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I want a home – episode 67


I Want A Home – Episode 67
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© Ireti Adedipe
The room went dead immediately as lord Nathaniel stood, Khora was still working on the laptop and only his rapid fingers sounded on the keypad of the laptop.
“Boss, this tattoo is only used by the Hinds, a deadly team who controls most part of Dubai. They live mostly in the desert and they are led by a man named Ahlam Khalifa” Khora finally broke the silence.
“Ahlam is a terrorist Khora, I have not cross any of his path whatsoever” Lord Nathaniel announced. He looked at Khora and another man working on a laptop beside him. He crossed his arms and stepped forward as if to deliberate.
Anybody could have attacked him anyways, there was no telling who. He knew better than to start contemplating and he knew whoever could have attacked them at that point must have planned it accurately. He made a blink as loads of regret flashed through him, he had made so much enemies than partners over the years and he had killed so many people.
“Have you been able to deduce what happened to Vladimir?” He asked as thoughts ran through him.
“No, I’m trying to reach out to Stone but its still to no avail” Khora answered him.
“Vladimir must have retreat to one of his secret abode just like we have done here and that’s if he and Margot are not trying to play games with me like I’m thinking” he added after Khora’s response as another thought flashed through him.
“Ruiz” He called out.
“This is just a warning to me Doss, they’ll would come for your family if you don’t dropped off charges against these men and cleaned off the traces of their crimes in your servers” Doss listened as Chairman Kim speaks.
A deep surge of fear ran through him instantly at the mention of his family. He looked at his father in the eye and all he could see was a pitiful man asking him to let criminals go freely.
“The next time they take action would be the next phase to mourn son. These men are way beyond your power” Chairman Kim said slowly as he rested against the dashboard of the bed while Mr. Doss sat at the edge.
He looked at his father and heaved a deep breath, he knew how almost impossible it is to obey his father’s instructions and the thought that they killed almost all the workers in the mansion including the personal assistant just to threaten them made him want to do otherwise.
“Dad” he called out and paused while the old man turned to him. He was about speaking again when two men stepped into the room.
“But can we trust these men?” Derrick asked Steve as they watched Aunty Rhoda husband and the two men he brought along finally drove out of the compound.
“Yes. We can trust them” Steve answered Derrick and pat his shoulder.
“I needed to make sure one of Vivian’s family knows she’s safe, that’ll make our plans faster and easier” He added as they turned around and began to walk back into the building.
“Steve, lord Nathaniel was attacked few hours ago and he’s gone missing” Joel announced immediately they entered the first room.
“Attacked !! Who attacked him?” Steve exclaimed in shock.
“I’m just about to find out, I think the attacked happened at the time you communicated to him” Joel answered.
Inspector Kelvin walked out between the crowd of reporters immediately his phone started ringing. He stepped back totally away from the tape filed on the road to receive the call due to the noise coming from other police sirens and the crowd around the road.
He took a look at the phone immediately and answered it. “Good day sir” he greeted the caller.
“Good day inspector, what’s your status over there?” the caller asked.
“We have about 14 dead men on the street and 3 injured men, I heard a gun battle evolved between some gangsters and Ahlam Khalifa boys”
“Ahlam Khalifa !!”
“Yes sir, some of the dead men including the injured one’s had his tattoo on their shoulders”
“I have a report same incident happened at two other different places. All dead, no injured man”
“I heard that too sir but I’m solemnly in control of the situation here”
“And have you found any clue exactly?”
“Not yet sir but I’m sure I will”
“Okay inspector, other agents are already at the place. I’m sure you’ll all find a clue”
“Of course sir” inspector Kelvin said and the communication ended. He was about to turn around when his phone rang again and Detective Cougar was displayed on the phone.
“Inspector, where are you?” Detective Cougar asked immediately from the other end without any formal greetings.
“There has been an incident around Bourne road” Kelvin answered.
“I think we might have found out something and we need you to come over quickly” detective Cougar added.
Steve scrolled down the webpage on the laptop placed on his laps again and again. He copied out a link from the webpage and opened another page, he paste the link and clicked the enter button on the keypad.
“Steve, I think you need to see this” Joel announced beside him. He was seated at the edge of the sofa and he quickly sat down properly with a laptop placed on his laps while he pointed out to something on the screen.
Derrick and Vivian were walking out from the balcony that leads out from the first room almost the same time and they walked towards them, especially Derrick who quickly stepped behind the sofa to see what both dues were checking on the laptop while Vivian walked towards the only center table to place the tray she carried down.
Joel tapped the enter key immediately and zoomed the image displayed on the laptop “Do you recognize this tattoo?” he asked Steve.
He turned to Derrick who was standing behind them likewise when Steve didn’t gave him any response at the first 10 seconds. He turned back to the laptop when Derrick shook his head and turned to Steve who was now staring at the laptop.
“This tattoo is only used by the Hinds, they are deadly terrorists head by Ahlam Khalifa, a very deadly man who lives in Dubai”
“Oh !!” Steve made a faint exclamation as he finally remembered after trying to recollect where he had seen the tattoo.
A thought ran through him immediately and he snapped his fingers, he nodded and look at Vivian who was pouring herself a drink, he turned to Derrick instantly.
“Derrick, where are those devices?”
“They are right here with me” Derrick answered him.
“Good. Let me have them” He ordered and turned to Joel.
Franklin stepped down from the 2020 Jeep Wrangler immediately with his phone placed on his ear almost the same seconds the call he made to valentine was answered.
“What time is scheduled for the transportation?” He asked valentine immediately.
“We are moving the boxes at the same time” Valentine answered him from the other end.
“Why? I thought you said they’d be moved differently?”
“Yes but I’ve changed my mind, it would be too strenuous to watch over it differently and I think it would be better to move them at once with enough security”
“Okay. What time will the boxes be moved?”
“The real transport would start exactly 2:00 pm and the fake transport will move around 12pm”
“Fake transport !! What fake transport?” Franklin asked and stopped walking. The four body guards walking behind him also stopped walking immediately there was a quick chuckle from Valentine.
“I need to ensure the three boxes arrive her safely Frank, so I asked that a fake box be prepared and transported before the real box so we can set a trap for anyone after the boxes” Valentine answered.
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