I'm My Father

I'm My Father – Episode 2

I’m My Father – Episode 2

A Story by Oladipo Daniel

Kola, I believe we are friends, aren’t we? Oya tell me the secret I never knew. Who are you? I questioned him. He told me to calm and if possible I should pretend as if I had never known or seen anything. You better talk now or else I kill you today. He laughed tremendously hearing me said that. Well, he said, nothing will last forever. He will surely make it known unto me when the time comes. He pleaded me patient.

I became a god even seniors could not touch, yet some group wanted me down especially now that I’m gaining ground. So many allegation would make against me without any effect on me. There was this day I was caught, Kola went home and as a big boy, I hærdly went to the school dinning. So I did make secret food in the forest which was great offense in the school. They locked me in a tiny room till Monday the principal would come to write and sign my judgment. Speculation was here and there, all the students knew such offense could either be rustication or suspension with hærd labour. Thank My star, Kola returned on Sunday afternoon, he was narrated the wh0le story. It was early on Monday morning when the principal ordered me to be brought before him, he questioned me why I did such a terrible thing. Before I could open my mouth for any explanation, he answered the question by himself. He defended me, talking in my favour. Other teaching staff were dump seeing him not allowed me to talk but presenting me innocent. I was really glad but surprised too. Not quite long my case was dismissed and I was set free. I became more popular that even teachers now respected me, nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the school that the stubborn principal was my lawyer.

I’m glad you scaped through, Kola welcomed me. He also warned me not to engage in anything stupid most especially in his absence. He promised to take me on a journey next term of the session.


I was at the police station arrested. The officer who was once a friend was now the one telling others to beat me up, what a life. My life has totally changed. Every one blamed me for committing crime as the only son of my father, an elder in the church who truly and totally opposed immorality.

There is the looked innocent guy beside me in the cell, he was busy weeping. I decided to move closer to him putting my own issue aside and asked him the purpose of his crying. It was his father that ordered his arrest, the boy was troublesome and always acts contrary to his father’s command. He wanted to make the boy learned. See boy, I told him, I know exactly the antidote to your issue if you can give me chance to assist. He nodded in disagreement.” Ok fine, I’m here for you whenever you change your mind”, I said to him. The next morning he woke me up, he told me his father never trusted him and need something to help himself. Fine I said to him, in just next evening believe me your father will be forced to order your release. I know you will only believe me when it happens. I gave him a friend address (I don’t want to include the address here coz some people might want to do charm). so, tell him it’s from me. He will give you something that will make your father always dance to your tunes. But, you must keep with the instructions he would give you.
The next evening as I have prophesied, he was released and left me alone in the cell. It was this time I fully understood his case. His father was only assumed, he thought the boy would have been engaging in all sort of atrocities just because of the guys (friends) he saw with his son. Having known that the boy was innocent. They said the boy has been avoiding these friends after his father warned him but he could not totally quit them because they live on the same street, watch and play balls together even some of them are his classmates. I nearly blamed myself for giving him the address, I know that innocent boy will never remain the same for the rest of his life. Well, I cannot undo what has already been undone. Kola would definitely make him a fearless man which will one day lead to his distraction.

This was the longest vacation I ever had, every blessed morning I pray for resumption because Kola is taking me on a journey. I can’t even wait to meet him. Finally, I told my dad that I would be going to school on Sunday, a day before resumption which he insisted, he somehow suspected me for leaving so fast this time. He asked if there is any special thing I have to do in school. Early on Monday before 4:30am, I was already in the uniform only waiting for day break. Fortunately for me, I got to school but my friend never resumed the first week of resumption. Some people were saying, they heard Kola’s parents telling him to change school because they could not afford his boarding fees.
I never knew exactly what life would bring unto me. So all night “I made a silent pray on my bed. God of my father, help me. Let my friend come, provide for his parents”.

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