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(K!nd, crazy & cold-h£arted)

Episode 7

By: Faith Lucky.

Mi cha (Cold-h£arted):
I left th£ h°tel room and took th£ elevator, h£aded to th£ first floor. All eyes were on me, of course, but I didn’t ¢ar£.

I h£ld my bag !n one [email protected] and h£ld th£ safe !n th£ oth£r.

I walked ©vt of th£ reception and was ab©vt h£ad!ng for th£ ma!n gate wh£n a young security with a walkie-talkie suddenly blocked my way.

‘I’m sorry, miss. But, I’d really appreciate it if you could spare us few m!nutes of your time” h£ said and pressed a button on th£ walkie-talkie.

I didn’t even fl!nch and tried walk!ng away but h£ h£ld me [email protected]¢k.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go” h£ said.

I looked d©wΠ at my [email protected] which h£ h£ld, th£n [email protected]¢k at h¡m.

“You have two seconds to let go of my [email protected]” I told h¡m, unruffled.

h£ didn’t m©v£ and know!ng h¡s two seconds were over, I kicked h¡m immediately.

“Argh!” h£ [email protected] and tottered [email protected]¢k.

h£ tried attack!ng me but I was f*ster than h¡m and hit h¡s jaws with my elbow after which I brought h¡m to h¡s knees after kick!ng h¡m [email protected] on th£ leg.

I looked beh!nd and saw m©r£ securities com!ng towards me. Immediately, I started runn!ng away, h£aded for th£ open gate.

Before th£ gateway could rush to h¡s post and th!nk of lock!ng th£ gate, I was already th£re and I ₱u$h£d h¡m away and ran ©vt.

I got ©vt to th£ road side and looked left and right. Wh£re th£ f**k were th£y??

I looked [email protected]¢k and saw th£ securities already com!ng ©vt of th£ gate

I started runn!ng away, mak!ng sure th£ safe was properly h£ld !n my [email protected]

Thankfvlly, th£ car showed up !nstantly.

Th£y ₱v||ed over !n front of me with th£ [email protected]¢k door already open and I jumped !n and immediately, th£ driver scorch£d off.

“Damn it! What took you so long?” I growled to th£ boys as I sat at th£ [email protected]¢kseat of th£ black jeep.

“Sorry baby. Th£re was a little traffic” th£ driver replied, ch£w!ng a gum.

Th£ one sitt!ng next to h¡m was smok!ng.

I took !n a deep breath and looked beh!nd. Th£re was no way th£ police could come after us.

“Did you get th£ safe?” Th£ one smok!ng !n th£ front seat asked.

“Of course, Draco. Is that even a question? Boss-baby never fails on a mission” th£ driver replied and h£ chuckled.

Yeah, whatever. That’s one fact you should know ab©vt me. I never fail on a mission. I always deliver – no matter how difficult it is.

“I need a stick” I stretch£d ©vt my [email protected] and said and th£ one smok!ng [email protected] th£ cigarette pack to me, togeth£r with a lighter.

I took ©vt a stick and litted it and smoked from it with relishment. Th¡s is probably what I need right now.

!n case you’re wonder!ng, let me h£lp you with a little !ntroduction.

My name is Mi cha, but I’m popularly known as boss-baby. I don’t even know my age. I mean, I grew up with©vt a family. So, I have no idea how old I am or wh£n I was born. I’ve never celebrated my birthday.

Also wonder!ng? Well, that’s th£ fact. I grew up !n th£ streets, rejected and !ntimidated and forced to struggle for survival. My life was a complete mess and it only made me see th£ darkness !n men.

Sometimes, I wonder if I j√$t fell from th£ sky because I have no clue of my [email protected]¢kground. I don’t know who my family are and nob©dy ever came for me. I don’t know if th£y actually abandoned me or someth!ng happened to make th£m do it.

Well, none of that is important because I don’t need th£m anym©r£. Yes, I’m do!ng f**k!ng great already.
I’m one of th£ best agents !n *Th£ Alphas*
Th£ most dreaded illegal !nstitute !n th£ country. Nob©dy messes with us.

We earn by carry!ng ©vt a$$a$$!nation orders, steal!ng of billions – like I j√$t did – and lot m©r£. We’re th£ rich£st. Even th£ authorities are s¢ar£d of us.

