ICHABOD episode 22/23

Cursed For A 1000 Years

Chapter 22

He has been waiting in the car for some time. He needed a plan but he didn’t want Odin to mess things up for him, so he planned to do things in his own way . He checked the time, it was some minutes past 12 pm, his phone rang and he picked it, it was Rashidat.

“Hello,” he said quic-kly.

“Ichabod, where are you? You need to come quic-kly, the man is away, we can question him, I will meet you with an umbrella, come quic-kly, Adam is here as well.” Then she hung up.

He sighed and quic-kly dialed Harmony’s number, it was answered by Vivian.

“Hello S-xy, “ Vivi said.

“Oh hi Vivi, plea-se I need to go somewhere really important, plea-se can you cover for me with Harmony? She mustn’t know that I left?”

“Well, I have always heard that after a fight between two lovers, the make-up S-x is always great,” Vivian joked, laughing.

“plea-se, Vivian, it’s really important.”

“Ok handsome, just know you owe me. She is on set right now so, we won’t be done till the next four hours or more.”

“Great thank you

. I won’t forget this,” he said and ended the call before turning on the ignition key.


Rashidat was waiting outside, dressed in a short go-wn and looking really pretty. How come he was noticing that she was pretty all of a sudden…

“Odin you need to st©p that nons-en-se, now is not the time!” he said to himself as Rashidat sp©tted him and ran to him, in her hand was a big blanket and an umbrella. It was an abandoned road so no one was coming.

She handed him the umbrella and covered him with a blanket as the two rushed towards the house. While they walked hurriedly, he could hear something burning un-der the blanket, the smell was that of a roasted barbecue, it was until he got inside that he realized, that his upper arm wasn’t well covered and it got slightly burnt along with [email protected] of his shi-t that was formally covering the area.

“Oh goodness! I have a h0le in my arm,” he said as they got un-der the roof.

“Opps, sorry about that son, “ Adam said, holding a bottle of liquor. Rashidat rushed to draw all the curtains, darkening the wh0le room.

“It will heal, “ Rashidat replied, walking closer to him.

Just as she had spoken, his b©dy began to heal itself.

. “So where is the man?” he asked and the two stood up, leading him to another dark room.

The man was tied up in a chair, he had a dried stream of blood somewhere below his chin. His suit was torn and had dirt all over it… when he sighted Ichabod, he began to scre-m.

“Stay away from me! Stay away from me! You evil!”

Ichabod frowned, “oh, you do not wish to see him right now trust me. So now, I have a question to ask you, why were you following me?”

The man was no more shouting but now grunting.

“Speak fool!” Adam shouted but the man wasn’t talking.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt you, “ Ichabod continued, “but I need to know why you are following me?”

“I think we might need Odin to get him to talk,” Rashidat said.

“No, he will only kill him!” Ichabod retorted and then faced the man, “ plea-se, say something, did Michael s£nd you to be watching me?”

The man was quiet still.

“I think I may have to support Rashidat, you do not have much time Ichabod!” Adams replied.

“I do not want Odin, he will only…” Ichabod shouted stubbornly but Rashidat scratching him with a knife and he felt all the blood rushing to his [email protected] as his bones contrasted and contracted. There was more crackling noise and his eyes turned reddish…a snarl escaped him…

“Oh, you [email protected]ûghty girl. That was so smart,” Odin growled and then faced Adam, “howdie old chap! How come you are looking younger every day?”

Adam rolled his eyes. “We don’t have time Odin!”

“Oh come on Adams, you are too old and you are nofun…” he looked at Rashidat, “this missy here, has got enough charm, I think I will enjoy myself while…”

“oh st©p the flir-ting odin and get him to speak…” Rashidat ordered.

Odin laughed, “your wish…” he said with a bow, “is my command.” With this, he turned to the man who on seeing him began to scre-m frantically.

