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(K!nd, crazy & cold-h£arted)

Episode 8

By: Faith Lucky.

Kim nana (Crazy):
I looked !n amusement. h£ was so [email protected] and perfect.

Blue eyes
Po!nted nose
P!nk l¡ps

j√$t like I wi$h£d for. But h£ was rid!ng a bicycle so I couldn’t really know h¡s walk!ng steps. But damn! h£ was soooo [email protected]

Are you kidd!ng me?

So, Mr perfect actually exists?
I thought I could only f!nd th£m on TV.

h£ rode th£ bicycle to th£ front of th£ pretty house and stopped at th£ gate. I saw h¡m knock on it and shortly, it was opened and h£ rode !n.

Holy Molly! So, h£ actually lives th£re? Are you kidd!ng me? We were neighbors!!

I [email protected] !n shock.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see h¡m anym©r£ as soon as h£ rode pa$$ th£ gate.

Oh gosh! I wish I could see h¡m. Who th£ h£ll is that boy?

I stood by th£ w!ndow for sometime, th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ wh0l£ th!ng. After, a long while, I shook my h£ad and went !nto th£ bathroom to take my bath.
I spent almost an hour !n th£ bathroom because of how cool it was. Th£ bathtub was so big and cold eater kept ₱0ur!ng on me from th£ shower.

Geez! It was j√$t as if I was under th£ ra!n!!

After a while, I figured I was hungry and decided to ch£ck ©vt for lunch.

I returned to th£ b£droom and h£aded straight to th£ dress!ng room😋

I felt like putt!ng on all th£ pretty cloth£s at once, but decided to rema!n calm.

So, I took ©vt a simple wear – a short and a red shirt.
Gosh! It was still so pretty.

Th£n, I hurried to th£ mirror and bru$h£d my short but pretty hair !n front of it.


After which, I left th£ room.

As soon as I opened th£ door and was ab©vt h£ad!ng d©wΠstairs, I saw someone com!ng towards me – a grumpy chubby look!ng boy.

Hold on; isn’t th¡s Mal-ch!n? Kim-ji’s step broth£r?

Yes, I th!nk I saw h¡s picture !n th£ sitt!ng room.

I stopped by th£ door and looked at h¡m.

“h£y” h£ chuckled.
“Look whom we have h£re”

I rolled my eyes and tried walk!ng away, but h£ blocked my way.

“Can’t I get a welcome hug from my little sis?” h£ asked grimly.

“I’m not your sister, okay? You’re too unfortunate to be my broth£r” I jib£d and tried walk!ng away but h£ scoffed and h£ld my [email protected]

“Hold on: did you j√$t say someth!ng?” h£ cr!nged.

“Well, I’m sure you haven’t gone deaf, have you? And next time, be sure to wash your [email protected] before touch!ng me. I’m pretty sure my sk!n has m©r£ value than your face” I blurted and wriggled my [email protected] from h¡s.

“K..Kim?” h£ called !n surprise and I rolled my eyes and walked away.

Ugly boy.
Mi cha (Cold-h£arted):
h£ smiled and walked towards me. I rema!ned fixed to a spot.

Why’s h£ h£re? h£’s been America for close to 6 months now and I wasn’t expect!ng h¡m anytime soon. h£ was actually th£ manager’s son and was my…

Well, I wouldn’t really call h¡m a lover because h£’s been th£ one forc!ng h¡mself on me.

“You look pretty” h£ said and lifted h¡s [email protected] to my long red hair, strok!ng it softly.

“Prettier than th£ last time I saw you”. h£ added.

“You didn’t tell me you were com!ng” I sought for someth!ng to say.

“Yeah- j√$t wanted to surprise you. Did you miss me?”h£ wh¡spered and klzzed my neck.

h£ s£nt h¡s [email protected] beneath my towel as h£ planted soft klzzes all over me. I stood still and gave h¡m access, know!ng I couldn’t stop h¡m.

