Episode 6

Grandfather wailed for a night and a day for his lost moon tales opportunity, Zina and I bond grew each day stronger.
Strangely she has always been there for me regardless of her princess status, I prayed to Osiris for him to grant me marriage to her.

The long awaited Exozulu came with great cheers and moonlight feast to welcome a day, people will be chosen to witness the first world civilization. Men drunk themselves with melody, but I sat by my window wondering what tomorrow brings.

I looked at the moon from my window, so gentle and I wandered away in my thoughts.

– oh, Moon! nature begot,
Forgotten worries persist.
personage men jubilate,
elate my worries gentle light.
brightens the dark weakly
like the watchman torch –

I closed the window and went to sleep, early in the morning a loud horn blared from seashore.
Noises of cheer erupted in the town, i climbed down from my bed and ran to the seashore like others.

It was the Pharaoh’s ships that landed on the shore, the crowd welcomed them with cheers and drum beats with singers singing, it was a joy to look on.

After they settled, I became nervous about the trial that followed.
I went to Pharaoh’s court alone, grandfather only said he couldn’t go with me, that he has works to do.

When I got there, I saw teachers with their students according to their order. I became disoriented, I chose to return home in shame ’cause I suffered loneliness.
The moment I turned back to leave, a hand grabbed me from behind and i turned “princess Zina” I blurted out and bow, she smiled graciously at me.

“You came?” She asked me, I simply nodded and became confused, she doesn’t need to be master of any art to been granted passage to Egypt.
“You baffle me Zi, I thought you are free to go into Egypt” I said it not wanting it to sound as a question, “I am here because of you” she replied and looked forward, as we watch people stepped out of the Pharaoh’s court with joy and agony.

I waited till last person on the line is tried, “next!!” a loud voice shouted from inside, my feet became cold that they trembled to move.
“You can do it, Zu” Zina urged me on, I nodded and entered the court.

I stepped into the court, in a circle surrounded by men sitting on a high placed table “what do you seek to offer Egypt, child of art?” A voice asked me from the people that surrounded me.

I could hardly recognize who is speaking, “words” I replied boldly. Everywhere became quiet, murmuring of “words”, amongst them took over a minute.

“Well, speak let the scale price your fate” one of them said, I inhaled sharply.

– men of jury,
journey from Egypt.
Memphites merchants of art,
All hail ancient philosophy.
Children will hear.
hear me mothers,
more than wisdom lives in Phebes.
Nile, the flowing stream of creation-

Those were my exact words before the banner of fate was raised.
“You are a rare art, we can’t over look you. Very well, a journey to Phebes temple is granted” the scale determined.

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I bowed in obeisance and left the court of Pharaoh’s court with Zina, with joy that surpassed the want of the stomach.


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