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If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face episode 4


If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face
One Morning, as Aria was doing her
normal house chores, her mother called
out to her from her bedroom.
Mrs. Ekueme: Aria! Aria!
Aria: ‘Yes Mommy, I am coming’ she left
the plate she was washing in the kitchen
and went to her mother.

Ekueme: I know that you are getting
late for work but I need to talk to you
about something that has been on my
mind for quite some time now. Please sit
down and give me five minutes of your
Aria: Okay Mommy! ‘What is she’ she
asked as she sat down by her bedside.
Mrs. Ekueme: Aria, do you have a man in
your life?
Aria: Mommy, is this the reason you
called me this morning? To talk to me
about a man?
Mrs. Ekueme: Aria, you are my daughter
and I am concerned about you. I have
never seen you with a man talk more of
hearing you receive calls. You are my
only daughter and it is only right that I
know what is happening to you, don’t
you think so?
Aria: Mommy, you should not worry
yourself about this. When the right time
comes, I will bring a man home to you. I
talk to men, I receive calls from men. It is
just that I like my life to be private.
Mrs. Ekueme: If you say there is
someone, he should do and come na.
Does he want to wait till you start
growing white hairs or if you start
entering menopause?
Aria: ‘Mommy, don’t start abeg’ she said
irritably. When the time is right, I will
bring him home. Every time you want to
talk to me it is always about a man and
when is he coming. Ah! I am tired of
hearing that. I am only taking my time; I
don’t want to rush into things.
Mrs. Ekueme: hmm… have you finished
ranting? So you are not happy that I
called you this early morning to talk
about this issue to you? If you like rant
till tomorrow, all I know is that I want to
carry my grandchild soonest. The earlier
he comes and do the needful the better
for all of us because as long as you are
under my roof and still unmarried at this
age, I will not stop disturbing you about
bringing a man home to us. Did you hear
what I just said?
Aria: Mommy this is not fair ooo, Haba!
You people are putting us, we the girls
under pressure. This is one of the
reasons why there are so many broken
homes today. You force us into marriage
simply because you want to

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carry your
grandchild or because your friends
children are getting married, forgetting
that we all have our own race to run. I
am in no competition with no one. I am
just twenty eight years old and when
God says it is time, who am I to say No?
Mrs. Ekueme: I have said my own ooo.
You may leave, go and continue with
what you were doing. Aria stood up
from the bed and left murmuring to
After close from work that same day,
Aria quickly rushed to Ryan place
because he called her few hours back

/> telling her to rush home immediately
when she is through for the day. She
tried asking what the problem was but
he refused telling her and so she rushed
to his place.
Aria: Ryan, what happened? She asked
immediately she entered the house and
met him lying on the bed. What
happened she asked again, afraid that
something terrible may have happened
to him. Talk to me na… what happened?
Ryan: ‘You know that I love you so very
much right’ he asked as soon as he was
on a sitting position, resting his back on
the wall and looking at her.
Aria: Ryan, I didn’t come all the way from
Asaba to Onitsha for you to tell me you
love me. I thought something bad may
have happened to you. Did you go out
today sef this one you are busy lying
Ryan: I did and I am back. ‘Before I tell
you anything, I want to appreciate you
for been the best girlfriend ever’ he held
her hands close to his heart and
continued ‘my heart beats and will
continue to beat for you till my dying
days. You have been, not just a good
girlfriend but a supportive one at that.
You encouraged me to move on with life
even though all I could see were great
walls that couldn’t break. Thank you so
very much’.
Aria: what am I your girlfriend for if I
cannot impact something positive in
your life? ‘You are welcome’ she said
touching his cheek ‘but wait oh, what
happened? You scared the life out of me
when you called’.
Ryan: Okay fine. I will tell you but you
have to guess what it is first. Oya guess.
Aria: Thinking. Urrm…Okay, the place you
were told to come to yesterday, they

/> called you for a job
Ryan: Nope, one last try, guess again.
Aria: ‘Ryan Please na, I cannot guess
again. Tell me what it is already because
I do not like the suspense’ she said
pouting her mouth and frowning.
Ryan: Okay fine. I met a woman
yesterday when I went to hustle, she told
me to come this morning of which I did.
Hmm! my dear, God works in mysterious
ways. She is my helper sent from above.
Aria: Okay, when you went this morning
what happened? She asked eager to
hear the end of the story.
Ryan: ‘she gave me a job’ he shouted.
Aria: ‘what’ she screamed. Wait a minute,
this is not one of your pranks right?
Ryan: I am serious joor. She told me I can
report to work on Monday since the
week is already over.
Aria: oh my God! She screamed. Wow! At
last, God of Shiloh has finally heard our
Prayers. I am so happy and at the same
time so relieved. Congrats Ryan. I am so
happy for you, which means I can return
the fifty thousand naira I borrowed.
Ryan: Please do. Won’t you ask me how
much the pay is?
Aria: How much is the pay?
Ryan: I will be starting with 120
thousand naira for a start.
Aria: Serious? She opened her eyes in
shock. 120 thousand naira. Hmm.. That is
really a good start ooo. When some
people are paying others 40 thousand,
30 thousand, even 18 thousand sef and
yours is Triple. You are really lucky.
Ryan: Which lucky, it is grace that is
working for me ooo. My New Dawn has
already begun.
Aria: hahahaha. It has indeed. I am so
happy. Have you informed your people
Ryan: Yes I have. They were so happy
and my father wants me to come home
tomorrow sef.
Aria: hope this time around no problem
because anytime you go home it is one
thing or another and what about the
place you were told to come to
Ryan: They didn’t say anything serious
aside from asking me if I do
administrative job for eighteen thousand
naira of which I rejected. Wait, let me get
dressed, I am taking you out to spoil you
Aria: Okay ooo. At last, he has gotten a
job. When he is more stable, we will be
talking about getting married…. Can’t
wait to be called Mrs. Ryan she thought
to herself and smiled.

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