I'm My Father

I'm My Father – Episode 1


A Story written by Oladipo Daniel

Slap him, idiot like you. Once he says rubbish, make sure you put on him tribal mark,  turn him to Sanyeri Afonja….  Ah!  This same man was once a  friend, Nigeria police are not trustworthy. Before I was arrested, I took this same man out for drink. I paid for his beer, gave him cash, to the extent,  he did call me brother.  Hmm, now he pretended as if he never knew me from Adam. “Beat him, idiot”, see as he addresses me. Just pray I don’t leave this dirty station, I will treat your f-ck-up.

This is my story.  I lived as normal citizen like you before.  My father gave birth to three – I am the only son. I started my journey,  as a child: We were living in our family house – the house full of different characters where you would  put your food on the table,  go in,side to bring water and could not find the food anymore. I was at five when I have been engaging in so many atrocities. My aunty (Bola)  was 11 years older than myself, she would take me to toilet, undressed herself and used my little brown sugar to please herself. Most evening, she put me on her laps,  turned my lollipop to toy.  Thank God I left the house for boarding school; Ayepe secondary school.  She would have turned me to s€×-machine. This act created fierce hatred in me: I hate to see female  putting off their clothes and never prayed to have anything to do with them either. I wanted to be different from everyone else in the family,  as a son of elder.    My father was actually a good and well respected man in the community. He was educated farmer and elder in church. His hatred was so high, in fact, could not be conceived when anyone engaged in immortality. He would nearly kill the fellow.

My secondary school days  were so much lovely and memorable. I have a friend who enjoined me to reading. I respected him for how he treated me. A poor boy like me changed and doing better in his study. Every body in the school was aware of our intimacy. Kola is his name. What an handsome looking guy… ( I bet it you will fall for him as a lady). Some groups were jealous of our intimacy. They tried so hærd to separate us but all to no avail. The saga  started on this faithful day, I returned from class to eat the food I kept in my cupboard. Kola came in, ordered me to pour away this food. Ah!  Me that was hungry,  why would I? . He forced the food away from me and poured it to goat outside. To my surprise, the goat ran mad (you might want to ask me how that’s  possible for a goat). The goat began to dance frivolously within a circle, climbing walls and jumping repeatedly like that like that… The scene became a theater – laughter of all kinds: hahaha, uuuuhahah, hinnnnnuuuuaha, some students laughed till they fell in a drainage while others with tears as they could not control their laugh.  I was dumbfounded,  A tear of one man, a comedy to another.  Kola and I left the hostel in the morning together and we were together till we closed, how then could he know about this. Kola would not have told me, if  he wanted to charm me of course. I asked him who did it and how he knew. His response was “pls let’s forget it for now”.  He gave me money to get another food. That was how I got more fans – I was celebrity…

The second term of that same year,  there was a corner I did hid my self to read.  I chose the place because people would hærdly see me while I have access to everything that would be happening around the school. It was Sunday evening,  as usual, I was on my way to my favorite s₱0t. Kola followed me strictly from behind. He told me to stay with him that evening. He said to me “I want to tell you something secret”.  Wow!  Secret?  I said. I went with him to his corner side.  He told me so many things which truly amazed me. It was like a mirror, he told me everything about my home, why I hated girls due to the bad experience with aunty  Bola. He was still saying this when we suddenly heard a  tremendous sound disrupted the ambiance. I looked out side, and saw students running toward my corner. Geez!  What hell?  I saw my friend smiling, he never moved, he was just on his chair as if nothing happened,  slightly smiling at me.  The next thing I heard from outside again was my name. Ah!  This was getting more scaring. Kola?  Did you hear that, what did I do? His look was like a man that just won lottery. He responded ecstatically,  now, let’s go and see. Alas!  It was my reading corner, the wall fell down. See how students began to hail me when I got to the scene, because at first, they thought I was under the collapsed wall. I stood at a s₱0t, looking like a man that was just dethroned. My mouth was sealed,  for like few minutes, hmm, I was like a dead. After a while, I looked round, searching for my friend. Now, it was the time,  I knew he owned me more than  explanation. I saw him afar, looking straight at me.  Why was  kola so much cast his gaze at me. He never looked at the wall,  I became his cinema… I said within me, Kola, I will kill you today…. ( You should have asked me, how will I do that. Which power do I have to kill him).

My legs were shaking, people were walking towards me with congratulatory greetings. Some students said, “yes we said it, these people are magician, if not how did he know this would happen? ”  and many other  comments. But, within me, who is this Kola, where did he come from, or it all happened coincidence?

Join me in the next episode (it was inspired by true life story)

To be continued…

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