We all stay togeth£r !n a mansion which gate is made of pure gold. All th£ agents have th£ir own rooms and that way, it’s easier for us to stay connected.

Although, I didn’t choose th¡s life, but I don’t regret it eith£r. I’m respected and feared !n th£ !nstitute. While I fear no one.

Th¡s is who I am now. And I’m proud of it.
We f!nally arrived at th£ mansion and after [email protected]!ng th£ safe and my details to th£ boss, I h£aded straight to my room so I could take a shower and have some rest.

All th£ agenda kept throw!ng hails at me as I walked pa$$ th£m, but I barely even smiled and j√$t proceeded to my room.

I got !nto th£ big refurbi$h£d room and plonked my bag on th£ b£d immediately. I couldn’t wait to rest my h£ad

I walked over to my wardrobe and after tak!ng off my cloth£s, I took ©vt my towel and tied it @r0vnd my b©dy.

Th£n, I turned @r0vnd to go !nto th£ bathroom and th£re I found someth!ng that made me fl!nch.

Not someth!ng, but someone.

“Josh?” I called, [email protected]¢ked.
What’s h£ do!ng h£re? Wh£n did h£ return?

h£ let ©vt a charm!ng smile. h£ was lean!ng on th£ edge of th£ bathroom door.

“Hi, Mi cha” h£ beamed.

Oh, sh*t!

(Th£ one person I’m afraid of🤦‍♀)
Kim nana (Crazy):
By th£ time we got to Seoul, *my* driver was already wait!ng for me. You wouldn’t believe how shocked I was. I mean, I had an opportunity to enter a car for free.

Hm. Kim ji was really enjoy!ng a lot wh£n $h£ was h£re.

Gyeong waved at me before we departed and I went !nto my ride which drove me home.

Gosh! Th£ car was so sweet and cooooool.

Th£ A.c was almost mak!ng me catch cold. Th¡s was my first time enter!ng such a car and it made me feel like s¢r**m!ng.


I kept look!ng through th£ w!ndow like an alien. Wow! Seoul is damn so cool. It’s beautiful.

Gosh! Th¡s is th£ happiest moment of my

I wi$h£d th£ drive never had to come to an end, but unfortunately, it did.

Th£ driver horned at th£ gate and we drove !nto th£ pretty two-storey build!ng. It was j√$t th£ same like I had seen !n kim ji’s phone. So, th¡s is wh£re I’ll be stay!ng?


I nodded like an alligator lizard as th£ driver cruised and parked !n th£ garage. Wow! What a house! It was a mansion to me because it was too beautiful. I can’t believe th¡s was go!ng to be my house for two weeks!!.
Two good weeks!!

I swear, I’m go!ng to make th£ most ©vt of my time h£re.

I came ©vt as soon as th£ driver stopped th£ car.
F!nally, I’m home!

I looked @r0vnd and breath£d !n, try!ng to take !n th£ fresh sweet air.

Th£re was actually a swimm!ng pool and a shade wh£re one could relax and take air. Th£re’s no way someone can ever get sick !n th¡s house. It was damn too beautiful!

“Kim!!” I h£ard my name from beh!nd.

Thank goodness my tw!nnie and I had similar names and were both addressed as j√$t *Kim*.
That way, it made it easier for me not to be affected by th£ change of names.

I turned to have a look and saw a young boy com!ng towards me.

Hm. h£ was [email protected] but…geez! h£’s not my Mr perfect.

h¡s eyes were k!nd of bulgy and h¡s l¡ps were not p!nk. h£ had a bad walk!ng step.

To me, h£’s ugly.

By th£ way, who’s h£? I mean, who’s h£ to my tw!nnie?

h£ looked happy as h£ got to wh£re I was and hugged me.

Whaat? How dare h£??.
With th¡s ugly shirt of h¡s?

“I’ve been wait!ng for you” h£ said and dis£ngaged from th£ hug.

I crumpled my face and noticed th£ necklace h£ was putt!ng on.
Th£ pendant was a letter *W*.

Oh! Let me guess; h£’s Williams – Kim ji’s so called crush.

“Williams!” I Called with a little laughter, try!ng to confirm if it was h¡m or not.

“Yeah. How was th£ trip? Did you have fun?” h£ asked and I nodded, confirm!ng h£ was really th£ one.

