I'm My Father

I'm My Father – Episode 4



My name is melon 🍈 a strong man of OLANIYI the rich man. I am the one to lead his boys whenever they have operations. I see things that yet to happen so I became their eyes and Oracle. He paid me well enough to think of what is right or wrong. Our first operation was at night, in the house of one of the biggest politicians in the town. I told the boys to relax, chill, I said to them coz I have seen that the man was very stubborn and he would turn the robbery to third world war. I even told our boys to sleep in the car we parked at the front of the man house. When it was exactly 1:30am, I saw the man in my vision so weak that before he could wake up we would have captured him on bed, so I told my people to move, and gave them the direction to follow for the success of the job. (You might want to ask how I knew the secret path of the house, well, it is my inner sight). That night, I didn’t enter the house with them because that was our agreement that I would never involve in any atrocity, so I stayed in the car waiting for them. They returned with two bags, I knew nothing more than money would be in,side. Getting back to Olaniyi’s house, he gave me two bales of dollars. Can you imagine, my mentality changed for good. I told my boss (now I called him boss), sir, I have a suggestion to make. Go on, he retorted, surely you are part of our family now, though I never forgot our agreement, so tell us whatever you have to say, coz I know it will be of benefit to the house. Go on, we are listening… I cleared my throat, I decided to be sesquipedalian, so I said, oga becoming honorificabilitudinitatibus in life with this business, we have to just do one thing. Everyone in the room looked at one another as if I have never spoken. Olaniyi coughed, Mr Melon, pls it seems you are speaking Latin or German so, pls speak the language we’ll understand. Errrm, I mean to be honored in life even in this business we have to target the big fish in the sea. Oh, he replied, is that what you meant by honori.. fi… fi… cabili… I looked at his l-ips as he stammered. Well, my advice is just that. Ok, but how do we get the “big fishes”? He asked. I will handle it, I assured him.

There should be away to help ourselves in this country where thieves have grade: first class, second class, and the likes. I have chosen to steal from the first class thieves whom no law or citizens could lay hand. They are the people in power, I made my findings with the help of my inner sight to see those whom once robbed life will totally change. After a week, I told Olaniyi to prepare his boys for this special job. I told him to get us a tinted eighteen passengers and remove all the back seats which he did without hesitation. We went in to a powerful man in the country, I have forseen how and when best suit our operation. This time I joined the boys, we all went in to him. My boys demanded him money but his stubbornness did not allow him give them. Well, I intervened, Mr chairman, I know you’re very stubborn, also because of the charm in your wa-ist you think bullet cannot kill you. Let me save you, your weakness is female urine which I will get from your wife so better do exactly I command you. Immediately he heard this, he calmed. Follow me everybody, I said confidently. I began to lead them away to the back of down stair. We broke in one of the boy’s quarters, pull up the rug, I said, the man was surprised at my magic. I knew he would be thinking silently in his mind how I got his secret. There was an iron padlocked. Now, I voiced, bring in the saw-blade, cut off the padlock. Looking at the expression on his face, Mr chairman, I said to him, Yes, I knew before I left home, even the last time you entered last week, so don’t be surprised. The iron door was raised, it was underground, hmm, money of different currencies was neatly arranged on shelves with full AC. None of our boys could move, they saw for the very first time things beyond their age. Pack everything I told them but fear engulfed them. Pack this thing and let’s leave! I shouted as their hands were shaking, so I have to help them by myself. And asked two guys to tie up Mr chairman. We spent 30 to 1 hour for clearing the room. After we are done, I appreciated the man. My Honorable chairman, this money is meant for the masses but you psiphoned it to your house, well, i will not kill you coz I want you to continue so that we can have people to patronize. Guys, let’s move out.

Complete a week, my boss was hospitalized seeing the money, at first he never wanted to share it or touch it. But after so much pressure he agreed. I told him after collecting my share I would pull out of the business that I need to settle down and enjoy life. The very third day he was discharged, he summoned us. Boys, there is a mission you have to do for the very last time. I need to become a man too. After you return, everybody will take his share and quit the job. At least what at hand is more than enough to settle down. I laughed as I looked straight to his mind as he was talking. I realised he wanted to do charm to be like me. He is now jealous of my special gift.

To be continued

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