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I Want A Home – Episode 115


I Want A Home – Episode 115
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Minutes Later.

The chairman and the two Federal agents were left in the office. The agents were both seated opposite another and the chairman was seated between them.

After a lasting moment of calls, objections and consideration between the three of them. The chairman phone began to ring. He took the phone on the center table between them to answered the call quickly as it was been expected.

“There’s nothing I can do Albert, I’m sorry” he said into the phone before the caller could utter a word.

“Do you know you’re involved in this and you’d be jailed if this get out?” Minister Albert voice sounded.

“This guys have strong evidences, how the hell do you want me to cover it up?” The chairman yelled.

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“You do the needful man, don’t fu..cking get on my nerves”

“What do you want me to do? I tried as much as possible to make them cover it up but they are determined and it seems as though there’s something fishy on my part”

“I don’t care how you get this down straight up Ken, I do hope you realize what your position stands for and what would happen if that thing leaks”

“Nothing happens to me man, even if the evidences are portrayed out, I could as well save my a..ss like usual. What those guys had are on those motherfuc..king greedy men, why should I risk myself to save them?”

“If nothing is done to conceal the situation in 4 hours man, I assure you’d pay for it”

“What the heck, is that a threat?”

“You have my word man, I give you 4 hours to get this done or you pay for every penny you’ve had illegally for the rest of your life”

“If I go down, we all come down man. Every single motherfuc..kers” The chairman yelled loudly but the line had gone off already.

He looked at the phone screen and hissed, he dropped the phone on the table in annoyance and turned to the agents.

“We have to cover this up Mr. Ken” one of the agents remarked as he relaxed on the sofa.

“Yeah. It true, if this gets out. We all go down truthfully, every single one of us” the other agent supported and faced him.

He looked at the agents and made a chuckle, he smiled and placed his right hand on his knee.

“We were both at the meeting with the detective and the prosecutor earlier and you saw what transpired between us. How exactly do we cover it up?” he asked thoughtfully and placed the hand on his jaw while his elbow on his knees.

“We could eliminate them” the first agent answered.

“Yeah. And anyone else who knows about the evidence” the second agent added.

“What about their source? We can’t eliminate them if we don’t know where and how they got those information”

“Their source would hide if they are dead. We could make it look like an accident and we doesn’t have to do it ourselves” the other agent explained. He stared at the chairman who turned to him and nodded before continuing.

“I can arrange men as soon as possible and it’ll be sorted out in 24 hours”

“We burn the evidences with them and destroy every other files” the first agent also contributed.

“We get this clean now or we’re all in trouble” the other agent added.

Frank stared at Albert immediately he dropped the call with the President of the country.

He was still seated in his position as well as Val himself except Michael Mill who had stood aside to smoke his tobacco.

Albert heaved a deep breath and dropped his phone. He returned Frank gaze and sighed.

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“The President doesn’t want to interfere as well, you guys have created lots of enemies for yourselves and he doesn’t want trouble from any of them” He told Frank who was waiting for him to speak after the calls. He made another deep breath and relax himself on the chair.

“I have to go now” Frank said in a stern voice. He stood up at once and made a sharp glance at Val who eventually met his gaze.

He turned towards the direction of Michael Mill and made to leave gently without a word to Val.

The room remained silent for a moment after Frank went out. Nothing was sounding except the tick tock of the wall clock in the room till Val rose up all of a sudden.

“I’d take my leave as well” He announced in a stern voice and looked at Albert as Michael turned to him.

“What just happened to yall has nothing to do with what we came to do” Michael told him from his position.

“I’m sorry you got to face your own problems yourself” he added and took two steps forward as Val nodded to him.

He never mentioned a word and quietly head out of the room likewise, leaving both the minister and Michael inside.

“I knew something was fishy with the impromptu meeting” Detective Cougar yelled out immediately he took out the earpiece from his ear.

He was seated at the driver side of a car with Prosecutor Colan at the passenger side, both of them using an earpiece and both took it out at once.

“I’m sending this to the National headquarters immediately” Colan remarked in shock and took out his phone.

“No, that’ll be dangerous to do” Detective Cougar quickly countered. He wrapped his left hand across the wheel and placed the other on the gear of the car.

“They control the National headquarters and it will be easy for them to execute their plans using the secret federal agents. We’d be dead before you know it or we could be framed” The detective added.

“Right now we can’t trust anyone, then what do we do?”

“They’ll be watching us and looking for methods to execute their plans. All we can do right now is to be careful”

“Then what about the tape?”

“We’d send it across various broadcast stations and let it be on air if anything happens to us” the detective answered.