Wonder!ng why I was so s¢ar£d of h¡m?

Well, h£ was th£ one that tra!ned me – made me pa$$ through h£ll.

Wh£n we’re be!ng tra!ned, we’re made to pa$$ through torture and extreme pa!ns and wh£n I arrived h£re, Josh had picked !nterest !n me and decided to personally tra!n me h¡mself.

h£ used terrible measures on me and I learnt to be so s¢ar£d of h¡m.

h£ was young, [email protected] and powerful but had th£ darkest h£art. Nob©dy dared to defy h¡m. And I don’t know why I happen to be th£ only girl h£ likes !n th£ 0rg*nization.

I felt h¡m touch my p*nt from beneath my towel as h£ reach£d s1©wly for my l¡ps. h£ made our t0Πge wangle as h£ klzzed me perfectly.

h£ s1©wly m©v£d my p*nt aside and slided !n two f!ng£rs !nto my pus**

I [email protected] !nto th£ klzz and ended up bit!ng h¡s l¡ps.

“You’re still th£ way I left you, huh?” h£ unlocked from th£ klzz and said.

Well, h£’s warned h¡s fath£r never to s£nd me on a mission that’d make me use my b©dy.

h£ brought ©vt th£ f!ng£rs and gave my [email protected]¡$t a little sqv££se with both [email protected]

Th£n, h£ reach£d for th£ tip of my towel.

My breath!ng became h£avy as h£ loose th£ towel from my b©dy.

h£ was th£ only guy that makes me th¡s nervous.

I remember th£ last time I had tried to stop h¡m from hav!ng s*x with me, h£ tore me on th£ [email protected]¢k with a knife. Th£ scar was still th£re like a tattoo.

And s!nce th£n, I’ve learnt not to disobey h¡m.

I was stand!ng n*ked !n front of h¡m, j√$t left with my p*nt.

h£ fondled with my big bo*bs and took my left n!₱₱!e !nto h¡s l¡ps

h£ s√¢ked from it for a long time before dis£ngag!ng and wh£n h£ did, h£ took me to th£ b£d.
Kim ji (K!nd):
I cleared th£ d!nn!ng after eat!ng with mum and went to jo!n h£r !n th£ sitt!ng room afterwards.
$h£ was watch!ng th£ tele and I sat next to h£r – nervously.

“Come on, Kim” $h£ said calmly and made me lie with my h£ad on h£r laps.

I exhaled as I adj√$ted myself properly and $h£ ₱|@yed with my hair.

“Now, tell me, why did you cut h£r hair?” $h£ asked and I bit my l¡ps.


I tried to avoid h£r gaze and th!nk of an answer.

“I’m sorry mum. I…I j√$t felt like carry!ng a short length for now. But, s!nce you’re not happy with it, I promise not to cut my hair aga!n” I said calmly.

“Hm. Anyway, you still look beautiful. j√$t that…I’ve always admired longer hair and you know that. Make sure you don’t cut it aga!n,okay?” $h£ said and I nodded happily.

Oh God! I can’t believe I’m speak!ng with my moth£r.

“Hold on; wh£re’s your necklace?” $h£ suddenly asked,touch!ng my ch£st.

Oh, no!
Kim nana didn’t give it to me. What a mess!

“Oh” I exclaimed and tried sitt!ng up, but $h£ didn’t let me.

“I’m so sorry,mum. It seems I’ve misplaced it. I’m so sorry” I apologized.

“Aigo! What is wrong with th¡s girl? Do you know how much it cost me?” $h£ grumbled and spanked my a$$ and I laugh£d.

“Wh£n will you ever learn, huh?” $h£ asked and I sigh£d.

“Anyway, go and get dressed. I want you to accompany me somewh£re” $h£ said.

“Huh? Wh£re’s that?” I asked curiously.

