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I want a home episode 37

I Want A Home – Episode 37
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About 5 minutes after the chief detective saw that its still gonna take Lord Nathaniel more minutes contrary to his given time to hack into the server the drug lord was still trying to get inside did he decided to walk out of the room for a brief moment.
He doesn’t really understand the coding but he could see the screen of the laptop lord Nathaniel was working on. “Access Denied” he read the words displayed on the screen of the laptop and drag his foot backwards before he could take any steps away.
He was about to turn around when he saw the looks on lord Nathaniel after a look at the female programmer beside him.
“Can you give me the password to get into this server? This security system seems to be a top-notch and can only be hacked by two professionals” The female programmer said, directly talking to Lord Nathaniel who gave no immediate response and whose face had turned to a total confused one.
Lord Nathaniel placed his hands on his laps beneath the big desk immediately he himself also whispered what the chief detective said, “Access Denied” he repeated again, his voice was clear, but it wasn’t audible to all of them in the room.
“What is going on agent?” The chief detective asked just immediately lord Nathaniel rested his back fully on the chair.
“I think the security system had been changed and I can’t access the server anymore, even my account and that of Margot had been compromised” Lord Nathaniel answered the chief detective before the female agent could answer the question.
“What account had been compromised?” Margot who had kept quiet all the while asked, getting all their attention. They all turned to her instantly as she rose on her feet and swiftly walked towards them.
She moved beside the chief detective who stepped back a little to give her space as she turned to watch the laptop without minding Lord Nathaniel gaze.
A light smile appeared on Lord Nathaniel face immediately Margot took a look at the screen of the laptop. He turned his face back to the screen himself and input the enter key on the keyboard twice followed by the Esc key once.
Another pop-up displayed and he tap the enter key immediately.
“174DX is the password and this is the old server” Margot said after a minute silence while the chief detective moved back.
“There is a new server already consisting few of the old members, all the accounts have been replaced with all new accounts and the old ones had been terminated” Margot added again just as lord Nathaniel fingers was about to press some of the keys on the laptop.
She had interrupted the drug lord who was about to say something and lean forward. The female programmer seated beside Lord Nathaniel squinted in total confusion and remained focus on the laptop, she seems totally confused already and her facial expression changed immediately when she saw some strange codes on the laptop screen.
“When was the old account replaced Margot? That wouldn’t have happened without me knowing about it” Lord Nathaniel asked.
“Drug business is changing Nathaniel and account are only been cleared in the servers when it is appropriate for the user to die and you know what that means yourself” Margot answered his question and leaned back immediately.
“Wherever this place is Nathaniel, there is nothing this detectives can do to stop your death” She added.
Winston and Gunner waited and stand beside the front door of the car they finally parked about 6 blocks to the street to they were headed for.
Both of them rested their back on the side door as the Van they’ve seen coming ahead finally slowed down on getting to their position.
Two men got down from the Van immediately and the one who seemed to be the driver was first to get down. He quickly hurried to the side of the van to open the door for Winston who was fast approaching them immediately.
“Which of you both is monitoring the surveillance” Winston asked immediately the side door of the van was dragged open.
“I am” the second man who walked over from the other side answered Winston. He too hurriedly walked beside the other man before Winston could get into the van.
“Now I want you to disrupt their security network, get us into the facility without them knowing”
“Right away sir” He answered Winston order immediately and got into the van after Winston himself.
“Get me the box and few other materials in that small bag”
“Right away boss” Winston ordered the second man and swiftly walked behind the first man who was already carrying out the order.
“Winston, our man had gained access into the facility. We’ve got to move now without delay” Gunner intercepted immediately he stepped into the van too.
He placed the big box he was carrying on a long arranged chair in the van and opened it.
“What about Benny and Michael?”
“They are already in the sniper position”
“Good. Let’s proceed in then” Winston said.
“No harm will ever get to you from here. I want you both to be rest assured” The chief detective interrupted just as the female programmer beside lord Nathaniel demanded the attention of the chief.
She was already on her feet and stepped backwards towards the chief who was behind the desk.
“Sir I think we need to take this from here, we can’t trust this men and you can’t give them total access to whatever they want. What they are doing is dangerous and it could leak this location out” The female programmer whispered to the chief detective immediately the middle aged man walked closer to her.
Margot leaned forward and more closer to lord Nathaniel almost immediately the female programmer stood up, she whispered something to Lord Nathaniel who swiftly pressed some keys on the laptop.