“Oh do shut up! I hate noisemakers, if there is anyone who will do all the noisema-king, that should be me!” he said and took the man by the n£¢k, pu-lling him up from the ropes which loos£ned immediately, he held him up with one hand against the wall….

“Now, listen, ugly face! I do not have all the time! So , who s£nt you? Was it the other ugly face called Michael? If yes, what are his plans? Where is my ring and what does he plan to do with the pictures?”

The man began to choke as he couldn’t speak so he dropped him…

“Now speak….!”

“He wants to take Tracy with him, he wants to destroy Harmon’s career and he wants to expo-se you. As I am speaking, he is alre-ady gotten information about your ring. He has people in high places. That is all I know!”

“But why?” he growled.

“Because he said you destroyed his publicity on the day you showed up at the costume [email protected], and Harmony is preventing him from being with his daughter…”

“He is not even a good father…” Odin spat.

Then he stood up. “Tell me more…”

“He..is going to s£nd the pictures to Harmony and blackmail her with it….he plans to expo-se her on her birthday.”

“How many of you are tailing Harmony and myself?”

“ Just six of us…” he replied, shivering. “I will give you all the locations and Michael,, plea-se don’t hurt me…”

Odin smiled, baring his teeth, “good boy, now chapchap! No dilly-dally ! I do not have all the time hey”


“Have you seen Ichabod?” Harmony asked Vivi who looked startled where she sat.

“Jeez! Girl you scared me. Chill, he will show up soon.” She replied, chatting on her phone.

Harmony frowned, “he will show up? It’s been more than four hours since I have been on set and he’s not back yet.”

Vivian frowned, “come on, chill. Don’t be a stalker girlfriend plea-se . It’s not cool. Here. Take a drink.” Vivia said offering her a cup of wine which Harmony took reluctantly. She sat on a stool next to Vi’s and watched as new cast took over the set.

“Did he tell you before he left?” she asked.

“Sure, I only asked him to get somethings for me, he should be on his way back.”

“You asked him to get you something without telling me?” she snapped.

“Chill girl, its all [email protected] of your birthday surprise which you have just ruined.”

Harmony calmed down, “really?”

“Yes, really. Now just chill and tell me everything that happened after the k!ss. While we talk he will come. Besides, I think it’s a good thing he’ being away. We can get to gossip about him.”

Harmony found herself blu-shing and then she started

. “Well, I was first of all angry with him because I thought he went to see another lady and…”

“Hold it!” Vivian shouted. “What do you mean by another lady?”

Harmony sighed and drank a little, “the thing is, you remember the girl we saw that night at the club with him, outside?”

Vivian nodded.

“Yes, I don’t know, I just don’t know why I got it so twisted that he went to her.”

Vi frowned, “I don’t get it. Did you go to his room that night?”

“Yes I did,” she said, feeling [email protected] and trying to hide a smile, “I know, I’m so sorry.”

“That is so confusing. Why would you think like that?”

She sighed, “he called me Dennis when we k!$$£d.” She retorted and Vivian [email protected]

“He did what?”

She nodded, “yes but then he told me he was married…”

“Oh my god. Hes a widower?”

Harmony nodded.

“That is so sad.”

“Yes, I know but the worst [email protected] of it was that, I feel like, the name is familiar you know. Like a suppressed memory or something from my dream. When he called me Dennis, I wasn’t conscious of it, I felt like I was Dennis. Does it make any s-en-se?”

“Well, he was k!ss!ngyou. If such a cute handsome devil like him could be k!ss!ngme and he called me a cat, trust me I will meow.”

The two ladies bur-st into laughter.

“You are crazy Vivian,I swear but true though.” She said.

“Do you know what else is true?”


“I think you have fallen in love, for the first time in years friend…” Vivian stated in a tender voice. “Being worried about him, being jealous if he was with someone else….you are in love girl.”