“Will you stop ask!ng me questions and get dressed before I spank you aga!n?” $h£ asked and ₱v||ed my ear and I laugh£d and stood up.

“Okay moth£r.” I smiled and hurried up to my room.

Episode 9

Mi cha (Cold-h£arted):




I [email protected] !n a wh¡mper!ng voice, hold!ng t!ght onto th£ b£d$h£ets as Josh drilled !nto me – roughly

h£ was so f*st and [email protected] and was k!nd of hurt!ng me. h£’s been f**k!ng me for close to an hour now.

h£ opened my legs wide, giv!ng h¡m free access to it. I was so tired but couldn’t stop h¡m.


“Yeah, come on” h£ [email protected] and spanked my a$$.

I let ©vt a light pla!nt.

After a while, h£ ₱v||ed ©vt of me and I took !n a deep sigh of relief.


It was obvious h£ released |ns!de me.

h£ laid beside me, breath!ng h£avily at first while I tried to close my legs. I j√$t wish I could get separated from th¡s guy.

“That was awesome” h£ smiled and wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t.

I laid, [email protected]¢k!ng h¡m and after a moment, I decided to go for my drugs. I tried leav!ng th£ b£d, but h£ h£ld me [email protected]¢k.

“Are you go!ng for th£ pills?” h£ asked and I gave a light nod.

h£ always makes sure I don’t run ©vt of th£m. I use th£m each time h£ sleeps with me. It prevents me from gett!ng pregnant.

“You won’t f!nd th£m. I’ve taken th£m already” h£ said and I fl!nch£d.


“Why?” I asked, confused.

h£ sigh£d and made me lie beside h¡m aga!n.

“Don’t you th!nk its time for us to have a baby?” h£ asked and my eyes drooped.

What th£ f**k?

I scoffed at h¡m.

“Are you serious?” I wanted to ask, but feared th£ slap I might get from h¡m.

h£ hates any question that’s likely to sound rude or oppos!ng.

I narrowed my eyes and felt confused.

“Don’t worry, Mi cha. All you have to do is get pregnant for me. And you won’t have a th!ng to worry ab©vt anym©r£. So, from now on, I don’t ever wanna see you tak!ng th£ pills aga!n. Is that understood?” h£ asked and I nodded s1©wly, though, I was [email protected]¢k!ng h¡m.

Sh*t! Why does h£ want me to get pregnant for h¡m?

Damn it. God! I can’t get pregnant! Not at th¡s stage and not for someone like h¡m.

How do I get th£ pills?



Kim ji (K!nd):

Wh£n I was done dress!ng up, mum and I left th£ house and I discovered $h£ was tak!ng me to a supermarket.

Oh! $h£ probably wanted to get m©r£ provisions for th£ house.

I felt so happy walk!ng beside h£r, although $h£ didn’t really talk much on our way th£re.

We got to th£ reception and co!ncidentally, it turns $h£ met with an old friend of h£rs.

“Deya!” $h£ exclaimed.

“Oh my God! Look who we have h£re!” Th£ woman exclaimed and th£y ran !nto each oth£r’s arms.

I smiled and looked at th£m and that was how it started. Th£y looked for a place to sit and started chatt!ng.

Oh! Perfect idea!

“Um…mum”, I !nterpolated th£ir conversation, but mak!ng sure I was polite enough.

“Can I lend your phone, please?”

$h£ shut me a cranky stare before [email protected]!ng th£ phone to me.

“Thanks” I smiled and went away from th£m.

I needed to speak with Kim nana – make sure $h£’s safe and everyth!ng’s work!ng ©vt as planned.

I got to anoth£r part of th£ store and dialed my l!ne – s!nce $h£ was th£ one with my phone.

I j√$t hope $h£ picks up.


Kim nana (Crazy):

Thankfvlly, Williams left after we had lunch togeth£r.

Gosh! I j√$t hope that guy doesn’t come h£re for th£ next two weeks. I really don’t know how to cope with h¡m.

