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I want a home episode 108


I Want A Home – Episode 108
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Joel waited no seconds to fire another bullet from his position when his first shot killed the man directly standing opposite Jason. He attempted to shoot again in a bid to get Lord Margot but he had to quickly take cover at the edge of a building when the armed men shot too.

He was at a very good position hence he had more chance to shoot again real quick when they all attempted to split as Margot shot likewise.

She turned immediately when Joel took cover again as well as two men behind her.

One man was down immediately but the rest of them had all navigated to different position.

An heavy gun fire occur immediately as Jason took a quick chance to get aside, leaving Jakoby’s dead body.

Joel waited no time to shoot likewise, he continue on shooting as the men also shoots back randomly.

Margot who had navigated too to one corner looked at the direction Jason ran to, she fired three quick shots at him as he ran but all missed unfortunately as he was fast to take cover.

She fired more shots towards the position he ran to and fired more towards the direction of Joel.

“My lord, we got to move, the police would be here any seconds, there’s a vehicle upfront to get you out of here” the leader of the unknown armed men announced. He glanced at Margot and began to fire back at Joel.

He then nodded out to two men who stepped towards the drug lord.

“Go with them” he told Margot and watch as she turned in few seconds. He stepped out from cover immediately and the rest of the men joined him to ensure Joel was held back while lord Margot leaves.

The shooting inside the temple had reduced before Steve luckily get out as everyone took cover from getting killed.

The police and the local guards faced the unknown armed men as dim of bullets were scattered everywhere.

Immediately Steve got out, one of the local guards caught his movement and he was instantly recognized as one of the intruders, hence gunshots were directed at him.

He ran out totally from the placement and took cover behind one of the pillars of the temple.

He had looked totally unrecognized and dirty, dust and lashes of cobwebs were over him from head to toe. He wiped out the cob off his face and held his gun up while the pillar took the bullets for him.

He waited for some more seconds and turn the way round to shoot at the men shooting at him.

By then he heard Derrick voice on his chip.

“Steve stay together, I’m here to help you”

Almost immediately Margot zoomed off with the car prepared for her did police troop into the location from each side of the road.

The men shooting at Joel had to run quickly from the area and navigated in between the space separating the building.

A police car was already behind Joel and he couldn’t run as he tried to step away and run likewise.

“Drop your weapons… Drop your weapons now” two police officer had drop from the car immediately he tried to escape too.

They point their guns on him and there was nothing he could do. He dropped the gun instantly and lift his hand.

“Hands up !! Hands on your head now” he heard the officer and quietly obeyed as they move towards him.

“Turn around and face the wall” he heard them say and obeyed as well.

The officers stepped more closer and one of them made for the gun on the ground while the other brought out an handcuff.

He stepped closer to Joel and ordered him to turn his hands behind. He tried to cuff him instantly but that seems to be a very big mistake.

Joel grabbed him immediately and turn him around, he knocked him as the officer tried to free himself and stepped behind him almost immediately the second officer fired on sighting his actions.

Two bullets penetrated the officer belly mistakenly and Joel seized the opportunity instantly, he pushed the officer and urge forward with two quick blows on the second officer before he could recognize it, he knocked him off. He picked up the gun, opened the police vehicle and got in the driver side, he kicked the engine and zoomed off to pursue Margot.

The gun exchange directives changed when Derrick began to fire from behind. Some of the officers had changed focus on him and the levity of the gun fire increased.

Even though the little distraction helped Steve out from the pillar, he couldn’t move far as the local securities opens heavy fire on him.

He was out from the corridors of the main temple quickly and took cover behind some of the old statue around the temple. He peeped out from cover and began to shoot at the police and the local securities.

The shooting continues rapidly and the gun battle engaged over seven more minutes before Steve had the chance to move out from cover again.

By then, all the police officers were down but not dead, some were either shot at their shoulders and some on their legs and laps but the local securities seem to make their stands even though three of them were left.

Lord Margot gladness became shortwhile when the two men seated at the front seat called her attention to the police vehicle in pursuit.

The vehicle was distance away but it was on a high speed that would soon catch up with them if the car speed wasn’t increased . The man driving increased his speed as Margot turned to look at the police vehicle.

She heaved a sigh in frustration and turned forward.

“Take another route” She ordered the man driving as the car speed increased.

“My Lord there’s no other faster route to this, the second route here would be filled with passersby and it will be difficult to enroute without the cops catching up” the driver answered and looked at the rear mirror to see her face.

“No, We can’t afford to be blocked at the other side, take the route and let’s cause a distraction” She instructed the driver almost immediately the man swiped the wheel around, the car tyres screech and the driver turn off another direction. He held unto the horn button immediately and increased the speed the more.

The route he turned to was a tarred road but not the appropriate or normal road, it was smaller in width and buildings were at opposite sides. The roads link to other intersection and it was mainly categorized for motorbikes, bicycles and mainly serves as quick route from one place to another through the buildings at both sides.

People were all across the road at each sides and it could deduce an arena for places like an open restaurant, locally shops and people who buys and sell.

The place was filled up all along but soon scattered when a crazy vehicle zoomed towards the route in a crazy manner. People around and along the way ran immediately they began to hear the horn from getting kicked off accidentally.

Some of them ran off the roads as the driver ran through, destroying or scattering things along the way as everyone scattered not without cursing the crazy driver.

Immediately Joel saw the car changed direction, he made for the vehicle siren and turned it on. He held unto the horn button likewise and turned towards the direction. In seconds, he also ran across the road as people move from the way with the loud sound of the horn.

He increased the speed the more not without taking his hands off the horn button and trying not to injure anyone or ran through anything, especially that could get the car struck.

He was now not too far in pursuit when he heard two quick gunshots up the air and screams from people who were blocking the moving vehicle Lord Margot was seated as they drive crazily.

The pursuit continue on like that for exact three minutes, the road were getting clearer as few people were only passing the route not without running off the way from getting injured by the crazy moving car.

The two cars were speeding in a terrific manner and the distance between them was well balanced. The man driving seems to be quite good and he seems to have more knowledge about the directions of the road with the way he navigated between buildings hence it was difficult for Joel to easily levied up since he was just in pursuit.

He tried all he could to level up with them but the police vehicle could only speed up to an exact extent hence it was not really helpful.

He hissed when he increased the speed again but the distance was still quite the same, instead, the driver created more gap between them.

He picked up his gun and navigated through the window, he released two quick shots.

To be continued….

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