A light smile appeared on her face immediately and she lean back again, she was sure the surveillance camera didn’t capture what she just did and her sound was almost not audible at all even to lord Nathaniel who only heard a figure out of the code she called but she was glad he seemed to quickly figure it out.
The female programmer and the chief detective took three steps forward back in less than a minute more. The chief moved beside lord Nathaniel who wasn’t doing anything on the laptop again and Margot too.
“We have to take this up from here Nathaniel” the chief detective said just immediately the female programmer carried the laptop on the desk when suddenly they heard a loud heavy noise and the light in the room began to blink repeatedly.
The wh0le light in the room blink twice immediately and changed.
“What the bleep is going on here?” the baffled middle age detective shouted out. Lord Nathaniel stand on his feet immediately and Margot moved back a bit from her position.
The door opened instantly right before the chief detective could walk pass the female programmer who was already walking towards the door and an officer stepped inside but the chief detective walked pass the officer hurriedly and stepped out of the room, the female programmer followed after and the officer followed suit after closing the door.
“We are under attack sir” one of the agent outside the computer room said immediately the chief detective rushed out.
“Under attack by who?” the middle aged man asked, directing the question to the two agents present in the room. He could see the other agent was busy with the communication device attached on his collar while the second agent hurriedly sit in front of one of the computers as the wh0le light began to blink more repeatedly.
“They are here” Margot turned and faced lord Nathaniel directly after the Detectives rushed out of the room but lord Nathaniel gave no response.
The drug lord let out a chuckle and took a step backwards. He raised one of his right fingers up and smiled.
He crossed both hands afterwards and made another chuckle without saying anything.
Seven footages appeared on the big system immediately the agent switched again. Nothing seems amiss on any of the footages and no activity was going on.
The agent switched to another part of the facility immediately but nothing was seen, everything looked cool and some cops were walking around the place peacefully.
The chief detective squeezed his face in confusion, likewise everyone in the room. He turned back to the agent who was with the talkon and gave him a questioning look.
“What the hell is going on here agent?” the chief detective asked immediately the light suddenly turned back to normal.
“I think there’s a kind of mix-up somewhere sir, there’s a report one of our men was knocked down at the power generator” The agent answered quickly and dropped down his fingers off the talkon attached on his collar.
“What do you meant there was a mix-up?” the chief detective was still asking when the door to the room suddenly opened from the other end and two cops rushed inside.
“Sir, there is a problem” one of the cops uttered almost breathlessly.
Winston dropped off the metal box immediately he knocked down the third man at the power generator after a kick into the officer’s balls, he quickly opened the small square box and brought out a long metal object alongside a screwdriver.
He moved more closer to the generator immediately after walking pass one of the cops laid on the floor, he took off the bunch of keys attached on the man’s wa-ist and successfully opened the generator cover after two minutes of trying.
In less than five minutes more, the wh0le visible light all around the area went off immediately.
He quickly stand up immediately and turned on the small torchlight he held, he moved back a bit away from his position to confirm the darkness and pressed the signal button attached on the collar of his shirt.
He was yet to say anything when he heard Gunner’s voice from his communication earpiece. “Join us in 2 minute”
“I’ll be there in less” He said back into the receiver of the talkon.
GMT 23:58 pm
Steve made another faint sigh and sip from the mug again as the television set volume was raised by Charles who was with the remote control.
Steve was on his feet as he emptied the cup while Charles who was so concentrated on the news channel and was seated on one of the long sofa in the sitting room.
Both of them soon concentrated on the news report before Steve broke the short silence by moving round the room to take his car key after dropping off the mug containing the leftover coffee.
Charles attention was distracted just immediately Steve took the car key beside him. He took a long look at the wall clock in the room for the time before he finally speak after the long argument between him and Steve.
“Its late already Steve, why don’t you stay over?” Charles said without taking a side glance at Steve who had already taken five steps closer to the door.
“I have somethings to do Charles” Steve answered him just casually but continued walking without taking a look backwards.
“Where are you going and what things do you have to do man? I told you we have business to finalize with those men” Charles retorted and turned immediately. He dropped the mug firmly held on his fingers and faced Steve with a serious look.
“No we are supposed to lay low man, I’m aren’t doing this stuffs anymore and who goddamn knows what the hell you wanna do this time again when all you ever do is get us all into one kind of trouble”
How to grow your business while you stay at home
“Vivian got shot, I got shot and now we have men ordering us to do things man” Charles shouted in annoyance repeatedly when Steve gave no response to him or acted like he was listening at all or even stopped walking.
To be continued…

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