Th£ so -called step broth£r left th£ house a while ago and I was yet to see h¡s moth£r or my dad. I wonder if th£y’re togeth£r.

I was hav!ng a look @r0vnd th£ house wh£n my phone started r!ng!ng and I ch£cked and discovered it was an unsaved phone.

But th£ number k!nda looked familiar.

I picked it up after a little reluctance.

“Yes?” I said on th£ phone.

“Kim? Kim? Is that you?” Th£ called called, sound!ng like $h£ was wh¡sper!ng.


Of course! It was my tw!nnie.

“Kim ji?” I called, sound!ng happy.

“Hi” $h£ beamed and h£r voice became clearer.

“Please Nana,make sure you don’t call me with th¡s l!ne, okay? I’m mak!ng use of mum’s phone. So, don’t call. And even if I do call, don’t say a word until you h£ar my voice and you’re sure I’m th£ one call!ng” $h£ expla!ned and I nodded like $h£ could see me.

“Okay. No problem. How’s mum?” I asked.

“$h£’s f!ne. And how’re you, nana? Did you arrive safely? Are th£re any suspicions?”

“No; at least, not yet. But, you j√$t need to warn that step broth£r of yours. Else…”

I paused and sigh£d.

“Anyways, that rem!nds me! Can you please, tell your boyfriend to leave me alone?” I asked.

“Boyfriend? What boy…”

“Williams, of course. Isn’t h£ your boyfriend?” I cut !n.

“Of course not, nana. Williams is not my boyfriend. h£’s j√$t a close friend of m!ne and someone I…like. It doesn’t make h¡m my boyfriend” $h£ laugh£d.

“Yeah, whatever. But why did you have to crush on h¡m !n th£ first place? h£’s so ugly”.

“What are you talk!ng ab©vt, nana? Williams isn’t ugly. h£’s a nice person and is one of th£ cutest guys I know”

“Oh, please! Stop defend!ng h¡m. Besides, couldn’t you crush on someone like that cutie close to your house?” I rolled my eyes.

“Cutie? Who’s that?”

“Come on, Kim. You should know h¡m. I don’t know h¡m, tho. I j√$t saw h¡m from th£ w!ndow for th£ first time. h£’s so cute and was rid!ng a bicycle”.

“Oh! Is h£ from that silver colored house next to ours?”

“Exactly! You got it all right, Kim! Who th£ h£ll is h£?”

$h£ paused and laugh£d.

“Well, that’s Jeremy” $h£ replied.

“Hmm. Jeremy – nice name” I nodded with a smile.

“I know h¡m, but we don’t really talk much. I don’t th!nk we’ve spoken m©r£ than twice and that was dur!ng an exchange of greet!ng. h£’s actually my grade mate” $h£ said and my eyes beamed

“What?” I [email protected]

“h£ attends th£ same school with you and also your cla$$mate? But…I’m not sure I had seen h¡m on our way from th£ excursion”.

“Yes, h£ couldn’t make it. h£ didn’t go with us to th£ excursion”.


That means, wh£n I start go!ng to school as Kim ji, we’ll be cla$$mates.


“But you need to be ¢ar£ful @r0vnd h¡m, nana. I h£ard h£’s very rude” $h£ said and I rolled my eyes

“Whatever. That’s none of my bus!ness.

“Anyway, I…”

“Oh, my God!!” I suddenly h£ard h£r exclaim on th£ phone.


“Kim?” I called, but th£re was no reply.

I ch£cked and discovered th£ call had ended.

What happened to h£r?

Kim ji (K!nd):

I was still on th£ phone with nana wh£n I tried turn!ng @r0vnd but mistakenly bumped !nto someone.

Oh, God! No.

It was a young boy who was dressed !n all white and looked cla$$ic.

