m sure days would come when we’d laugh together and congratulates ourselves for victory. Look forward to more posts as we all stay safe.. Thanks for your contribution and thoughts and do make your comments.


Margot had only taken few steps forward when more gunshots sounded from another direction. About three men appeared from an angle and began to shoot radically. She took cover immediately as well as Jason and Jakoby who were walking closely behind her.

“Shi..t what the hell” she exclaimed in regards of the shots as luckily for her a bullet from the strange men swiped above her right shoulder.

The fierce gunshots increased and there were different bullets flying in the air. The monks and the people around the vicinity had all picked a race as police siren were sounding afar.

“We need to get out of here, but who the f**k are these men again?” Jason yelled from his position, he turned to Jakoby who was now squatting behind him immediately and turned back to Margot.

The new three men were perfectly in one angle of the temple, they were dressed in a thialand traditional attire and each of them carried more powerful weapon that the afiars had to rush backwards when two of them dropped dead in five seconds.

“We need to go. They aren’t shooting at us” Jakoby was still saying on realizing the men were shooting at the securities when Margot stood quickly and hurried out from cover.

She ran opposite her direction as Jason and Jakoby follow behind.

Luckily they got out of the temple quickly and took to a rapid pace as they got to the graveyard. They hurried towards the entrance and got out real quick just then different police vehicles troop into the place massively.


Joel and Derrick were already hurrying off to the temple after no response came from Steve when they heard a distinct rattling voice on their chips.

“Steve !! Steve you there?” Derrick asked as he walked.

“Steve, Motherfuc..ker are you there?” Joel shouted out too and stopped walking. By then, more than six police trucks had troop into the place.

“Yeah guys, the tunnel is collapsing but I’m about to get out” Steve voice finally sounded, his tone reflecting he was on the run.

“There’s a serious gunfire at the entrance. You won’t survive if you get out from there” Derrick shouted out.

“I’m gonna die in here as well Derrick. I’ll find a way to escape, you guys just head after Margot before she get away”

“I’ll chase her, you get back to the temple and help Steve, he can’t survive on his own” Joel shouted out and in no seconds head to another direction while Derrick hurried to another direction, almost waited no seconds to hear Joel.

Margot knew something was fishy as she walk along Jason and Jakoby but she acted cool. Each of them kept their weapons down as they walk not to look suspicious or recognized along the street.

Countless people had all gathered far metres away watching the current gunfire hence it was easy to missed with them.

Jason and Jakoby were walking side by side behind Margot as they walked between the crowd carefully. The ex soldiers glance at themselves and continued on walking as they were almost getting pass the crowds.

Soon. They were able to get admist the people and head for another direction.

Margot suddenly stopped walking and looked backwards, she nodded to the ex soldiers as if she’d seen something and turned again to look around.

“How do we proceed from here?” She asked, directing the question to them.

“We have to get away from here. I’m sure those three would handle themselves. Getting caught is way too long for anyone” Jason was yet answering when Jakoby interrupted him.

“Let me have a look at the flash” He demanded as Margot turned to them and opened her palm to show the tiny flash, not without waiting reluctantly for few seconds.

“We have to get out from here now. We’ve got what we came for” She quietly enjoined.

“Why the hell can’t we connect to Joel and Derrick?” she asked rhetorically and turned while the ex militant were looking at the flash marvelously on her palm. She navigated to another section of the road and looked at Jason as if he was expected to give an accurate response.

“Give me the drive” Jakoby told her.

A smirk forced out from Margot and a baffled look appeared on her face. She blinked and turned as Jason stepped close to her.

She heard him heaved a deep breath and saw him raise his gun. “Give him the flash” he ordered and point the revolver on her head.

It was so quick she was unable to do anything or make a move.

Jakoby stepped closer likewise and pointed his gun on her before she could make any move. He grabbed her fist and collected the gun she held.

“The flash now motherfuc..ker” Jakoby shouted and held unto the trigger to show her he was serious. Both ex soldiers maintained a strong face so it was rather likely Margot didn’t see it coming.

It was hard to tell how she feels immediately but she didn’t make any expression to regard her feelings even though she was real baffled and scared. Perhaps maybe Steve knew she was going to betray them earliest. She thought to herself.

She looked at both dues still trying and thinking of what to do when Jason shouted on her and grabbed the flash from her palm.

They pointed their guns on her to show their seriousness and ordered her to go on her knees instantly.

“Go on your knees” Jakoby ordered her as Jason stepped backwards. She waited no seconds to obey and raised her hands up in the air as ordered afterwards by Jakoby.

The atmosphere became rather tense for Margot immediately. She took in a deep breath and squinted. Her head made some fast calculations and conclusion as she look around.

They were far already from the gathered crowd and no one particular was on sight or expected to be looking at them.

Far away her left side was a small building, its looked like an hut but the design of the place was much more than it seems. Her left side was also a building, a house specifically but a three story building. She looked at both sides and turned to the ex soldiers, she gathered her brow and decided to ask a question.

“This is how you’d betray us?” she asked them and squinted as Jakoby stepped backwards.

Jason made a chuckle and Jakoby followed it with a smirk, they parted their lips in a jealty way and smiled.

“Fu..ck you bit..ch. Do not talk about Betrayal” Jakoby answered her in an aggressive way.

“We have specific reasons for involving in all these and it is to have this for ourselves. What do you think? We are dummies? You think we got suspended in the army to come get involve in some sh*t..s? That aren’t possible bit..ch. We are here for this and we are just gonna disappear with it regardless of what happens” Jason added almost immediately with another chuckle.

Realization finally struck Margot and her calculations changed. She looked at Jason eyes and turned to Jakoby.

“Intresting” She remarked with a faint chuckle.

“Shut the fuc..k off. We are just gonna kill you and made it believe you were shut” Jakoby countered her and held the trigger of his gun. He was about to shoot when a loud broad voice sounded behind them.

Three armed men appeared from behind and another three upfront.

“Drop your guns now” one of them from behind shouted as Jason and Jakoby tried to move but was countered by the men.

The six men had them surrounded immediately and there was nothing the ex soldiers could do.

They glance at themselves and gently obeyed on seeing the men angry face. Jason dropped the gun and Jakoby did likewise, gently and slowly.

“Go on your knees” the same person telling them to drop their guns commanded. He was centered at the middle of the three men behind and he looked huge and muscular.

“He told you to go on your damn knees” one of the men upfront shouted when both dues didn’t obey with immediate effect as Jason turned and looked at him.

He gently went on his knees and Jakoby followed reluctantly.

To a big surprise, one of them upfront stepped forward in seconds and helped Lord Margot up.

He cleaned up the dirt on her knees instantly and gently wiped off the stain on her shoulder as Margot got up with a smirk.

“The flash. Hand it over” she turned to Jason and stretched her palm forward.

“Hand… The flash.. Over soldier” she commanded in a stern voice as one of the men slapped him from behind. Jason reluctantly obeyed and gave her the flash.

He looked around him and the guys standing behind. He then made a glance at Jakoby and turned to Margot with a smirk.

Margot smiled and giggled. She turned around to look at the men surrounding them as they giggled as well before turning back to the soldiers.

“You are really dummies” She told them and picked up the guns one of them dropped. She cocked it and fired a bullet into Jakoby skull immediately.

Jakoby lifeless body fell on the floor with a thud as Jason shouted out with shock. He held unto his body as the loud bang of the gunshot evade.

Margot turned the gun to him instantly, she was about to fire when Joel shoot from afar.

To be continued…

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