Episode 4

The journey was really fruitless, I wasn’t taken in by the academy. On our way, grandfather kept his hand on my shoulder “my son, don’t worry. A man doesn’t know his way if he hasn’t discover his feet” grandfather said to me, I nodded slowly even if I am not happy with my achievements thus far.

We got home and the rumors of the princess leaving through the seaport Hayi is everywhere, immediately we dropped our bags. I ran “Zu, where to?” Grandfather shouted behind me. “I’ll be back, father” I replied and hasten my feet. I saw crowd of people at the seaport, the sh¡ps were already sailing as I stood confused on what to do.

Kids ran back home with their parents, I stood looking confused. As people who came to say farewell to the princess left one after the other, I was the only one left behind staring at the sea. I sat in the corner and stared regrettably at the sea, drowned in my own thoughts.

-do water have enemies?
nemesis plague my heart
Hear me, farewell my love.
Doves flies, birds chirps-

“Zu, I knew you will come” a familiar voice sounded in my ears as music, she giggled from behind. I turned and behold the princess in her dazzling smile. I sprang up quickly and dusted my ass, “my princess, the dawn starts with you” I told her, she rolled her eyes.

“Zu, call me Zina. Am not comfortable with the princess” she said frowning, “ay, even your frowned face the goddesses are still envious, aham… You are too majestic to be called ordinary” I replied, we argued but I still insist. She took a handful of sand and threw on me.

“Catch me Zu” she told me and ran off, I pursued after her. She really has a quick feet, I couldn’t catch up with her. She stopped running and laid on the ground laughing, I joined her too on the ground.

“Zu, you can’t even catch me” she told me breathing heavily, “you sprint like a horse” I replied, we stayed at the seaport till the evening sun depart from the sky. We separated with a renew bond.

I got home and met grandfather on the dinning table, “the chicks wandered home” he threw at me, I laughed. I took my position on the dinning table and we dined together, when we are done eating. I cleaned up the table, “we will set out to Singy tomorrow” he told me before he retired to bed.

I was so happy that I ran up to my room, I opened the window wide and look up in the sky. I breathe relief as the gracious night breeze graced my skin.

-oh, Ancient Singy,
Singer’s wonders.
Lullaby they sang,
A child on his mother’s Bossom sing along.
Long for I have seen you.
A child wish for long-

I closed my eyes and imagined myself sitted before Singy choirs. I went to the bed that day with a renew spirit and hope, the fear of the unknown left me like the shadow of the night.

We set out to Singy, we got to the very tall walls of the town. We identify ourselves and the gatekeepers let us in, as we took the long walk from the outskirt to the town.

We saw girls in the farm singing, they are many not org-nized to form bond. But they sang in harmony, as their different voices formed unified magic.

“Aahh… Horus”

“Hiha hiha!” ×2

“Son of a god!” ×2

I nodded happily as I stood watching them sing forgetting the reason we came, I wasn’t following grandfather. He turned back and saw me rooted in the s₱0t listening to the melodious song.

“Zu!!” Grandfather called my name with so much energy, that the birds flee away from the trees.
Immediately, everywhere was quiet as a graveyard.

“Zu is here” one of the girls that was singing said. They ran towards Mr happily, I became confused.

“Zu, the gods favoured”

“Zu the child of Isis!” They sang, and they held their garment coming towards me.



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