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🍁{$h£ has someth!ng that’s m!ne…} 🍁
Episode 7
Nathan was able to get rid of Isabelle but h¡s mom gave h£r access to Nathan’s penthouse.
Nathan still doesn’t want to say what th£ doctor told h¡m. I have to get th£ truth ©vt of h¡m.
h£ sat by th£ edge of th£ b£d. I came to h¡m rubb!ng h¡s [email protected]¢k.
“What’s th£ matter? “I asked h¡m.
“Noth!ng… “h£ chipped !n and took my [email protected] fac!ng me. h£ placed my [email protected] on h¡s bare ch£st.
“Is it ab©vt what th£ doctor said? “I muttered.
h¡s happy face frowned.
I have to do someth!ng I’ve never done before j√$t to get th£ truth.
I took my [email protected] to h¡s zip and drew it d©wΠ. I got d©wΠ from th£ b£d and knelt before h¡m.
“Try!ng to do th£ impossible. “h£ muttered.
My [email protected] was shak!ng yes but I can do th¡s.
I put th£ enormous d*ck !nto my m©vth not even know!ng wh£re to start from !n th£ s√¢k!ng.
Nathan threw h¡s h£ad [email protected]¢k and I smiled cause I knew h£’s enjoy!ng it.
But I don’t even know what am do!ng.
I stopped and ₱v||ed my l¡ps away.
“Tell me Nathan. What’s really wrong with me? “I asked.
“Juliet… You, it’s possible… That you’re pregnant with tw!ns…. And due to th£ [email protected]||, one might….. Die. ”
Episode 8
Juliet’s pov
My h£art b**t !ncreased by 100 as I felt really s¢ar£d at th£ moment. My own baby !n danger all because of Isabelle.
I didn’t know wh£n my eyes got filled with tears. I bl!nked and th£y trickled d©wΠ.
I began sobb!ng. Nathan hugged me.
“h£ said th£y might Juliet. We shouldn’t conclude yet. “h£ said rubb!ng my hair.
“Okay.. “I murmured and sniffed loudly.
<4 months later>
I sat before the doctor as he used the ultrasound device on me.
I could see my two babies clearly through the monitor.
“Doctor, are both of them fine? “I asked looking blankly at the monitor.
“I suppose as we can hear both of them breathing… “He replied.
I looked at Nathan, he wore a big smile.
I smiled too but not as big as his.
Two days later>
I was !n my room as a nurse Nathan hired ma$$aged me.
$h£ was very gentle and k!nd but I wonder wh£re Nathan is.. h£ should be !n th£ room by now. Its time for b£d.
Th£ nurse left me as I sat up.
“Wh£re’s Nathan? “I asked.
“Don’t know. j√$t sit [email protected]¢k and relax. “$h£ said try!ng to hold me d©wΠ but am too stubborn.
I ₱u$h£d h£r and got up leav!ng th£ room.
I walked through th£ hallway as th£ nurse walked after me.
I h£ard noises from a door. I approach£d th£ door s1©wly.
“Juliet, stop! “Someone yelled beh!nd me, I turned it was Nathan’s mom.
I turned and looked [email protected]¢k at th£ door.. Nathan was th£re stand!ng still look!ng at me nervously.
I looked beyond h¡m look!ng !nto th£ room. I saw a woman [email protected]£d and exposed ly!ng on th£ b£d.
Wait. What’s go!ng on??
Nathan was ch£at!ng beh!nd my [email protected]¢k… h¡s mom knows, th£ nurse knows…
How’s th¡s possible???
I turned away from th£ door and went d©wΠ th£ stairs as f*st as I could walk!ng ©vt th£ door.
I went to th£ garden and sat on a carved stone chair j√$t sobb!ng.
My life is a wreck.
I was th£re for like an hour before Nathan’s mom came and sat beside me.
“Forgive us Juliet. Its really shameful you had to f!nd ©vt th¡s way. “$h£ said.
I looked at h£r surprised that th¡s was com!ng from h£r. $h£ hates me and h£re $h£ is apologiz!ng.
“Please Juliet, j√$t come |ns!de. “$h£ muttered.
I sniffed [email protected]
“I want to be Alone. “I muttered.
$h£ took my [email protected] and I fl!nch£d.
“I’ll come |ns!de wh£n I want to. Please leave me. “I said.
$h£ got up and walked away count!ng h£r steps.
What a poisoned family.

I was super s¢ar£d 😱. Th£ doctor said th£ baby might come any m!nute.
I was kept !n a ward at th£ hospital and Wendy was h£re with me.
“Wendy dear. Am so much gonna miss you. “I said rubb!ng my nails.
“Why do you say that? “$h£ asked.
“Am not go!ng to tell you cause you’ll surely tell Nathan. You’re one of my enemies you know. “I said.
$h£ frowned.
I ignored h£r tho.
$h£’s one of th£ reasons am !n th¡s mess.
But am right, am leav!ng.
Once I give birth, am go!ng to give Nathan th£ babies and leave th£ country with Nathan. Cause am sure Nathan won’t let me have my baby and th£re’s no use be!ng h£re.
I felt someth!ng [email protected] go!ng round my extremely big tvmmy.
I [email protected] as I saw water that drench£d my dress. I h£ld onto th£ chair.
“Get th£ doctor! “I yelled at Wendy.
!n no time, I was put to birth and I began ₱ush!ng with my strength.
After m!nutes of pa!n !n labour. Th£ baby or babies were ©vt.
Th£ doctor came to my ear and wh¡spered.
“You have tw!ns and th£y’re both h£althy. Two boys. ”
I [email protected]
Two boys???!!
“Madam. I suggest I tell Nathan and h¡s mom th£ oth£r baby died and you can have one baby to yourself… Equal. “h£ added.
I racked my bra!n as I tried to decide.
“F!ne,.. Do it. ”

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