Identical – Episode 5

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(K!nd, crazy & cold-h£arted)

Episode 5

By: Faith Lucky.

Kim nana (Crazy):
I huffed and looked at h£r.

Hold on; did I h£ar h£r correctly or what?

$h£ looked at me and drew near.


“What’re you talk!ng ab©vt?”I asked, open!ng my palms.
“You…want us to do what? I don’t get you”.

“I want us to switch, Kim. I want you to take my place and I’ll take yours” $h£ said.

‘What?” I shrieked immediately.

“What th£ h£ll are you talk!ng ab©vt? Why on earth would you want us to switch??? I mean…”

“Please. Its j√$t gonna be for two weeks, I promise. I…I want to get to know mum and…know what it feels like to be with h£r. Please, Kim…”

“Well, if you really wanna be with h£r, show yourself to h£r, th£n. Let’s tell h£r th£ truth!” I snapped.

“I can’t!” $h£ paused and sigh£d.
“I…I j√$t feel s¢ar£d reveal!ng my identity to h£r for now. Besides, if really our parents were married before th£y got separated, its possible th£ court must’ve shared us b£tweeΠ th£m. So, even if we reveal th£ truth right now, you’re still gonna have to stick to mum, while I’d have to stick to dad! It’s still gonna be th£ same th!ng. So please, Olivia. Let me enjoy h£r touch for j√$t two weeks before anyth!ng happens” $h£ enthused.

“Well, what if we try to unite th£m?” I asked and $h£ shook h£r h£ad.

“That’s not possible. Dad.. Is already married”

“What?” I rose my brows !n shock.

Woah! What th£ h£ck? So, h£’s married?

“Please Kim” $h£ called tenderly and h£ld my [email protected]
“All I’m ask!ng is j√$t two weeks. Two weeks and after that, we’ll th!nk of what else to do. We can actually use th¡s medium to !nvestigate and f!nd ©vt what really happened b£tweeΠ our parents. Please”.

I kept mute and withdrew my [email protected] from h£rs.
It sounded !nane.

“Please, I want th¡s to be th£ first th!ng you do for me as a sister” $h£ added morosely and I shut h£r a stare.



“With th£ look of th!ngs, it seems you grew up like a pr!ncess” I said, hoarsely.
“My mum and I…we don’t really live a…”

“I know. And I don’t ¢ar£. I’m ready to bear it. All I need is to be with mum” $h£ cut !n with a light smile and I rolled my eyes.

Th¡s is really really crazy.

“F!ne! How do we go ab©vt it?” I asked and $h£ smiled.

j√$t th£n, h£r phone started r!ng!ng.
“Hold on, is th¡s for real?” My ‘sister’s’ so called friend exclaimed as we all stood !n th£ room togeth£r.

Kim ji had !nsisted on Call!ng h£r say!ng $h£’s h£r best friend and needed to know what we were do!ng.

“Well, It seems so.” I rolled my eyes.

“But Kim, don’t you th!nk its dangerous try!ng to switch places with your tw!n? If really you’re sisters, why don’t you reveal yourselves to your parents th£n and know th£ truth?” $h£ asked and I looked at my sister.

“It’s not dangerous, Gyeong. Besides, no one would notice. We look alike and it’s only go!ng to be for two weeks” $h£ replied.

“We look alike, but we don’t act alike” I told h£r.
“Although, I know I’m a good girl, but people see me as a trouble maker and I have a lot of enemies over h£re”.

$h£ sigh£d and itch£d h£r hair.

“I…I’ll cope. Besides, its j√$t for two weeks”.

“What if your parents get to f!nd ©vt?” h£r friend asked.

“Th£n, we accept our fate from th£re” $h£ replied, look!ng

A long silence stepped !n.

“Th£ bus will be leav!ng soon, Kim. You need to make a proper decision now” h£r friend said aga!n and $h£ narrowed h£r eyes for a while.

“I th!nk I already have” $h£ said and looked at me.

“Let’s do it” $h£ said and I nodded s1©wly.

“Okay, th£n. I’m ready” I told h£r.

“Th¡s is !nsane” h£r friend muttered.

“First, we need to cut your hair” $h£ said and I opened my eyes wide !n shock.