Harmony was silent. She was in love. Why was she not surprised? The truth was, it didn’t feel like the first time or as if he was someone still new to her. Ichabod was like….the man of her dreams…This was insane and she was trying not to be troubled by everything but she was, especially when so many memories were coming to her…like the way Ichabod had hold her around the n£¢k and k!$$£d her…it had happened before…like a long time ago. All these feelings she was having were all familiar and ….maybe she was losing her mind, again as she always did anytime her birthday was close.

“Are you okay girl?” Vi asked.

“No Vi,” and continued, “have you ever had a déjà vu?”

“Not sure what you mean?”

“I mean all these things with Ichabod, Dennis, the k!ss, the clos£ness and everything…they all feel so strangely familiar….”

Vivian laughed, “I think the wine is kicking in….” she said.

“No, I…” Harmony continued but st©pped as her phone rang, she frowned when she realized it was Michael.

“What does he want?” Vivian hissed.

“He has been calling me,”Harmony replied and then decided to pick it this time, “what is it?”

“Look babe, your guard is not who you think he is.” Michael shouted.

“Michael, go get a life or something and stay the hell away from Ichabod and Tracy!” she shouted at him and ended the call.

“What is it?” Vi asked.

“He was just bluffing…he’s got issues with Ichabod…” as she spoke her phone rang again, still it was Michael. She picked it again, “Look Michael….”

“No, you listen, come out right now, there is something I need to show you, the guard is not who you think he is!If you do not come out Harmony, I swear to God…”

“You swear to God that what? What will you do?”

“plea-se Harmony, I am in front of your movie location right now, you need to see this…” then he ended the call.

Harmony hissed and picked up her bag. “Come with Me Vivian.”

Vi frowned, “what is it this time?”

“I don’t know yet but I think Michael is going nuts!”


“Oh, look, there is Ichabod, he back.” Vivian said as they sp©tted Harmony’s car at the other side of the road. They were using a house by the side of the road for the movie, there was no parking lot, so he had to pack by the side of the road un-der the shade. It was quite sunny.

“So, where is Michael?” Vivian asked.

“Forget Michael, let’s go.” Harmony replied on seeing Ichabod waving at her.

. How could she have missed him so dearly within few minutes. She wasn’t going to wait for Michael again.

As the two ladies attempted to cross, a car drove quic-kly to their side and Michael stepped out with a man holding a [email protected]£ra.

“Michael, what the hell are you doing?” She demanded.

“Do not try to move…” he ordered, he looked like he has not had a sleep in days. “I am not going to allow you to [email protected]£ a demon with my daughter, okay?”

Harmony frowned, now angry, “who are you calling a demon Michael? Look, let me tell you something, if…”

“Shut up and listen to me. Ask your b©dyguard to come out and meet you here.”

Harmony frowned, “are you crazy? What are yodoing with a [email protected]£ra man?what is this Michael?”

“This is about the safety of our daughter. He is not who you think he is!”

“I don’t have time for this nons-en-se!” Harmony said and was about to leave but Michael pu-ll-ed her back suddenly, frightening her.

“Michael, what is the meaning of this?” Vivian shouted.

“Shut up Vi. It has nothing to do with you!” he shouted back at Vivian before facing Harmony who was hurting because of how he was holding her.

“You are hurting me…” she cried.

“Just ask him to come out and meet you right here. I promise I will not hurt him, I just want him to step out of that car and meet you right here, then if he can do that, I swear, I will never bother you on Tracy’s custody again. No one is leaving here until he steps out of that car…”


Ichabod was boiling where he was as he sat in the car, too powerless to do anything… his phone rang and he picked it without checking for who it was. He could alre-ady see Michael holding Harmony’s phone close to his ears…

“Hey, Mr. Ichabod or should I call you Odin…why don’t you come out of the car and we will accept that this is all a mistake…”

“Ichabod do something plea-se…” Vivian cried.

Ichabod kept suppressing his emotions while pressing the pedals increasingly and angrily…he needed to keep his emotions balanced….he needed to think…he needed to do something…..but how would he do that without risking his identity in that mad sun and disappointing the woman he loved?

