Iheoma episode 21 – 23

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EP 21🌿

The entire room was filled with the chants of the men as they began to undress, leaving only their underwear on. Emeka ran around the room shirtless, singing inaudible chants along with the men. He seemed like a complete mad man with his ragged hair, and the scar on his bare cheat from where I had sh-ot him. The leader of the occultic group began to distribute black candles to the men, stopping each time to hand a lighter over to each of them.
n-ked, scared, and about to be used for a ritual sacrifice, I couldn’t help but begin to shed tears. I remembered at that moment to pray to the God that Ade and his wife had told me about, but when I opened my mouth what came out was a whispered,
“God please.”
One by one, the men knelt down in a circle around me, bowing their heads solemnly as though worshipping me. Emeka ran forward too, and lay flat on the floor. Before I could understand what was happening, the entire room was filled with chants of,
“Come, oh Lucifer…”

I trembled in fear, as the bulbs in the room exploded throwing me into darkness. The men lit their candles as a sudden wind blew and grazed my body. A thunderous evil voice filled the room with a command,
“Give me her soul, and take wealth!”

Emeka stood up slowly, and as though possessed by an evil spirit he ran towards me and stabb£d me in the belly. An excruciating pain like I had never felt before coursed through me, as blood flowed down to my leg.
“Take her soul oh beautiful one,” the men s¢r-amed.
My eyes began to close, but Emeka’s face was still there, smiling, as he raised the knife and stabb£d my chest. The last thing I saw before I died was Emeka’s smiling face…


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EP 22🌿

I woke up to the sound of people crying all around me. I was in a bush, and the body of a man lay on the floor, with his head open. A native doctor sang chants around me while slowly pulling a palm frond over his body. I heard someone say,
“…and his wife is due to deliver today.”
I turned around, and found myself in a hut, surrounded by elderly women urging a pregnant woman to keep pushing. The woman was in severe pains, as labour pangs kept making her to s¢r-am. Slowly, a baby’s head popped out and soon the s¢r-ams of a baby crying filled the room. A bright light filled the room and I found myself staring at a hurricane lamp in the hands of the woman who had been in labour, she also had a baby in her hand.
The woman hurried into a compound I was familiar with; it was Nne’s compound. The woman knocked at the door severally until the door opened. Nne standing at the door, looking a bit younger than I could remember.
“Her name is Iheoma. She has a great destiny, please help her when you can.”
With that, the woman ran away with the baby.
I stared long and hand at the woman, and found two angels with flaming swords flanking her.
A hand touched me, and I turned to find a smiling elderly man.
“Who are you?”
He smiled,
“Your friend who has always been there for you, that’s who I am. You remember the man that spoke to you at your backyard? The one you thought was your Chi? That was me, your guardian.”
I blinked, and found myself lying in a morgue (Mortuary).
“You died Iheoma. You died because you didn’t understand your destiny. You’re dead because of that.”

Iheoma 💐

EP 23🌿

“I…I… I’m dead? Can’t you help me? Can’t I get another chance?”
My Guardian angel smiled sadly, and took a hold of my hand. We began to walk through the morgue and at each body he would stop and point at the person.
“Politician, doctor, Lawyer, all this men lying here are people that have family’s, and friends who miss them and ask God why he had to let them die. Each and everyone of them died and didn’t get to stand and speak to their Guardian angel like you’re doing now. None of them got to see the h-uge destiny God had prepared for them like you just saw. The man you saw lying dead on the floor was your father, when he had just died.The woman you saw in labour was your mother on the night when she delivered you. All those activities were orchestrated by God. All the challenges you passed through were meant to help you stand before the greatest people on earth. To redeem your people from the darkness that the Igwe and his Chief’s have used to cover them.”

Tears were now running down my cheeks. I was confused on where I had gone wrong in everything.
“What did I do wrong then? What was I supposed to do that I didn’t? Why did I have to die?”
My guardian angel shook his head sadly,
“Iheoma, you didn’t say the Lord’s name. You didn’t use the authority that people with mighty destiny’s like yours have.”

“What are you talking about?”

He came closer,
“You didn’t use the name of Jesus. If you had, you wouldn’t be dead. Your mistake was you didn’t use your weapon.”

“Another chance? What about a second chance?”
He shook his head sadly,
“Iheoma, you only had one chance. Just one. After your Death, judgement follows….”
A bright light appeared and began to draw me into it.
At that moment, I couldn’t help but plead,
“A second chance please. A second chance…”



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