“What’re you talk!ng ab©vt?” I scoffed.
“I’m not cutt!ng my hair. You’re th£ one who needs to grow your hair”.

“But that’s not possible. If you go with a long hair, it’ll be suspicious”.

“I’m not cutt!ng my hair. Do you know th£ stress i had to go through, mak!ng my hair become th¡s long? Wh£n I get th£re, I can simply tell th£m I met a magician who miraculous grew my hair for me”

“Th£n, th£re’s no way th¡s is work!ng ©vt” h£r friend cut !n.
“If you can’t cut your hair, th£n you can’t go home as Kim ji”.

“Right. Maybe we should j√$t cut your hair !nstead, th£n” I rolled my eyes at h£r angrily.

“Kim nana, please” my sister cut !n with a pitiful look.

“j√$t do th¡s for me”

I huffed and folded my [email protected] How can I possibly cut my hair after so much stress?

$h£ dipped h£r [email protected] !nto h£r bag and brought ©vt a razor blade.

Gosh! Th¡s sh*t is really happen!ng.

“You mean I’m do!ng th¡s for a two weeks stuff?” I asked bitterly.

“Please, it won’t happen aga!n” $h£ said calmly as $h£ brought th£ razor blade close to me.

I shut my eyes and felt h£r touch my hair.
!n a while, $h£ was done and we were both hav!ng th£ same length of hair.

I looked at th£ pieces of my hair on th£ floor and felt like cry!ng.

“You still look beautiful” h£r friend commended, but I still saw it as mockery.

“Sure, I do” I said gruffly.

“Okay. We need to hurry up now. Is th£re anyth!ng I need to know ab©vt you? Like….your favorites, your best friend, your…”

“I don’t have any friend” I cut h£r off.
“Th£ only friend I have is my mum. And my favorite is draw!ng”.

“Oh!” $h£ m©vth£d.
“Well, Gyeong h£re is my best friend and th£ reason I wanted h£r to be aware of th£ switch is because $h£ knows me too well and would’ve def!nitely noticed th£ change which might create problems.
“My favorite is cook!ng and…I th!nk th£ only problem you’re gonna be hav!ng at home is my step mom and broth£r” $h£ said and I fl!nch£d.

“Your step mom? How?” I asked, perplexed.

“Th£y’re one of th£ major problems I’ve been fac!ng !n that house. Dad is always busy and barely has time for me. So, th£y use that opportunity to bully and maltreat me most of th£ time” $h£ replied and I laugh£d.

I laugh£d so [email protected] and th£y watch£d me !n surprise.

“Seriously sis, I’d suggest you call th£m and tell th£m you’ll be hav!ng a new attitude for two weeks. So, th£y should better [email protected]¢k off. Else, I swear, you’ll be com!ng home !n less than two weeks for a burial” I said and Gyeong chuckled.

“Please, j√$t try to flow with th£m” $h£ said and tried hold!ng my [email protected] but I didn’t let h£r.

“h£ll no. Th£y’re th£ ones who needs to flow with me!” I rasped.

“Its runn!ng pretty late, Kim. I th!nk we need to go now” Gyeong chipped !n.

“Okay, th£n. Let’s get changed” I told h£r and started tak!ng off my cloth£s.
We left th£ uncompleted build!ng togeth£r, both look!ng different now.

I was now look!ng like a rich kid, while my tw!n looked like me, not really poor, tho.

$h£’d given h£r phone to me and said $h£’d look for anoth£r way to be contact!ng me s!nce I didn’t have a phone.

“Are you sure ab©vt th¡s?”. I paused and asked h£r and $h£ took !n a deep breath before nodd!ng.

“I’m sure of it. Thank you so much” $h£ replied and I hugged h£r.

“Bye th£n. Make sure you look for a way to call me everyday” I told h£r and $h£ nod.

h£r friend drew close and hugged h£r as well.

“Make sure you stay safe”, I h£ard h£r say and $h£ smiled.

We, all stood and looked at each oth£r for a while.

Come to th!nk of it; th¡s might be an opportunity for me to live a wealthy life – at least for two weeks.


“You still remember th£ way home, right?” I asked h£r and $h£ nodded.

And f!nally, we departed.

I went away Gyeong, while $h£ took a separate r©vte, h£aded to h£r new home.

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