Oh, Kim!

h£ was hold!ng a cup of dr!nk and because of th£ way I had hit h¡m, th£ dr!nk spilled on h¡s sh!ny white dress.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed immediately.

I had no idea th£re was someone beh!nd me.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry. It…it wasn’t !ntentional. Please, forgive me” I gibbered.

“Are you bl!nd?” h£ snapped.

“Look what you done to my shirt!”

I was a bit startled and looked at h¡m.

Geez! What an attitude.

Mum showed up immediately.

“I’m…I’m so sorry, mister. I really didn’t do it on purpose. I had…”

“Whatever. Save your explanation for someone else” h£ cut me off rudely and walked away.


“Kim?” Mum called as $h£ hurried to wh£re I was.

I turned and looked at th£ boy as h£ walked away

“What th£ h£ll happened?” $h£ asked.

“I…accidentally bumped !nto h¡m and spilled dr!nk on h¡s dress” I replied, still feel!ng guilty.

$h£ paused and placed h£r [email protected] on h£r [email protected]¡$t.

“Hold on; did you j√$t apologize to h¡m?” $h£ scoffed.

“I..I had to. I was at fault” I replied, not hav!ng a clue of what $h£ meant.

“Seriously Kim? You apologized to someone???” $h£ shrieked.


Was my tw!nnie that troublesome?

I stared d©wΠ at th£ floor and couldn’t say anyth!ng and $h£ lifted h£r [email protected] to my face and opened my eyes.

“How am I sure you’re not sick? You’ve been act!ng strange for some hours now. Talk to me, Kim. Is th£re a problem? I th!nk I have a little change to spare. I should take you to a doctor”.

“I’m f!ne mum. Please. I…I j√$t don’t feel like fight!ng today” I replied, hop!ng I was conv!nc!ng enough.

$h£ stared at me for a long time with©vt say!ng a word and it made me really nervous.

Th£n, $h£ grabb£d a shopp!ng basket and started walk!ng away and I quietly followed h£r beh!nd.

Kora!ne’s Pov:

I returned home, feel!ng so angry and bittered.

Damn it! I can’t believe I’m gonna be late for th£ party.

I met mum and aunt Nessa !n th£ sitt!ng room.

“Kora!ne!” Mum called !n fright.

“What th£ h£ll happened to your dress? I thought you were go!ng for th£ party?”

“One clumsy lady bumped !nto me at th£ mall.” I said angrily and took th£ stairs to my room.

Gosh! I hate th¡s! I can’t believe $h£ ru!ned my white dress. $h£ ru!ned th£ unique appearance I wanted to make at th£ party.

I ru$h£d !nto my room and found someth!ng else to wear. It was still cla$$ic but I k!nda preferred my white to it.

I left th£ room afterwards, return!ng to th£ sitt!ng room and now, I met mum, aunt Nessa and Soo-m!n – our cook.

That rem!nds me.

“Soo-m!n” I called

“What’s th¡s trash I’m h£ar!ng ab©vt you quitt!ng th£ job?” I asked angrily, forgett!ng th£ fact that $h£ was older than me.

“I’m not entirely quitt!ng, Kora!ne. I j√$t have someth!ng important to do for two weeks. So, I need a cook that’d take over till I’m [email protected]¢k” $h£ expla!ned calmly.

“That’s useless, Soo-m!n. No one cooks better than you and you know it” I rasped

I couldn’t tell why I j√$t felt angry that even!ng. It was probably because of my ru!ned dress.

Soo-m!n smiled.

“Don’t worry , Kora!ne. I promise to look for someone that’d impress you. Trust me. As we speak, we already have 5 applicants”. $h£ said

I itch£d my hair and scoffed.

“Well, I don’t ¢ar£ how many applicants we have. I’ll be th£ one to personally !nterview and test th£m and I’ll be th£ one to make th£ choice. If none of th£m match£s my taste, th£n you’re go!ng nowh£re” I said bluntly and walked away.


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