I'm My Father

I'm My Father – Episode 3

A story by Oladipo Daniel

The second week of resumption, my friend – Kola resumed. I was overwhelmed wh0leheartedly at his arrival. Though I could not ask him about the plan but having someone like him beside me was more than privilege. We began our study, before the midterm, our house master sent for kola, he spent some couple of hours in his house. He returned with the gist that he (the master) wanted my friend to help his wife who has, after their first child, not been conceived. I wondered how he knew kola so well. Are you planning of helping him? I asked my friend. He planned a sudden travel for the master sake. God that want to answer my prayer, after kola left the school, our master sent for me. He told me he submitted a file for a seminar that would fetch him money. He needs magic coz they were many struggling for it. Well, me that no nothing. As a Sharp guy, I told him it will take us few days to gather the material needed for the sacrifice. I must not let him know I was just an ordinary boy with nothing coz the respect they gave me would vanish into air. Everyone believed kola and myself have supernatural powers. Immediately kola returned I narrated him the wh0le matter, he assured me he would do something about it.

I slept that night, I was dreaming when I felt a touch on me, tapping me to wake up. In scared I opened my eyes slightly, I saw my friend standing beside me, he whispered me to stand and follow him which I did. Kola took me to deep forest at the back of the school, he told me to put off my cloth and did something which I never had the knowledge. The next morning I opened my eyes on my bed, everything seemed dream. I wondered how kola could appear in my dream. Is he so powerful to visit my dream? Or could the dream be real?
That morning, I felt strange all over me, I was so energetic.

The term examination was my best, I had A’s in all my subjects because before I went to exam hall, I would have seen the question in my dreams. And so many strange things began to happen in my life. Kola told me to keep whatever that happened secret when i was about to cry out coz of the visions I did see. Now, I told my self, I have become a man.

Another holiday came, I went back to my home. Everybody in the family knew nothing about me except the prophesy I pronounced in the church. My dad was so happy seeing me making impact in the church, he said the spirit of God is in me. You won’t believe me that the program would be bored anytime I never attended church. There was this day we had a revival, I prophesied a lady should not travel, in fact, to just look for a way to avoid the travel. She said in her place of work, some of them arranged a bus which would be taken them to near by town for party. Before the end of the program because it lasted seven days, she came in tears, rolling on ground, as she was praising God. She said, none of her colleague that went to the party returned; they all died on their way coming back in fatal accident.

The school resumed, nobody wished me left, I knew deeply my presence was not meant to be in the church, I left the home, telling my parents parents I was going to school.

This is how my life changed, I became a new person. I truly left the home but could not return to school, I left home and joined the street where my prowess would be more relevant, no more school, my friend too has returned home, he has become herbalist. Me I don’t so much like to commit crime but the people need me to succeed in one thing and the others. So, this is how I lived until one day, a rich man was told about me. So many time he has sent for me but I did see our union would land me trouble that’s why I never answered his call. After a while, he came with big jeeps and parked at the front of my junction. He told me his offer but I never wanted to partner with him, I declared he should leave my side. As he was about to leave, he dropped a box with his contact. I pretended I never cared, after he left I went to check if he has come to drop a bomb but in fact, I was shocked seeing a box full of naira. Geez! I opened the letter in,side the box which says “more are coming if I could work for him. OMG! What exactly do I really need on earth than money. So I called him immediately. Sir, What exactly do you want me do? I am into a big business and will like to make use of you special gift. No problem, I said to him but, I hate illegal work. I told him this because of the vision I have seen about this man that he would bring me trouble. So now, I have become one of his men. For the very first time I have boss, Money is indeed really great, it can make man go beyond his own will.

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