Important episode 7 – 8

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Episode 7
Nathan was able to get rid of Isabelle but his mom gave her access to Nathan’s penthouse.
Nathan still doesn’t want to say what the doctor told him. I have to get the truth out of him.
He sat by the edge of the bed. I came to him rubbing his back.
“What’s the matter? “I asked him.
“Nothing… “He chipped in and took my hands facing me. He placed my hands on his bare chest.
“Is it about what the doctor said? “I muttered.
His happy face frowned.
I have to do something I’ve never done before just to get the truth.
I took my hands to his zip and drew it down. I got down from the bed and knelt before him.
“Trying to do the impossible. “He muttered.
My hands was shaking yes but I can do this.
I put the enormous d*ck into my mouth not even knowing where to start from in the s-cking.
Nathan threw his head back and I smiled cause I knew he’s enjoying it.
But I don’t even know what am doing.
I stopped and pulled my lips away.
“Tell me Nathan. What’s really wrong with me? “I asked.
“Juliet… You, it’s possible… That you’re pregnant with twins…. And due to the fall, one might….. Die. ”
Episode 8
Juliet’s pov
My heart beat increased by 100 as I felt really scared at the moment. My own baby in danger all because of Isabelle.
I didn’t know when my eyes got filled with tears. I blinked and they trickled down.
I began sobbing. Nathan hugged me.
“He said they might Juliet. We shouldn’t conclude yet. “He said rubbing my hair.
“Okay.. “I murmured and sniffed loudly.
<4 months later>
I sat before the doctor as he used the ultrasound device on me.
I could see my two babies clearly through the monitor.
“Doctor, are both of them fine? “I asked looking blankly at the monitor.
“I suppose as we can hear both of them breathing… “He replied.
I looked at Nathan, he wore a big smile.
I smiled too but not as big as his.
Two days later>
I was in my room as a nurse Nathan hired m-ssaged me.
She was very gentle and kind but I wonder where Nathan is.. He should be in the room by now. Its time for bed.
The nurse left me as I sat up.
“Where’s Nathan? “I asked.
“Don’t know. Just sit back and relax. “She said trying to hold me down but am too stubborn.
I pushed her and got up leaving the room.
I walked through the hallway as the nurse walked after me.
I heard noises from a door. I approached the door slowly.
“Juliet, stop! “Someone yelled behind me, I turned it was Nathan’s mom.
I turned and looked back at the door.. Nathan was there standing still looking at me nervously.
I looked beyond him looking into the room. I saw a woman unclad and exposed lying on the bed.
Wait. What’s going on??
Nathan was cheating behind my back… His mom knows, the nurse knows…
How’s this possible???
I turned away from the door and went down the stairs as fast as I could walking out the door.
I went to the garden and sat on a carved stone chair just sobbing.
My life is a wreck.
I was there for like an hour before Nathan’s mom came and sat beside me.
“Forgive us Juliet. Its really shameful you had to find out this way. “She said.
I looked at her surprised that this was coming from her. She hates me and here she is apologizing.
“Please Juliet, just come inside. “She muttered.
I sniffed hard.
“I want to be Alone. “I muttered.
She took my hand and I flinched.
“I’ll come inside when I want to. Please leave me. “I said.
She got up and walked away counting her steps.
What a poisoned family.

I was super scared 😱. The doctor said the baby might come any minute.
I was kept in a ward at the hospital and Wendy was here with me.
“Wendy dear. Am so much gonna miss you. “I said rubbing my nails.
“Why do you say that? “She asked.
“Am not going to tell you cause you’ll surely tell Nathan. You’re one of my enemies you know. “I said.
She frowned.
I ignored her tho.
She’s one of the reasons am in this mess.
But am right, am leaving.
Once I give birth, am going to give Nathan the babies and leave the country with Nathan. Cause am sure Nathan won’t let me have my baby and there’s no use being here.
I felt something hard going round my extremely big tummy.
I gasped as I saw water that drenched my dress. I held onto the chair.
“Get the doctor! “I yelled at Wendy.
In no time, I was put to birth and I began pushing with my strength.
After minutes of pain in labour. The baby or babies were out.
The doctor came to my ear and whispered.
“You have twins and they’re both healthy. Two boys. ”
I gasped.
Two boys???!!
“Madam. I suggest I tell Nathan and his mom the other baby died and you can have one baby to yourself… Equal. “He added.
I racked my brain as I tried to decide.
“Fine,.. Do it. ”

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