I Want A Home

I want a home episode 57

I Want A Home – Episode 57
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Steve managed to open the inner door devastated and stepped inside, leaving the door ajar, he walked on inside and proceeded into one of the rooms.
He held unto his left hand to adjust the cloth tied on the accident wound. He settled on one of the five sofas in the room just then he heard some footsteps behind him.
“What the fu..ck happened to you?” Joel asked him with a narrowed face after stepping out from the room balcony. He was putting on a designer sky blue t-shirt on a gray Jean and a wristwatch strapped on his left arm with a black sneakers.
He watched and paused expecting a straight response to his question but there was none coming from Steve until few seconds later.
“Help me get the first aid box, I need to attend to this wounds before its get infected” Steve told him.
Flashback; Few Hours Ago.
Steve fired another shot tactically at the Toyota Camry to stop Cyrus from the rains of bullet he kept firing.
Even though the bullet missed, he was however careful with the way he shoot because of Vivian who was in the car and was to the advantage of the armed men.
He was really quick and lucky, if not Cyrus gunshots could have done a great damage and stop him quicker than expected. He fastened his seating position in the car and increased the speed again after the Toyota moved few distance again.
Few police vehicles were speeding up crazily behind him and their siren coming louder. He had to increase his speed the more to meet up with the Toyota again and fired another bullet when Cyrus sighted him again on the road.
“Fuc..king speed up man, they can’t shoot at us, we have a civilian here and they’ll be careful to shoot” Cyrus shouted on the wounded driver who fastened up his speed and bent sideways when a bullet entered the glass behind to pierce the front glass.
He cursed out loud fearfully and concentrate on the road after Cyrus himself shouted and bent, he was lucky the bullet missed him sideways if not could have entered his skull.
“There are fuc..king cops upfront” the driver shouted back harshly and smashed his fist on the wheel of the Toyota immediately Cyrus turned to shoot again.
Cyrus who made a glance straight at the road to confirm saw police cars far approaching them on the road and could also hear police sirens coming far behind the road.
He began to shoot randomly again at Steve but reverse and re-target all his shot on the front tires of the car Steve was driving almost the same time he heard the man driving asking him what to do with the cops approaching them upfront.
“Do not shoot, I repeat, Do not shoot, there is an innocent civilian in the vehicle” Said one of the officers through a receiver in one of the cars pursuing.
“Apprehend target at the bridge perimeter, I repeat, control your shots. There is an innocent civilian in the same vehicle”
Steve made a faint sound in pains as Joel helped him stitch up his arm, the first aid treatment had been applied on the wound and the most dirty part of his body cleaned up.
Joel returned the scissors he used into the box and leaned back on the mini table he sat opposite Steve, he drag his feet backwards to sit comfortably on the small table after dropping off the wool and the cloth he had used to clean off the blood into a bin.
He took off the glove he put on earlier and dispose it into the same bin placed beside the table, he made a sigh afterwards and watched as Steve tried to adjust the bandage on the wound.
He watched on for 3 minutes and none of them spoke any word to eachother until Steve tried to stand up.
Inspector Kelvin widened his face immediately he saw the picture on the tablet device Mary just gave him. He soon turned on a narrowed look and took a brief glance at the agent’s face. He swiped the next picture on the tablet to be sure he wasn’t mistaken.
“Where did you say the Toyota Camry fell over?” He faced Mary and asked.
“Right at the bridge inspector”
“Yes” Mary assured and nodded. She watched the inspector picked up the land phone on his desk immediately and seem to have instruct someone to come into his office straightway.
Margot made a mischievous chuckle and crossed her legs, she clapped in satisfactory twice and smiled to hear the expected response from the men.
The meeting had lasted more than an hour of survey and long discussions. After all point were pinned, Margot requested the doc-ment they all knew she wanted from them.
“You will get the doc-ments through your mail Margot, full instructions of what to do and how to get all the untraceable funds are inclusive. All you need do is to feed us back of any information you later discover or any problem you may encounter” Jonathan Gates answered her immediately he signaled for his guard staying behind him to hold the box just like the other drug lords had done.