Oh! So, th¡s was th£ so called crush? How can $h£ crush on someone like h¡m? Doesn’t $h£ want a Mr perfect?

“Of…of course. I had a lot of fun” I replied and started approach!ng th£ house with my bag.

Surpris!ngly, h£ threw h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd my shoulder as h£ walked along with me.

What th£ h£ll??
Someb©dy should tell th¡s guy to get h¡s ugly [email protected] off me before I do someth!ng crazy

“I’m glad you’re [email protected]¢k. We have a lot of th!ngs to talk ab©vt, you know. I was so bored wh£n you were away” h£ said and chuckled.

Good th!ng h£ laugh£d because its actually a joke – to me .

“Is anyone at home?” I asked h¡m as we stood !n front of th£ door.

“Oh, no. Th£y all went ©vt. But I th!nk th£y’ll be [email protected]¢k soon” h£ replied and opened th£ door.

A silent wow escaped my m©vth as I walked !nto th£ sitt!ng room.

Oh my God! It was sparkl!ng! I can’t believe th¡s! Was my fath£r th¡s rich?

I left my m©vth open and gazed @r0vnd, b£dazzled at th£ beauty of th£ house. I couldn’t even describe it. It was so beautiful.

Immediately, a young lady that looked like a maid came to me.

“Welcome home, ma’am” $h£ said politely with a bow.

“I’ll h£lp you with your bag, please” $h£ added and took th£ bag from me.

Perfect! Th¡s was an opportunity to locate my room. Although, my tw!nnie had describ£d it for me, but I th!nk I’ve forgotten th£ description.

“Um…Williams, I’ll j√$t go upstairs and fre$h£n up” I turned and said to h¡m, try!ng as much as possible to be polite.

“Okay,sure. Do you want me to come with you?” h£ asked and my eyes dimmed.

What th£ h£ll?

“Are you crazy? Do you want me to make you go bl!nd?” I thought angrily and almost blurted ©vt.

!nstead, I smiled.

“Don’t worry ab©vt it” I said and h£ nodded and took a seat.

Th£ maid was already on th£ stairs and I quickly followed h£r beh!nd and as I did, I couldn’t h£lp but stare angrily at Williams.

Gosh!! I felt like punch!ng h¡m!

Big ugly eyes;
Flat nose.
White l¡ps
Annoy!ng shirt!

Grrrrrr! I swear, if h£ touch£s me one m©r£ time, I’ll b**t h¡m up.
I kept go!ng with th£ maid and f!nally, $h£ stopped !n front of a room which I figured was *m!ne*.

$h£ opened it and went !n and I did as well.


$h£ placed th£ bag on th£ b£d and bowed aga!n before leav!ng th£ room.

Hm. Obviously, th¡s was Kim ji’s room. h£r pictures were all over.

$h£ looked so cla$$ic and rich and it made me wonder…so I can actually be th¡s pretty?

I looked @r0vnd and noticed th£re was no wardrobe !n th£ room.

But, I saw anoth£r door !n th£ room – a smaller door – and I hurried to open it.

No, no,
h£ll no!!!

What th£ f**k???.

Kim!! Was th¡s a b©vtique or what?

Oh my God!

I [email protected] as I stepped !n. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was th¡s really h£r dress!ng room?

Th£re were so many expensive cloth£s, shoes, dazzl!ng jewelries.

Oh my God!
I’m rich!!😂

I had a look at all th£ cloth£s and shoes and almost felt like putt!ng th£m on. But th£n, I decided to take my bath first so I don’t sta!n such expensive th!ngs with dirt.

I ru$h£d ©vt of th£ room, !nto th£ ma!n room and spotted th£ bathroom.

I was ab©vt runn!ng to th£ bathroom wh£n someth!ng caught my attention at th£ w!ndow.


I drew close and opened th£ w!ndow properly.

Th£re was a pretty house fac!ng ours and it was so…beautiful. I might say it was actually m©r£ beautiful than ours.

I nodded and admired it.

Suddenly, I saw someth!ng that caught my attention.

Not someth!ng, someone.

Oh my God!


My l¡ps dropped open !n shock immediately.
I’m probably dream!ng. Th¡s can’t be real.

Who th£ h£ll is that [email protected] boy???

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