I'm My Father

I'm My Father – episode 5

By Oladipo Daniel

OK, let’s take the last mission. It was evening, we loaded ourselves in the car and drove off. I pretended thing was alright, I didn’t know where exactly we were going but my special gift gave me confidence. I know these people do fear me so how could they plan evil against me without consulting my insight. We drove for like three hours into a forest, two of our guys left us behind and went away. Later, two out of the remaining three guys with me departed. Then I laughed at myself. I quickly closed my eyes to check whatever these guys are up to. I followed them with my spirit from the same s₱0t I stood. Suddenly I began to hear a lady’s voice pleading and crying for mercy, I asked myself what was going on. The guy beside me too did not know I have left him in spirit. Before my insight could get closer to see what these guys are doing, there was already silent and one of them said, o boy, come-on let’s go. Then I realised the worst these people have done. They just cut of a woman’s head and wrapped it in a leather. I shouted Jesus! Where I was, (that’s the first time I ever remembered the name “Jesus”). The guy beside was nearly flee, he thought police have captured us. I sat down speechless, asking myself why I never cared to know the mission before I left home till I followed a mission that takes away life for nothing. I wept bitterly. Not quite long, the guys that went away returned with a polythene bag which I have seen in my vision where they put the woman’s head. Let’s go guys, they said. The guy beside me helped me up to my feet. I joined them in the car, now we are heading back home. So I said in my heart, Thank God this is my last day with these useless and cruel people who take man as cows which they can slaughter without any sympathy or fear. Melon! I heard them called me. I quickly gained my consciousness, now I just realized over confidence has killed me. I trusted in myself and because everybody fears me, I never care to look at the type of mission I was going. What is it? I asked them. Pls check the road for us to know where to take and if there is black men (police) On the road. Well, despite of my mood, I checked through my insight. I saw policemen and told them. Should we go back and take another rout? they asked me. From what I have seen, I know nothing will happen so I assured them to go but ready #100 (naira) for bribe. My mind was not settled, in fact I was not pleased with myself so I stopped my vision at the s₱0t we will meet policemen. I forgot to look further. After 30 minutes drive, we were stopped by two policemen. Roger! Park well mr man, where are you coming from? They pointed touch into my eyes, are you crying? They questioned me. “Ok, wetin you carry”?
Nothing sir, our driver replied sharply. While the second officer going to the back of our car. I quickly gave the drive sign. officer! he called out, he stretched forth his hand and gave him #500 note. We no get change o! The officer said. Don’t worry, just keep it, it’s from your boys. I can see the joy in his face, he quickly called the second officer who was still shouting beside our boot, “come and open this thing”. Don’t worry sergeant, they are our boys. Let them go, the officer that collected money said. But sir, make I just check their boot now… are you deaf? I said you should let them go, the officer said angrily. In my moody, I smiled gently. Money controls life, I said to myself.

We left the checkpoint, my mind reminisced. Melon! I called myself, you have acted stupidly. Now, go back to your former, a son of the church elder. People must not mock my parents because of my chosen way. I will go back to my dad and plead forgiveness as a prodigal son….

 It was like 5 more minutes to get home when we suddenly ran into another set of police on the road. OMG! Everyone looked at me… I knew the expression in their faces is a big question they never spoke out which was “why did I not say anything about the new checkpoint”. Hmm, me too was so surprised. I then remembered I have not check the journey back home, I stopped my vision at the first checkpoint. Before I call close my eyes to see the solution like a way out. I heard, “park well Mr man”. Our car stopped. The first officer asked me why I’m sleeping. Now I know trouble has finally landed on us. Come out everybody, the officer said. Yeeee! This one na original ‘gobe’ (trouble). Our driver brought out a thousand naira note. Pls help us manage this token, he said. From a bit distance their patrol leader said, you are mad for bribing us. Officers! Search the car thoroughly and don’t spare them, he said. Immediately our boys alighted from the car, before I could come down, everybody has fled and I was held. They pointed gun at me, open your boot or we scatter your head with bullets. I gently raised up my hands and quickly remembered the first vision I got before I accepted working with Olaniyi – the rich man, that he would end me in trouble but because of the money he brought that day, I accepted his offer….

 Open the boot my friend which I did, they saw the woman head. Jesus! What’s this? Hey! Mr man, carry your property and enter the car. Their patrol leader called the first checkpoint and questioned them how they allowed us pass with such a crime. He told them to meet him at the station immediately.

Who can run above predestination? I embraced it warmly. They drove me away passed the front of Olaniyi’s house, I saw two of our guys jumping the fence into our boss compound while I was handcuffed. What fate have I or there would be help for me somehow?

To be continued

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