“Alright. If I may assume Gentlemen, this meeting is over” Margot smiled again and watch all of them smiles.
“Good. Happy negotiation” She added and stand up”
Valentine maintained a stern face looking at the Television from his study room, he held his phone and a book was placed on the small size office desk in the room.
“The American Prosecutor named Conlan told reporters that they are only investigating the company and that the seizure was only temporary to let them perform a thorough investigation on the company accounts.
However, one of the employees who spoke with reporters said that;
He reduced the volume of the TV immediately and doubled tap his phone, the browser he opened displayed and he quickly strolled up and down the Kipwriting webpage he had opened earlier on, he navigated to the previous page where something caught his attention and strolled up and down the page likewise.
He clicked on the top bar menu of the browser and bookmark the webpage before he exited the browser and navigated to the dial pad.
He was about to put a call through to a saved contact when an incoming call displayed on the phone. He quickly leaned comfortably on the office chair and answered.
“Hey Frank”
“Val. The world is talking about William Harrison right now. He’s the major topic on the world’s channels broadcast and on the internet, social media and all. I think this is getting out of hand than we least expected” Franklin voice sounded from the other end.
“I had my men found out details about the American Prosecutor but from what they discovered, I think we were well prepared for” he added instantly and heard Val made a faint sigh.
“We” Val exclaimed with a chuckle, stretching the word.
“Don’t you get it Val? My company has been a business partner with JC investment firm over years and don’t you think the next target after the Seizure of the firm is all its business partners? Especially mine?”
Of course was a thoughtful question that has a direct and clear answer, Val leaned from the chair and nodded. He stood up thoughtfully and stepped out in between the desk.
He moved away from the table completely and walk to one of the paintings by the window side of the room, he drag the curtain opened to let in some light reflection even though the window wasn’t opened.
Yes, there has been lots of accusations and charges from different multimillion companies in the past. It’s was one of the business war investors had to fight and the strongest was to prevail at last. For years, their different companies had been a rival to other business partners and none ever won against them, they were powerful and well connected men who can do anything in the world with a snap of their fingers but the present seizure was totally a surprise they never thought worth reckoning on.
“We are taking this with levity hands Val, this is just more than an ordinary business partner trying to fight us. We need to act accordingly and make our contacts” Franklin spoke again after few seconds of silence.
No one except Steve could understand how he feels, no one could pin point his present mood and nobody could intensify his state of mind but he seems to be boiling with rage and at the same moment frightened.
His heart beat faster and his mind slower to understand itself, he had not spoken any word to Joel except when he told him to help get the first aid box and later ask for his help after he gave Joel some brief explanation.
He waited for the computer system he just turned on to boot while he placed his palm on his face, he wasn’t about to cry nor was he otherwise but he felt a full fall of regret within himself as his mind made some flashback.
The car Steve was driving suddenly stumbled about the time Cyrus bullet finally pierced the front tire of the car.
The car stumbled badly on the road and some part of it caught fire, the police officers who were speeding behind was almost few distance away from Steve car and the sudden car stumble caused a big distraction for the first police vehicle who speedily crashed with Steve car, thereby causing more bigger damage on the des**ted one lane road.
10 minutes later.
The wh0le road was blocked by police officers and some other security agencies, different tape was filed out to stop civilians from passing the road even though everything had subsidize.
The Toyota Camry car turned upside down and its tires rolling up, the front part of the vehicle had completely crushed and unrecognizable as five police officers surrounded it.
“How high is this bridge down here officer” One of the sergeant asked his counterpart as the five officers surrounding the Toyota carried out the lifeless body of the man driving it.
“Check for the other bodies at the back seat and report back to the headquarters, call for an  ambulance likewise” the same officer instructed another officer while waiting for the response to his question.
To be continued..

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