Cursed For A 1000 Years

Chapter 23

“Why can’t he just step out of the car!” Vivian shouted loud enough for Ichabod to hear.

“I told you darling! He is a fv¢king Vampire that’s why!” Michael mumbled into Harmony’s ears as he held her around the n£¢k, ignoring her whimper of pain.

Harmony was coughing. She kept holding on to Michael’s hand which was around her throat

. Vivian was freaking out and Ichabod was looking at them… Why was he not doing anything?


Ichabod kept hitting the clutches…he was tempted to come out but that would jeopardize everything!

He calculated the length of time that might be required to stay in the sun but he knew he stood no chance.

Think, think, think!


Harmony was surprised as the windows were rolled up and the car began to move

“See, he is leaving you behind. I told you.” Michael said viciously but Harmony couldn’t un-derstand. What was Ichabod doing?

They watched as he went way up the road before finally ma-king a turn and was driving towards them in full speed

. What was he doing? Was he going to kill them both?

“What is he doing?” Vivian shouted in horror…

“Maybe he wants to kill us all as his nature is…darling, do you believe me now?”Michael asked but…

“You need to believe that you are un-der arrest, sir…” Said a voice behind them and Michael immediately let her go.

. They were surprised to see an older man in a police uniform.

“What the hell are you doing?” Michael demanded, “where did you spring up from? Do you know who I am?” He demanded. But the man twisted his ankles and turned him around, cuffing both his hands.

“Ouch! I bet you would lose your job once you find out who I am you, mad man!” He threatened and then shouted at the [email protected]£raman, “st©p shooting you, idiot! This is not why I asked you to come!”

The [email protected]£raman was still shooting the wh0le scene with his [email protected]£ra.”Sorry boss but you are a star and do you know how much money this will fetch me?” the young man asked as Michael was led towards a van which didn’t in any way look like a police car.

Harmony put a hand around her n£¢k as Ichabod st©pped beside them and he opened the door from the inside…”get in…plea-se.”

quic-kly, she got in with Vivian and the doors locked, they were on the move…


“Oh my God! Michael has indeed gone mad!” Vivian shouted as they were on the move but Ichabod was looking at Harmony from the rear mirror. She looked really disturbe-d and tired.

“Are you okay?” he asked. Their eyes met in the mirror and she nodded.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, ma-king another turn towards their way home.

“He is really obsessed with you Ichabod!” Vivian said and went on talking about everything that happened but Harmony was quiet.

“Harmony, are you sure you are okay?” Ichabod asked again.

“I’m sure but what I’m not sure is, why didn’t you even attempt to come out Ichabod?”

“I’m sorry, I had to call the police. I thought he would probably do something stupid if I climbe-d out of the car.” Ichabod replied but Harmony didn’t look convinced.

“Why did he think you are a vampire again?” Vivian asked.

I think it’s because of the night he helped with the costume [email protected]…right, Ichabod?” Harmony asked and he nodded.

“Yes, that’s it. He is really confused.”

“No, he’s mad,” Vivian said with a laugh. “Thank God you called the police.”

“Yea, thank God.” Harmony replied quietly, still looking at Ichabod who was now focused on the road. His mind was somewhere else. He hoped Rashidat and Adams would be able to overpower Michael. The man they had locked up at Rashidats place had told them everything they needed to know so they [email protected]£ prepared. Rashidat had driven the van and Adams had gotten his old police uniform…Ichabod hoped they would be able to get the ring from Michael before it was too late.


Later that night, Harmony [email protected] her be-d with Ichabod beside her. She was lying on his che-st while he put an arm around her

She found comfort in his arms and it was like all the worries of the day were gone except for one thing. She was still confused about one thing and that was, why he never tried to come out of the car. He could have tried, couldn’t he? And why was she suddenly begin to feel like she may not know him after all

. First, the Debby issue and now Michael said something about him not being who he seemed to be. Yes, the vampire was something too ridiculous but what if he was really not who he claimed to be. She didn’t know anything about him and…

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

“Yes, I’m okay,” she replied, lifting up her head and looking into his eyes.

