-Episode 1

It was exozulu the fourth year in time, when the people of Negamba civilization move to Egypt, the first order skilled arts are taken to Memphis to work in Pharaoh’s court. The second order art lords are taken to Phebes were the mystery temple is, to be coached by the priests.

I was taken to the forest by Ko, a boon companion of mine. His father a well renowned hunter who lost favour in the sight of Pharaoh in Memphis, so he headed home with disgrace.

Ko bent down before me searching the grass to figure out animals footprint “Zu my friend, do you know the animal that has passed here?” He asked me “I never learnt hunters play, but my friend. Is that not why I seek your tuition” I replied, he let out throaty laugh and smiled to himself.

“I’ll comb the wh0le forest when I get to Egypt, am the man feared by the forest” he said boastfully, I stared and contemplated if he will make it through Egyian trial by the next Exozulu, surely he will I thought.

I was lost in my thought.

-wonders of Egypt and their gods
great are they, that I’ll salute.
Standing at the gate of Phebes
Pharaoh’s chariot shall ride me
Melody sinks my heart when
Whenna takes me to Phebes-

I was lost in thought never knew when Ko wandered away, I dragged my feet on as I searched for my friend calling his name. Closed to Ira stream I heard a voice singing.

Her voice chirps into the woods
Like the party birds that stays in
Hundra trees.

I stepped out of the forest and saw a girl sitting and singing close to the stream.

“Your voice maiden, pure as Hundra itself, do gods now live among mortals?” I confessed as she turned and looked at me.

“Am flattered, am neither a god or Hundra, am Zina” she said looking at back at the stream.

“A beauty to the sight, if I reprimand your beauty shall I remain blind. Your voice like keg of wine to a drunkard soul, your name oh! I confess, epitome of beauty you are Zina” I told her, she laughed and her eyes shone like light.

“You must be the famous Zu, who is good with words” she told me and I nodded in response.

“A man of no art like me, will be famous as a wine without taste” I replied, she tapped the ground beside her. I walked to her and sat on the position she has asked me to sit with her.

We sat there till dusk, we parted as friends “Zu, I’ll like to see you some other time” she said when we got go to the mouth of the forest, I nodded and went home.

I got home and saw grandpa in his forge room, I wanted to tiptoe to the house “Zu!!” Grand father called out to me, I replied and went into his forge room.

“Zu, have you seen Hogra the seer to tell you about the works of your hands?” He asked me, I Shaked my head signifying no.

“Come with me” he told me, we went together to the outskirt of the town to the cave of Hogra. On our way, we kept on greeting the communal people.
The cave mouth drips water, as we went into the dark cave.

“Man of steel and hammer, Enu, the sword maker, what brought you to Hogra abode?” The priest voice roared in the cave, the priest isn’t visible in the cave. I kept on tilting my head to catch a glimpse of him but the dark cave couldn’t let me.

“My grand son, what message has the gods given him?” He asked the priest who was silent for awhile, we waited till the priest spoke “he is a child of no art” he replied.

“Cursed child, I’ll suffer you till your hands learn how to forge” he yelled at me, I couldn’t make out his face in the dark surely he will be very furious about the priest response.

I ran out of the cave with hot tears gathering in my eyes, I wasn’t looking at where I was running to. I kicked a wood and fell, I remained on the ground and thought about my life.

-my soul shatters with tears
Torn amidst misfortune
Mystery are the ways of the gods
Good are they, that I am made
My makers allow me suffer
Soul appease my thoughts –

I’m a Poet.


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