Episode 5

They encircled me with a song, they never said a word apart from singing. Grandfather stood afar and watched in awe.
When they ended the song, I was expecting a word from them.
Alas! None of them spoke, they started another song.
And left the formed circle in a line.

My eyes witnessed, what I have never seen before.
A beauty of arts as a child to a grown up man.

I ran to grandfather, he led the way silently. He diverted to another route against our former plan.
We were meant to head to the city central, to witness an opera.

“Grandfather, has my memories failed me, my mind is fixed with perplexity” I told him as we walked in the woods, the birds there chirps melodiously to rhythms as if they were influenced with the spirit of orchestra.

“You spoke well child, do you know what is afoot?” He asked me. I thought for awhile, “change” I replied him. He stopped walking and look down on me with gracious smile plastered on his face.

“The Singy’s giant Owl, seeks to see you. What they did was ritual and a rite to passage” he told me. The giant Owl, I mumbled inwardly.

-what more should a man see?
Seven seas, seven wonders.
Wandering spirits are more worth.
Worthy are the men that has seen them,
The soul bask in the aura and boast triumphantly.
Trials, they are seek ’cause they are men of two worlds-

Grandfather stood and asked me to continue into a cave, the daylight filtered into the cave illuminating the endless passage.

“Hello, giant spirit Owl” I greeted, my voice returned to me like someone is repeating them like me. I became terrified, “fear not child” a voice said to me.

I heard heavy foot-falls and before me is a giant Owl, it bent down and stared at my face.
“You are Zu?” It used another voice.
I nodded.

“You seek to know your path, one with great destiny?” the giant Owl asked me, I nodded.

“How come, you have many voices?” I asked, it changes voices anytime it spoke. It laughed like a bird and coked it head, “I am a spirit of Singy, what do you know of Singy?” The bird asked me.

“Gracious voices and good singers are birthed here” i replied.

“You spoke well child, the answer you seek is find in you” it told me and wave it feather towards me.

– the path of everyman is find in him.

– a seeker cannot have what he can’t possess.

– a man can learn an art, but the greatest art of a man is the one he is given birth with.

– who are you?

– look deep in your heart.

– the mind reason but the heart wants, don’t block the heart from contributing to what the mind is saying.

– search deep, who are you?

It whispers unto me, my eyes were shut as i listened. I opened my eyes, “I’m a Poet..” I replied.

“Very good, that is what you are” it replied and vanished immediately, I looked around the empty cave.

“Giant spirit Owl!” I called out to it thrice but no response, I took the path I came and saw my grandfather smiling at me.

“You my child, has opportune to see what no mere man has seen” he boasted and patted my back.

“A great feast awaits us at home, the town must hear this, Zu has seen the Singy’s spirit” grandfather said and boasted happily, laughing loudly.
I never told him the outcome of my quest, till he came to realization that the Giant Owl gives voices and talent to singers.

“Add melody to our journey son, let me hear the seven seas sing through you” he told me while we were on a footpath on the mountain. “I was given no voice father, I was only given words” I replied.

“Words!?” He repeated with a question his eyes almost leaving it sockets, I nodded in agreement.

“Who will believe my tale, no one sees a spirit and return empty handed like you” he blurted out angrily, I fringe as I watched his eyes hold so much anger within.

– a war man,
mere mortal.
but has seen more,
mortals hasn’t.
that makes them a warlord.

My grandfather boiled with so much anger like he has never been happy in his life, his hand shook as he covered his face with his palms in lost glory.



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