Flashback, few hours ago.

After several considerations, the chairman eventually gave up on convincing both Detective Cougar and the Prosecutor to conceal their evidences from getting to the public.

The federal agents alongside the Cia men also partake in the trial but they remain unconvinced.

The chairman heaved a very deep breath and turned back to his seat after it seemed like the meeting was getting to an end. He shrugged and look at the agents seated with him and back at the detective.

“You may take your leave” he told them and smiled cheaply as Detective Cougar step forward to them. He moved towards the desk and pocketed his hands. He’s fingers located a tiny bug piece and he picked it up while Prosecutor Colan stepped forward.

The prosecutor turned around and head away just as the detective did likewise after planting the tiny device under the desk.


Val’s phone began to ring repeatedly as he foamed silently in anger. He was just stepping out from a limousine vehicle when his two different phones began to ring simultaneously.

He didn’t bother checking the phones nor answer the calls as he head for the chopper few distance away with two bodyguards following him.

He got into the private chopper and head for the executive section immediately the two guards followed after him and the chopper entrance door began to shut.

He met Frank seated inside and he seem very busy with his phone.

He made for one of the seats and heard the pilot announcement for take off. He relaxed on the seat and his phone began to ring again differently.

He looked at both phones to see the callers and the missed calls he had but didn’t answer any of the incoming calls.

He switched the phones off immediately and turned to Frank who was just done on a call.

“I sense a foul play. One of this guys is trying to get us out of the way with every means” he said and heaved a sigh.

“How the hell do such evidence existed? I ordered you to wipe it off from our server and from any of our staffs that docvmented them” Frank was still on his call. He widened his face and began to shout at the person he was speaking with from the other end.

Val stayed silent and watch him receive two more different calls and began to speak again after he saw him dropped the phones.

“We need to find out who set us up” he remarked.

“Its no matter of who set us up Val, how the hell do close deals and evidence that shouldn’t even exist point to us in details?”

“I have no idea Frank, I received a mail of the evidences myself and I’ve got no answer to that question”

“This isn’t from Harrison right?”

“I don’t know man. This is a total clash of order and Harrison doesn’t have access to any of these, none of us do”

“Then how the heck do this get out? Unauthorized Docvmented transactions now holding as evidence against us. Whoever is attacking us has dug beyond what shouldn’t existed and I’m fu..cking pissed with that”

“Harrison doesn’t know about some of the deals but he could have let out information that led to it”

“No. Even if Harry gave out any information, there’s no way he’ll have information as detailed as this”

“Then what the hell are we doing? Why are we not looking for him?”

“We will definitely look for him” Val assured.

Later that night.

Mr. Stephen walked up to his wife on the bed after he went for a quick shower at the bathroom. He cleaned himself up real quick and put on a neat underwear as he joined her on the bed.

“Darling don’t you think we need to visit those detectives again?” his wife asked him gently in low tones.

“Why should we visit them?” Mr. Stephen asked her too after a sigh, pulling himself under the blanket.

“Atleast to ask if they have any new information about Vivian’s disappearance”

“They’ll have called first if they found something darling. There’s no need for that”

“I know darling but I’m worried about Dad. He kept me thinking we’ve not done enough at all”

“Honey. We need to put everything in God’s hands and believe Vivian would been found somehow”

“I understand darling but I’m thinking if we could get to some of her colleagues at work, especially the ones who spoke with dad. We could get the information or whatever they told dad ourselves”

“Okay darling but right now let’s just sleep. We’d figure it out tomorrow” Mr. Stephen suggested like he was completely tired and wrap his arms around her immediately, he pulled her close to his chest and placed a kiss on her forehead.

She likewise wrap her arms around his chest and rested her head on his chest just almost the same seconds Mr. Stephen phone began to vibrate on a shelf placed very close to the bed.

He turned quietly towards the shelf and picked up the phone to look at the screen.

An unsaved contact was calling but he recognized the last four digit of the number as Steve’s.

“I’ve got to take this darling” he told his wife and stand up quickly. He head out of the room quickly and shut the door.

“I just arrived and I thought you need to know” Steve said on the phone after apologizing to him on his accuse of calling late.

He listened and respond to Mr. Stephen questions one after the other and their conversation lasted for a minute before the call dropped.

Steve heaved a sigh as he got to the door of the room assigned to Vivian. He opened it at once and saw Vivian seated on the bed, she was crushing a milk chocolate snack on the bed while watching the television.

He stepped into the room and removed the face cap on his head just about time he felt a warm and sharp embrace before he could close the door, Vivian had ran towards him before he knew it and hold him in a tight embrace.

To be continued..

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