I Want A Home

I want a home episode 40

I Want A Home – Episode 40
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© Ireti Adedipe
Steve took out his phone again by the time the security man turned back towards the gate direction. He closed the driver side of the car and looked at the screen, Vivian was now calling him.
“Who the hell is there? You aren’t opening this gate man, whoever is at the other side should return to wherever it is he’s coming from” The second security man who had finally reached the gate shouted and walked over the pillar of the gate to check the vehicle outside.
“Keep on horning” Sunny instructed.
“Boss I think we should go with our original plan”
“No just keep horning” Sunny instructed again.
“Goddammit this car won’t stop horning man, we have to check whoever is there even if we aren’t gonna open the gate. This is a big estate and can be occupied by anyone”
“No Tad, we are not opening this gate, don’t even think about it. The front light of the car is still on and we can’t see whoever is in the car”
The three men seated at the back seat of the car was getting frustrated already, each one of them was holding a revolver and seemed already prepared for action but the new changes made by Sunny got them more frustrated even for the driver who kept on horning for over a minute without getting response from the in,side.
“Get down and knock gate” Sunny gave another instruction to the driver who got down almost immediately with frustration and hurried towards the gate.
“and who are you?” The second security man asked from the other side of the gate after a minute.
“Will you at least open the gate and let me in? I’m here to see the Bennett’s”
“What !! You are here to see who?”
“The Bennett’s. I said I am here to see the Bennett’s”
Steve took a longer look at the securities at the gate, he squinted and felt like walking up to them but he didn’t. He finally end the call after speaking with Vivian for 20 seconds.
He walked over the side of the car without stopping and began to walk away from the parking space.
He felt like stopping when he heard one of the security shouts by the time he almost turned the knob of the apartment he was about to go into but he couldn’t again since the door opened already and Vivian had stepped in between the entrance.
He felt taken aback at first when the door of the apartment opened and Vivian stopped in between the door with the knob of the door in her hands.
“Is anything wrong?” Vivian asked him immediately he turned to her. Noting his reaction.
“Huh !! No. Nothing” Steve shrugged and entered when Vivian took few steps backwards to let him in.
He took four step forward and stopped when he heard the door closing back.
Vivian adjusted her nightie and tied the robe appropriately immediately she closed the door, she walked forward after taking a quick glance at the front hallway that leads to the ins of the apartment.
“Lets get this straight Steve” She pointed out and folded her arms after making a straight face.
Steve swallowed in slowly and fixed his gaze on her lids, he adjusted the front button on his Belt with his left finger and made a faint sigh.
“Vivian. I want a home with you” he began to speak in a stern voice.
“Yeah. You’ve said that multiple countless time Steve”
“I love you, and I meant no harm for you but recently all I’ve done is to bring harm to you. You could have died in that incident and..”
Mrs. Kruger squinted and opened the bathroom entrance, she stepped in first after opening the door wide without seeing any traces of Vivian.
She returned back to the bedroom a minute more of checking round the corners of the bathroom.
Her eyes caught the wall clock which was three minutes to 4:00am o’clock before she started calling her name.
“Vivian.. Vivian” she called repeatedly before she walked towards the exit of the room, she opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.
“Vivian !! Where are you? Vivian. Vivian” she called again and rub her sleepy eyelids.
Vivian looked back immediately she heard her foster mum voice at the hallway, her long parked twisted hair flip backwards when she turned back to Steve.
( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )
“Steve. I honestly can’t do what you are asking of me. I’m sorry but I can’t” Vivian interrupted Steve who was speaking immediately she heard her mother’s voice again. The old woman was closer to the living room already before Vivian quickly stepped back to sit down on one of the long sofas.
“I am here Mum”!! She shouted out and made a glance at Steve who was standing akimbo few distance away from the door.
“Where exactly are you?” the old woman asked again even though she heard voices at the living room from the hallway.
Sunny waited a bit and watch till his men strangled the two security men at the gate entrance to death.
He opened the small entrance part of the gate after telling his two men that strangled the securities to bring the bodies in,side before the three men behind him followed.
The lifeless bodies of the securities were dragged in,side and the opened side entrance of the gate was closed back.
The five of them raised their revolver immediately Steve car was sighted at the front of the apartment they were headed except Sunny who pointed the only pistol he held down because of his wound which wasn’t properly healed.
They all charged forward instantly towards the entrance of the apartment before one the men rushed forward ahead Sunny to smashed the door with his fingers at the trigger of the gun.
“Where exactly are you?” the old woman asked again even though she heard voices at the living room from the hallway. She was exactly in between the entrance of the hallway to the living room before the door suddenly smashed opened impromptu and gun men rushed into the room.
Sunny and his men entered swiftly and a gunshot followed. Vivian stood up with extreme fear while Steve was caught unaware.
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Mrs. Kruger body fell on the floor and a pistol was pointed on Steve almost immediately.
The first man who had rushed ahead Sunny hurried towards the entrance he had shot when he sighted the first movement and shoot before anything else.
To be continued…

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