“Are you still worried about the event today or how you would tell Tracy about us [email protected]!ng?”

She chuckled, “all of the above actually.”

He brushed pack her hair and planted a k!sson her forehead. “You are still in shock, you will get over it when you sleep. Tracy is a smart girl, she will find out eventually. When is she coming back from her school camping?”

“In a couple of days.”

“Alright, you need to catch some sleep.” He said, standing up.

She wished he didn’t have to go but maybe it was best.

. He probably needed some time to himself as well. They k!$$£d and he pu-ll-ed th blanket over her before he finally left the room.

She shut her eyes, desperatly blocking Michael’s voice from her head. The man was just crazy, that was all. He was still probably furious with the way Ichabod had saved the day during the Halloween [email protected]…she could remember every scene and how Ichabod had looked. He had looked really scary, if not that it was a costume [email protected], maybe she would have been scared to death on finding him like that. That just reminded her of the fact that she never actually asked for the costume itself, maybe she needed to see it and show Michael when he was finally out of jail.

She turned to her side, gathering the blanket with her, she could still smell Ichabod’s cologne all over her…she wanted him so badly and was tired of all the k!ss!ngk!ssing…when were they going to do th real thing? She sighed and turned on her back. Maybe he was not over his wife yet or maybe he was trying not to rush her but she really wanted to be rushed…

She inhaled sharply…she needed to sleep…she needed to sleep…she needed…she..sh…!

She found herself below a bridge as she clung to her daughter…looking into the far distance to whoever had saved them from the car accident. The only thing she saw was a shadow of someone in the darkness, looking at them, watching them….until it disappeared as the siren got closer…

She opened her eyes immediately…that was the night she had almost got herself and her daughter involved in an accident and someone had saved them… What could have brou-ght that right now?

She sighed. She really had a long day.

. She shut her eyes again….

She was being chased in the woods…[email protected] scratched her arms and her legs as she kept running from those pursuing her…

All of a sudden she felt something sharp cut her ankle and she sli-ppe, scre-ming as the pain lanced throu-gh her. By the time she was able to stand up, a cold hand gr!pp£dher aroud the n£¢k and more hands gr!pp£dher by the ankles…she didn’t see their face,,the only thing she saw was a total blackness…. In the next scene she woke up all of a sudden and realised her legs were covered in dried blood. Her cloths were torn and her hair was covered in dirt. She looked around her and she realised she had been [email protected]£d… she scre-med but no sound [email protected]£ out of her….she was really tired…in the next flash, she saw herself being lifted on to the back of a horse, as she stared into the eyes of her savior…with a thick lvstrous hair reaching his shoulders and de-ep blue eyes……Ichabod!

She woke up again!


Ichabod checked the time, it was some minutes past eleven and he was supposed to go and see Rashidat and Adams.

quic-kly he stood up and was about to open the door when the door opened. He was surprised to see Harmony. She looked sleepy but why was she here now?

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I can’t sleep. I keep having these dreams, I thought it was a dream intitially, but now, I think they are memories long suppressed…Ichabod, plea-se have we met before?”

The question [email protected]£ to him by surprise.

“I apologize Harmony but I am not sure of what you mean?”

She sighed and sat on the be-d. “I don’t un-derstand it myself but, I saw you lifting me on a horse…and I could have sworn I saw a man who must have looked like you at a scene of accident some months back but I may be wrong and….she sighed, “Ichabod, plea-se can you sleep in my room tonight? I think I’m going crazy.”

While Ichabod was about to answer, his phone chimed, “Michael discovered we were fake polices, he might be on to us, I’m scared. We need Odin, we have the ring. plea-se come quic-kly.”


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