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~Ileya~ 👩🏻

Episode 1 – END

The Muslim festival which we normally call ‘ileya’ in my own locality was always full of fun. People from the city returning back to their family house either in the village, rural area or less developed urban area.

The bleating of rams, the wakaing about of people and the cackling of chicken that has been marked dead always makes the atmosphere thrilling.

What makes it thrilling most is the sharing of food graced with big meats especially for we christian.

But amidst this lovely season, my friends and I had decided to have revenge on Alhaji Agboola. He’s a thorn in the flesh of every young guys in the community. He’s rich and had gone to Mecca over five times.
He’s the nagging type who wouldn’t feel taken aback to report us to our parents anytime he caught us do something wrong.

His greatest sin against us was the demise of our balls.
The fence to his house had a little dispute with our little stadium where we all find solace in kicking ball.

We have a policy of not shooting the ball high in the sky because of Alhaji Agboola’s house.
If our ball dare enter his house, that’s the end of the ball.

I couldn’t help but wonder if he always sit down outside waiting for our ball to be kicked inside his compound because it doesn’t always take him over a minutes before he will throw the ball back with different stab wound on it.

If it had been human that was stabbed the same way Alhaji Agboola use to stab our ball, I’m sure the greatest hospital in the world will reject the person.

He will make sure to stab the innocent round leather to a point that you can’t even think of stitching it up.

Ileya 👩🏻

Episode 2

Anytime anyone of us mistakenly kick the ball into the compound, we’ll wait for a minute for its corpse to be thrown back to us and we’ll bury it on our stadium before we all disembark to our various houses as we offer prayers of curse to Alhaji.

He’s been doing this for long, terrorizing us but we didn’t have anything to do but yesterday Lekan suddenly called an emergency meeting with the theme of taking our revenge on Alhaji.
We all gathered on our camp nou stadium as Lekan addressed us all.


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the festive period , Alhaji is known for buying a big ram, almost the size of a cow a week to ileya, he’ll tie it outside of his house so that it could feed on the little shrubs there.


security of our community is very tight , so no one could steal it away.
But on the eve of Ileya, the security of our community is always flexible because all our vigilante group won’t he working.

Lekan suggested we sneak out of house exactly twelve in the midnight and gathered in front of Alhaji’s house and release the ram so that it could run away, putting Alhaji Agboola in tight spot on the festive day.

We all agreed as it seemed like a great idea to finally have our ultimate revenge on Alhaji after years of tormenting us.
Exactly 11:55 pm, I sneaked out of my house. My parents were already asleep.
I head to the field where we decided to meet.


and some of our friends were already there, I joined them so as the rest of the crew.
When we completed ten, we head to where Alhaji always tie his ram.

We asked five guys to keep watch while we do the rebellious deed.
Lekan held the torchlight while three guys held the big ram while I head to where the thick rope used to hold it in place was tied.
It was hard untying the rope but I finally did it.

Episode 3

After untying the rope, we expected the ram to start running but to our surprise it just sat down staring at us.

Is this ram mad, you’re dying early in the morning and a chance was given to you to be free, ya now sitting dowm shining your big eye on us like Oshiomole’s own.
You berra get up now before I break your head..

The five of us started pulling it rope so that it would get up but the idiot wouldn’t even budge.

I even had to ask lekan to shine the torchlight in his hand on it so that I could confirm if it’s reallya ram and not an elephant.

I was the one holding the tip of the rope, I remembered tug of war that we always do in school where the person with the tip of the rope must tie it on his hand so that it wouldn’t get off his hand easily.


was what I did as I twisted and tied the rope on my wrist as we performed tug of war with the ram.

We pulled and pulled, ram didn’t get up. Lekan suddenly got furious and went to meet the ram, he angrily hit the torchlight on its head and that was how the torchlight shattered, we had lose our only source of light.

” muehhhhhhhh ” we suddenly heard. The ram was bleating furiously.

” what’s happening ” I asked as I couldn’t see anything.
” run o, run o “. I suddenly heard Lekan screaming.

Lekan what’s happening na, has a vampire appear in our midst, I suddenly heard everyone running and I also tried to do so but was suddenly pulled by something greater than my own power.
I tried to loosen the rope from my wrist but couldn’t.

The ram was pulling me as it was chasing after everyone.
“lekan help me ” I was screaming as I was running behind the ram to avoid been dragged on the ground.

” help yourself oo, this ram mustn’t hit someone, it’s free gateway to heaven ” I heard Lekan screaming as he ran.

Why is ram chasing after human being when it’s not a dog. Or did Alhaji gave it weed to prepare it for us. Maybe he had seen a vision of what we planned to do.

Ileya 👩🏻

Episode 4

After the ram had successfully chased everyone out of sight, it stopped running and I also stopped running.
I had run fifty kilometer in just ten minutes. My spirit and soul had already departed from my body. I was breathing heavily as I tried to untie the rope on my wrist, but it seemed to have tighten more on my wrist with the way the ram was dragging me around.
I suddenly felt the ram moved closer to me, it felt my body with its nose and bleated but what I was hearing from the bleating was ” you go suffer ehn “.
Mr ram don’t do this to me na, why must I suffer, this isn’t my idea oo and I’m not the one that hit the torchlight on your head.
Lekan come back here and tell Mr ram that you’re the one na.
The ram suddenly started moving, not too fast and not too slow.
” Mr ram where are you going, it’s midnight
I was walking behind it as it walked. I was trying to get the rope off but the rope wasn’t coming off. I couldn’t scream for help hence I put myself in more trouble. Imagining explaining how I got tied to a ram to my mom, heaven straight.
I started crying as we passed in front of my house and the ram didn’t stop.
the ram turned to Moses and I was the Israelite as its lead me to the promise land.
We even passed in front of Lekan’s house, the idiot saw me and was waving at me.
Lekan my God will judge you oo.
I trekked the trek I hadn’t trek in my entire life.
I trekked from midnight to morning, I couldn’t stop and the worse of it was that fainting was hungrying me but if I tried to faint, the ram will drag me along as the idiot didn’t even give a stop over, maybe to drink water or eat. It got to a point my heart relocated from my chest to my leg, my spirit bid me bye telling me it can’t continue with the journey again.
God if you save me from this, I promise not to go beside any ram again
It also go to a stage I was walking and dozing and by the time it was morning and my eye was opened the sign board I saw in front of me was “WELCOME TO SAMBISA FOREST

~Ileya~ 👩🏻

Episode 5

Uncle ram stop, we cannot enter that place, it’s forbidden.

I was trying to pull it back and it was dragging me inside, I swiftly tried to get the rope off my wrist and I was successful this time and the ram alone and its destiny entered the forest together.

Our mission was finally successful, Alhaji’s ram was gone, now I’m sure he’ll be disposed right now but anyone that love Lekan should quickly tell him to run away because I’m making sure he doesn’t witness next ILEYA. Enough is enough.

The end

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